The Nation's Voice for Urban Education
November/December 2020 • Vol. 29, No. 8
Council Releases Education Recommendations to the Incoming Biden Administration
While working hard to ensure the safety and health of students and staff due to the COVID-19 pandemic, urban public schools face substantial financial shortfalls from the nation’s weakening economy. In addition, big-city schools are grappling with racial and ethnic equity and justice.
NYC and Boston School Districts Change School Admission Policies
The nation’s largest school district recently announced a new middle and high school admissions policy to ensure more diverse schools in the aftermath of COVID-19.

Student Leaders Say It's Time to Rewrite History Lessons at Town Hall
Twin ideas dominated the discussion among student leaders speaking to a virtual audience of urban school educators at the Town Hall session of the 64th Annual Fall Conference: In their view, it’s long past time to tell the full, unvarnished history of the United States, and it’s time to commit to candid, fact-based discussions of social justice issues. 

Laura Bush, Ibram X. Kendi and Julian Castro Address Council at Virtual Fall Conference
Over the course of a remarkable life, Laura Bush has been a teacher, librarian and book author and has launched education and health-care programs in the United States and abroad. And education issues remain a top priority.

Pulitzer-Prize Columnist Thomas Friedman Participates in Panel Discussion on Education
Thomas Friedman, author of the 2005 global best-seller The World Is Flat, called on educators to form “complex, adaptive coalitions” in their local communities to best serve students in what he called “a fast, fused, deep world … that is completely shortening the half-life of skills.”

Dallas Leader Recognized as Urban Superintendent of the Year
After the tornado, after the COVID-19 pandemic, Michael Hinojosa, the superintendent of the Dallas Independent School District, thought 2020 could not get any fuller.

Council Chair O'Neill: "Let's Learn Better Together"
In his opening remarks at the Council of the Great City Schools’ virtual 64th Annual Fall Conference, board chair Michael O’Neill focused on the merits of collaboration and experiential learning – for school leaders as well as for students.

Detroit and Buffalo Leaders Tenure Extended; Denver Superintendent Headed to Dallas
Nikolai Vitti has been superintendent of the Detroit Public Schools Community District since 2017, and under his leadership the district improved its financial operations and was recently released from state financial oversight.

Voters Decide on Education Ballot Issues
Election Day brought good news for several big-city school districts and students who will benefit from new and improved learning environments with updated infrastructure and technology. 

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Fresno Superintendent Sings His Gratitude 
Bob Nelson, superintendent of California’s Fresno Unified School District, sings his version of Alicia Key’s “Good Job” dedicated to the district’s employees.
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