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October 2021

President's Message
Dear PTA Leaders and Members,

Happy Fall, everyone!

As this year’s end is approaching faster than what seems possible, many of the traditional PTA events are once again in limbo. "Trunk or Treats", Holiday Shoppes, Winter Dances, Fall Festivals and so many other great events may have to be modified this year. And that’s OK!

We are frequently being asked what to do since schools and school districts rules may not allow for those same events. Maybe I'm just a little too positive, but I look at this as an opportunity! An opportunity for change. An opportunity to try different things. An opportunity to survey your communities to get new ideas. Maybe that event that has been held for so many years is not what your members want anymore, but you'll only know if you ask. Don’t be afraid to change!

As we work towards all these fun events, let us not forget about the important business items PTA leaders need to address:

  • Taxes – All non-profits must file taxes each and every year. Not doing so can create some big problems for your PTA. Our wonderful Treasurer has a program to help you which you will find in this newsletter.
  • Membership – Don’t forget that our membership drive lasts all year! We are of course a membership-based organization, and we are here to support our members.
  • Training – Look for information soon about trainings available for you, our leaders.

We are here to help. You have an amazing group of leaders at your disposal, don’t be afraid to ask.

Derick Boerner
Ninth District PTA President
PTA News
Upcoming Event
Join us as we explore the digital divide facing our community. Learn about the current efforts underway to provide for digital equity and inclusion in San Diego and Imperial Counties and further opportunities to pursue in the future.

What can school districts, PTAs and parents do to partner with cities, telecom providers and other stakeholders to bridge the digital divide?  We have an outstanding panel of experts from the tech community, education and government to answer this question.

Spanish interpretation will be provided.
PTA Applauds San Diego County
Teachers of the Year
Five local educators representing schools in Santee, Lemon Grove, Ramona, Escondido, and Oceanside have been named San Diego County Teachers of the Year. The honorees were announced at a reception Friday night as part of the 31st annual Cox Presents: Salute to Teachers, presented by San Diego County Credit Union.

The 2021-22 San Diego County Teachers of the Year are:
  • Tiffany Jokerst, West Hills High School, Grossmont Union High School District
  • Jacquelyn Jourdane, San Altos Elementary School, Lemon Grove School District
  • Heather McClain, James Dukes Elementary School, Ramona Unified School District
  • Laura Reyes, Central Elementary School, Escondido Union School District
  • Xye Sanders, César Chávez Middle School, Oceanside Unified School District
Running Your PTA
Upcoming Due Dates
Items due in October
  • 2020-21 Annual Financial Report
  • 2020-21 Adopted Year-End Audit
  • 2021-22 Adopted Budget
  • Ready, Set Remit Membership Challenge

Items due in November
  • Unit insurance premium
  • Tax Filings due November 15 for most units
  • Membership

Check with your Council for specific due dates. For a complete list of due dates for the year, click Here.
Year-End tax Filing

It’s that time of year again. We need to complete the PTA tax filings. Don’t worry, your Ninth District PTA leaders are here to help!
We have two options for assistance this year in lieu of having an in-person tax workshop.

1) A step-by-step video on how to file the required returns.
2) Still need more help? Make an appointment with one of our wonderful volunteers to help you complete your required forms.

Don't be scared to grow your PTA
Halloween will be here soon with scary movies, scary costumes and haunted houses! However, building your PTA membership is nothing to be scared of. It's easy if you take it step by step.

First step - if you haven't already done so - is to set a goal for this year. Try to beat last year's numbers.

Then check out these tools and training in our Membership Resources webpage.

Everyone is welcome in PTA — parents, educators, students, citizens active in their schools and communities ... and even ghosts and goblins!

Here's a National PTA video you can post on your website or show at PTA meetings to build membership.
Family Engagement
Fall Family Engagement Challenge

As October begins, the focus is on all of the fun things your family can do together in the fall. This season can be a busy one for families with school back in session, after-school sports and activities abounding, and several holidays, but we want to remind families to slow down and take some intentional time to come together. To that end, we have created a calendar with 31 activities on it for families to choose from throughout the fall. We also have a list of over 50 activities the California State PTA Family Engagement Commission has brainstormed that you can use to create your own calendar. 

Parliamentary Pointers
Eight Steps to Making a Motion

Motions are made for a PTA to take action for plans, programs and activities. Motions are introduced, seconded, discussed and voted on by members at a meeting. To legally participate in the process, an individual must be a member of the association for at least 30 days.

Making a motion involves eight, basic steps:

  1. Member – Stands or raises hand, waiting to be called on by the chair – usually the president
  2. President – Calls on the member
  3. Member – Presents motion, stating, “I move…” Not “I so move…” Not “I want to make a motion.”
  4. Another member – Seconds motion to show more than one person is interested in discussing the item
  5. President – Restates motion to ensure everyone understands what will be discussed
  6. Members – Discuss motion with an equal opportunity to participate
  7. President – Following discussion: “All those in favor say ‘aye.’ … Those opposed say ‘no’.”
  8. President – Announces result to ensure all members know if the motion was adopted or failed.

Questions? Contact Ninth District PTA Parliamentarian, Sue King

Community Information
Mental Health Resources
QPR – Question, Persuade, Refer
by Helen Crenshaw, Executive Vice President

QPR is an emergency mental health intervention for those considering suicide, much like CPR in a cardiac emergency. The goal of QPR is to identify someone in crisis, disrupt those suicidal thoughts or plans, and help connect that person to care and resources.
One of the biggest obstacles is the fear people have of actually asking: “Are you thinking about killing yourself.”  The fear is that this will give someone the idea. It does not. It’s a direct question to someone who may be in crisis.  Youth in crisis often respond positively to that question because they want to talk about what they are struggling with. The follow-up is to persuade them to allow for help and wait until they can talk with someone able to provide help.

You don’t have to personally provide the help; you need to be able to refer them to someone who can. This can be a crisis line, counsellor, medical professional, etc. Frequently adults have a more difficult time talking about this than the kids who are actually in crisis. QPR gives adults the basic tools to get a child help.
If you are interested in attending a planned QPR training, please Click Here for a schedule provided by the San Diego County Office of Education.