June 2021
News stories and information regarding Nurses Week, health tips for aging gracefully, how to recognize and react to signs of a stroke, the power of connectivity and more.
“Live well, live longer.”
According to HealthDay, studies are showing that eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly in middle age reduces your risk for serious health problems as a senior.
If lifestyle changes are made earlier, the risk lowers even more for cardiovascular-associated diseases and metabolic syndrome.
*Further studies are needed to include a range of racial and ethnic groups.

Advocating For All Ages
Ageism continues to plague American society, but not all news on the subject is bad news. Read about how some large corporations and government entities are doing their part to fight discrimination against the elderly.

If you suspect that someone is having a stroke, we are advised to Think FAST (Face, Arms, Speech and Time).
Recognizing the signs and symptoms
of stroke plus calling for emergency help can improve a person's chances for a full recovery.

“Spunky” seniors are taking on a popular YouTube sport, Parkour, to help prevent falls and injuries.
Parkour was developed in the late 1980s and is the practice of overcoming obstacles through the use of creative and efficient body movements.
What is surprising is the increase in participation among people 50 and older.

Health Effects of Caffeine
Millions of Americans rely on that morning cup of coffee, that caffeine boost to get them going in the morning.
Caffeine is naturally occurring and can be found in a number of foods and drinks. It can have beneficial and detrimental side effects depending on how much is consumed.
U.S. News and World Report discusses the many health benefits as well as the negative health effects of caffeine.

Tai Chi for Seniors
Tai Chi is commonly described as “meditation in motion.” Motions are low-impact, and they are meant to help clear the mind.
Tai Chi has a number of health benefits, doesn’t require special equipment and doesn’t require high levels of coordination or strength to get started.

Stroke Survivor Finds His Voice Through Music
Randy Miller used music to find his voice after having a stroke in 2014. This heartwarming story introduces Randy and how he learned to speak and sing again through intensive therapy and the Aphasia Bridge Chorus.

Everything You Need to Know About Dementia: 10 Common Questions Answered
Understanding and coping with a dementia diagnosis can be overwhelming, but you’re not alone. This group of conditions that affect the brain is common — nearly 50 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with a form of dementia, according to the World Health Organization.

9 Warning Signs Your Elderly Parent Shouldn’t Be Living Alone Anymore
Moving aging parents to a living arrangement that offers care and support is difficult, but sometimes it's the only way to keep them safe and healthy.

Therapeutic Effects of Drumming
Drumming is more than just music — it’s an engaging activity that is proven to reduce stress, reduce pain and help keep you mentally active and healthy.

Communities of Strength
The theme for Older Americans Month 2021 is “Communities of Strength.” There is a special focus on the resilience and strength that older adults have built over time through their successes, failures, joys, and difficulties. There is a special emphasis on the power of connection.


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