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October 9th | 2022
Take Action
Let’s talk unpaid internships
We believe in fair compensation for student teachers and equitable pathways to the classroom. That’s why we are fighting to win paid field placements.

Volunteer at the polls
Join Prince George's County educators and community members as we support Apple Ballot candidates in the 2022 General Election!

Join us in handing out our trademark Apple Ballots at the polls. 🍎

Grow the union
Schools that organize 100% membership between September 14th and October 14th will have a complementary visit from Kona Shaved Ice.

2022 Early Career Educators Conference
Rooted in the foundations needed for education recovery, this year’s conference is is focused on the union and professional skills educators need to lift themselves and lead their students.

Get to Know Your Contract
Do you know your Uniserv Director?
Our UniServ directors are here to assist you with any of your school-based issues or contract compliance needs. Find out which UD is assigned to your school.
Efforts to Toughen Teacher Evaluations Show No Positive...

"There was a tremendous amount of time and billions of dollars invested in putting these systems into place, and they didn't have the positive effects reformers were hoping for," said Joshua Bleiberg, an author of the study and a postdoctoral...

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NEA: Real Solutions, Not Band-Aids, Will Fix Educator...

Research has consistently shown that states and districts with higher teacher salaries have higher levels of student achievement. While time-limited bonuses are welcome, they are a stopgap, not a solution. NEA is urging all districts to implement ...

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