Volume 06 | 2019
A Letter from President & CEO David Crompton

As we enter 2019, I am thrilled to start a new chapter with you as Achates Power’s president and CEO. I am honored to have the opportunity to help lead this talented organization through the next phase of business development and growth.

I join Achates Power after a 28-year career at Cummins, Inc., where I served as president of both the engine and power systems businesses. My experience in the powertrain industry includes leading both Automotive On-Highway as well as Industrial Off-Highway markets covering marine, construction, agriculture, mining, rail, defense, oil and gas, power generation, Pick Up Truck and Commercial Vehicle segments.

Having managed one of the largest independent engine portfolios in the world, I understand the challenges we collectively face as an industry today to evaluate, develop, and commercialize the most diverse and advanced set of technology options in our history. On one hand, we have a serious problem to solve in terms of capital and cost efficiencies of new, incremental and sizable investments, as well as the overall affordability of determining the optimal powertrain portfolio for manufacturers, service providers and customers. On the other hand, there is a terrific opportunity to be selective and align the right technologies with the right applications. Impact is driven in part by performance but also faster market adoption. Faster market adoption is driven by not only meeting regulatory requirements with ultra-clean and ultra-efficient power, but more importantly ensuring the solutions are economically viable to produce and add incremental economic value to the customers using the equipment assets.
At Achates Power, we firmly believe that Opposed-Piston Engines will play a large role in driving faster adoption of clean and efficient power, and therefore have a larger impact on certain market segments where competing technologies will struggle to meet all three regulatory, economic and market requirements.

Strong partnerships and effective collaboration are centerpieces of any successful strategy involving transformation. Achates Power is fortunate to have a strong and committed group of stakeholders including investors, advisory boards, national labs and universities, regulatory agencies, industry technologists and manufacturers, and of course prospective customers. As we refine our strategy and continue to transition from technology development to commercialization and market adoption, we look forward to building on these existing relationships and growing the network of opposed piston advocates and champions.

I look forward to working with each of you over the course of this year to help advance the adoption of clean and efficient power at a faster pace.

David Crompton
President & CEO
Achates Power

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Welcome Hidetoshi Mishina
Achates Power is pleased to welcome Hidetoshi Mishina to the team as regional vice president, Japan. Mishina-san will support our efforts with business development, program execution and management and customer relations in the Japanese market. He brings extensive technical and commercial expertise on powertrain and vehicle development in a variety of markets and product lines experience to the company.

A driven business leader with over 40 years in the automotive industry, Mishina-san previously worked at Isuzu as a counselor in the QM Promotion Group of Corporate Planning, where he helped improve Isuzu’s truck market quality reputation and increase market share. Prior to that role, he was president of Isuzu Manufacturing Services of America Inc. where he led the American subsidiary and engineering site of the corporation.

Welcome, Mishina-san!
Tyson gears up for test drive of emerging, emissions-busting engine
Tyson Foods, which owns one of the largest private refrigerated truck fleets in the United States, will give the technology a spin on a route from Arizona to California next year. The team is led by CALSTART and focuses on engineering from San Diego-based Achates Power, which says its Class 8 truck can cut NOx pollution by 90 percent compared with more widely used engine types alongside a 15 percent to 20 percent improvement in fuel efficiency.

Sugarcane shoes and silicon energy storage: The best green innovations of the week
US-based food firm Tyson has this week moved to install an innovative, low-carbon engine across its fleet of 7,300 trailers and 2,800 tractors. Developed by engineering firm Achates Power, the engine is designed to use 20% less fuel than a traditional model, emitting 15% less CO2 per journey in the process.

Achates Power Names New CEO
Achates Power, the Sorrento Valley business developing opposed-piston truck and military engines, has named David Crompton CEO. The business made the announcement on Jan. 3. He succeeds David Johnson, who will remain an adviser to the business.

Achates Power, brings in Cummins veteran David Crompton as President and CEO
Opposed-piston engine developer Achates Power has appointed Cummins veteran David Crompton as president and CEO. Crompton joins Achates Power after 28 years at Cummins, where he served as President of both the Engine Business and Power Systems business.

Engine Nerds: Wrap Your Head around This Headless Design
A prototype of Achates Power's opposed-piston (OP) engine was shown in  a Ford F-150 pickup  at the 2018 Detroit auto show. That engine had three long cylinders in a row, with one crankshaft below and another above the row of cylinders. A pair of opposed pistons reciprocated in each cylinder, each connected to its own crankshaft.

Achates Power's Technical Paper Awarded Best Paper at SIAT 2019
A technical paper cowritten and presented by Abhishek Sahasrabudhe was awarded Best Paper on Exhaust Emissions at the 2019 Symposium on International Automotive Technology (SIAT). The paper, “Cold-Start WHTC and WHSC Testing Results on Multi-Cylinder Opposed-Piston Engine Demonstrating Low CO 2 Emissions while Meeting BS-VI Emissions and Enabling Aftertreatment Downsizing,” was written by Samrat Patil and Abhishek Sahasrabudhe, with support from BASF, 

Let's Stop Demonizing Combustion Engines
Electric vehicles have their own set of challenges, and they are far from being clean when you consider battery production and the fact that fossil fuels are used to power nearly 70% of the world-wide electrical grid.

Global Diesel Engine Market 2018-2022 | Advantages of Diesel Engine over Petrol Engine to Boost Demand
The primary factor that favors the use of diesel engines for commercial purpose is the better mileage offered by them over petrol engines. Diesel engines are almost 1.5 % more efficient than petrol engines. Moreover, diesel engines are designed to operate at higher compression ratios of 15:20, while petrol engines have lower compression ratios of usually 8:10

25 Myths About Diesel Engines That Are Simply Not True
Diesel engines account for half the engine sales in Europe, and its sales have increased in the U.S. since the 1970s. Considering that diesel engines have been around for more than a century, many people have formed beliefs about the engine that just aren't true.

Deboss Garage teaches us how a 16-cylinder two-stroke diesel engine works
Detroit Diesel built when it created its 16V71 two-stroke diesel engine, and thankfully Rich from the YouTube channel Deboss Garage got a junkyard example to tear down and demystify for us. A 16- cylinder two-stroke diesel sounds like kind of a weird engine -- and it is -- but they weren't entirely uncommon in their day, thanks to their ability to produce vast amounts of power and torque.

Diesel Engine, Drivetain Spec'ing Prove Crucial
Careful attention to diesel engine and drivetrain spec’ing is essential to ensure that Class 8 trucks have
the highest productivity and lowest cost per mile for their specific applications.

Global Agriculture Machinery Diesel Engine Market Various Trends, Drives, Restraints, Opportunities, and Threates in the target market till 2023
Initially, Agricultural Machinery Diesel Engine Market objectives, definition, market scope, and market size is presented. The market concentration, maturity analysis, and growth rate from 2013-2023 are explained.

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