What a busy time of year we have right now in PTA!

Nominating committee, elections, convention, oh my! Those, along with the regular end-of-year activities that our schools and children have, can be both fun and stressful. Good thing that we work as a team in PTA and can rely on each other to get it all done. I would be absolutely lost without the amazing Ninth District board I'm honored to work with.
At our Annual Meeting/Founder’s Day meeting, I spoke about legacy. The legacy of our organizations is immediately impacted by the elections each and every PTA must hold in the next couple of months. Between council and district leaders, we're all here to help with your election questions and concerns. I remember being scared to hold my first election as a unit president. I called upon my amazing council president at the time to come help, just in case I didn’t do things correctly. There is no shame in asking for help.
One of the most exciting events coming up for PTA leaders is the California State PTA Convention at the end of April, right here in Southern California in Ontario, CA. Convention is always educational, fun, inspirational and empowering. I've made many long-term friends in PTA whom I met at convention.

This is the first in-person convention in a few years and it's promised to be a great event. We'll be celebrating the 125th birthday of PTA and everyone loves a good birthday party, right? 

Although the event is over three days, attend for one day if that's all that's in your budget. The Ninth District PTA has grants available to help with convention expenses. Look for those further in this newsletter.
I can’t wait to meet so many experienced and new PTA leaders in person soon!