Volume 03 | July 2018
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NO x  is a generic term for oxides of nitrogen, nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO 2 ). These gases are formed during combustion of hydrocarbon fuels and contribute to the formation of smog and acid rain, and have other adverse health and environmental impact. ( Nature.com)

Policy makers around the world have enacted regulations to significantly reduce NO x emissions from cars, trucks, and other sources. Nevertheless, in areas of heavy vehicle traffic – urban areas, ports, and near highways – high level of NO x  impacts human health and well-being. Moreover, many vehicles emit far more NO x  under real world operating conditions than during certification testing.

Opposed Piston Diesel Engines Are Crazy Efficient
Our friends at Engineering Explained put together a video on our opposed-piston engine. Check out the clip above to hear about its benefits, including reduction of chemical emissions, the history, and more.

It's Time to Learn About Wonderful and Weird Opposed-Piston Engines

Horizontally-opposed engines are often referred to as “boxer” engines because the motion of the pistons sort of resembles a boxer, punching. Really, though, if any engine should be named for a boxer, it’s the other kind of opposed engine: the kind where the pistons actually “punch” right at each other. They’re called opposed-piston engines, and they’re fascinating.

Opposed-piston engines are not new at all; they’ve been around since the late 1800s, and even earlier in steam form. In fact, the famous Civil War ironclad USS Monitor used a variant of an opposed-piston engine known as a “vibrating lever” engine.

Trump to seek repeal of California's smog-fighting power, report says
The Trump administration will seek to revoke California’s authority to regulate automobile emissions -- including its mandate for electric car sales -- in a proposed revision of Obama-era standards, three people familiar with the plan told Bloomberg.
EPA wants '50-state' fix for auto efficiency, seeks biofuel reforms
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler said on Tuesday that the agency wanted a "50-state solution" to the nation's vehicle emissions standards and would also pursue reforms to the country's biofuel policy. 

We Might Save the Internal Combustion Engine by Flipping it on Itself
A team of engineers is investigating a way to make a cleaner, greener internal combustion engine. And their solution involves flipping the standard four-stroke engine on top of itself.

Photosynthesis and engines evolved in remarkably similar ways
At first blush, these two objects couldn't appear less alike. Yet, according to a Princeton University study published June 29 in the journal  PLoS ONE , the two complex systems share striking parallels in adapting to changing environmental conditions.

What’s important in the proper vehicle spec?
From aerodynamics to transmissions to safety technology to driver comfort, there are many ways to spec your vehicles. But what's most important to you?

Meet the robot snakes and bugs that will repair your car's engine
Ripping apart the engines of planes and road vehicles to diagnose and fix issues can be a costly and time-consuming process.

Horton shows off its present and teases its future
Horton , a creator of fan drives, fans and suspension products for on- and off-highway vehicles and equipment, is continuing to find innovative ways to cool engines and manufacture its products.

Ford meets manufacturing emissions targets eight years ahead of schedule
In 2010, Ford targeted a 30% per vehicle reduction in the company’s carbon dioxide emissions from manufacturing operations by 2025 and the company has announced that it has hit the target twice as fast as expected.
The results show a global manufacturing CO₂ emissions reduction of more than 3.4 metric tons from 2010 to 2017.

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