PATHWorks Newsletter: July 2018
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Housing Works New Executive Director
Housing Works Names David Brandt as New Leader

Former Redmond City Manager, David Brandt, will be returning to the region in July 2018, as Executive Director of Housing Works. Brandt replaces Tom Kemper, who served in this position for the last five years prior to his retirement in April.

Brandt left Redmond in 2012 after three years as City Manager to become the City Manager for Cupertino, California. “Executive Director at Housing Works is a job I have admired for a long time, and I have missed Central Oregon. I have a passion for affordable housing, and this is an opportunity I didn’t want to pass up,” said Brandt. “The time is right.”

Brandt brings a wealth of experience in public agency leadership, community development and land use planning, combining degrees in economics, urban planning and law with a 20-year career in city management.

Brandt was selected following a national search, said Michael Hinton, board chair for Housing Works. “David’s former connection to Redmond stood out immediately. Not only did Redmond prosper under his previous leadership, but Cupertino is a well-run city of international renown. Housing Works always aspires to excellence in the affordable housing community, and David will bring world-class leadership skills to the job and organization. We are delighted,” said Hinton.
Congratulations Kim S.

Kim S. joined the PATHWorks program in May of 2013. At that time she was a single mother with 3 children under 10 years of age living on TANF benefits. Kim was interested in working with seniors, but the timing of raising 3 kids made getting back to work a challenge. Kim was also interested in working on her credit. She had no active credit or credit score. Kim stayed positive and engaged with the PATHWorks program over the next year, making her appointments and attending events.

In the fall of 2015 Kim broke into the caregiving field part-time and began working with seniors. She was registered with DHS and paid through a State program. With more income coming in, Kim opened a Credit Builder Loan to start working on her goal of improving her credit. She also worked on budgeting and completed the MoneySmart online financial education course. Kim began to earn escrow savings due to her increase in earned income as well.

Over the next 3 years, Kim worked on her credit, gained full-time employment as a caregiver, and is currently working closely with her labor union. She improved her credit score and used her new financial skills to put herself in a position to pursue homeownership. Kim’s new goal is to become a homeowner in the next 3 years. Kim opened a VIDA 3 to 1 matched savings program in early 2018 to help with her down payment and recently graduated the PATHWorks program. With her graduation, Kim received her escrow funds which she plans on using to increase her down payment.

Congratulations Kim! You have come a long way on your journey toward self-sufficiency.
Congratulations College Graduates

Congratulations to the following PATHWorks participants who recently graduated college!

Raechel G. graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts from OSU-Cascades.

Cynthia H. graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Human Development and Family Sciences from OSU-Cascades as well.

Jameesa W. graduated from COCC with an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice with an Early Childhood Education Certificate.
You are invited! Take Control of Your Student Loan Debt

Now surpassing $1.6 trillion, student loan debt has ballooned in recent American history. You are not alone with your debt, come tackle it with us!

This workshop will help you start taking steps to take control of your student loan debt. Participants will learn how to take an inventory of their student loans, keep them in good standing, and find an affordable plan for repayment. Other topics include: how to rehabilitate defaulted student loans, income-driven repayment plans, forgiveness, consolidation, and how to avoid scams.

This workshop is perfect for both professionals and individuals interested in understanding student loan debt for themselves or people they work with.
Tuesday, July 24th - 4:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M.

Housing Works - 405 SW 6th St., Redmond, OR 97756 

This class is free of cost, please RSVP here !
* Limited to the first 45 sign-ups

Participants can follow up this workshop with a one-on-one student loan debt coaching appointment for more personalized help. 

Appointments are $25 and booked online:

Look forward to seeing you there!
My Next Move

Check out if you are looking for a new career and not sure where to start. My Next Move is an interactive and easy to use online tool for job seekers to learn more about their career options. The site provides information about tasks, skills, and salary ranges for different careers. In addition, it enables users to explore occupations and find related information, including job openings, job outlook, apprenticeships, and other related education and training programs for over 900 occupations. Users can find careers through keyword search; by browsing industries that employ different types of workers; or through the O*NET Interest Profiler. The O*NET Interest Profiler is an online interest assessment with 60 questions targeted to help individuals learn what she/he likes to do. The information gathered offers personalized career suggestions based on a person's interests and level of work experience.

My Next Move offers:
  • Examples of alternative occupation/job titles used for the occupation
  • Concise description of what people in the occupation do
  • The knowledge, skills and abilities that are most important for performing the occupation
  • The key personality attributes necessary to perform the job
  • Average national pay for the occupation, as well as a link to local salary information
  • A symbol showing whether the occupation is classified as a “green” job or considered to have a “bright outlook” for employment.

What is your next move?

IRS Tax Withholding

Perform a "paycheck checkup" and verify that you are withholding the right amount of tax by using the IRS Tax Withholding Calculator. The recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will affect tax returns filed in 2019 for your 2018 earnings.

New Tax Law changes:
  • Increased standard deduction
  • Eliminated personal exemptions
  • Increased Child Tax Credit
  • Limited or discontinuation of certain deductions
  • Changed tax rates and brackets

The IRS encourages a "paycheck checkup" as early as possible to help taxpayers check if they are having the correct amount withheld for their personal financial situations. Checking your withholding can help protect against having too little tax withheld and facing an unexpected tax bill or penalty during tax time next year. At the same time, with the average refund topping $2,800, you may prefer to have less tax withheld up front and receive more money in your paychecks now.

If you need to adjust your paycheck withholding amount, doing so earlier allows more time for withholding to take place evenly throughout the year. Waiting means there are fewer pay periods to make the tax changes - which could have a bigger impact on each paycheck.

Check your tax withholding today. If you are an employee, you can use the Withholding Calculator to determine whether you need to give your employer a new W-4 Form and adjust your income tax withholding.
Thoughtful Asset Building at Different Life Stages

Creating a stable financial future takes planning and discipline. Putting off creating an asset savings plan for the different stages of your life can spell disaster for your financial health. It is never too late to start. So what are you waiting for? 

If you are young and newly employed how will you spend your money? Would you like to buy a house? Do you need to save for your children’s education? Do you have enough insurance at the right time in your life? Are you saving for retirement? Do you have any other investments? Yes, this is a lot to think about and can seem overwhelming, but don’t let that stop you! Here’s a good place to start.

All of us want the financial resources to live a comfortable life at each stage of our lives. We want to be able to purchase the items and services we desire in addition to accumulating savings for unexpected expenses, retirement, and leisure activities. To do that, we must gain financial knowledge to maximize our assets and understand the financial responsibilities that occur throughout our lifetimes.

The earlier we learn how credit works, develop a budget to control expenses, establish financial goals, make investments and protect against risk, the better off we will be at each stage of life. Financial knowledge helps us to avoid living life in a panicked state about money, and decreases our stress.

Here are key actions to take at each life stage:

Ages 18 to 34
Determine your financial values and establish financial goals, such as debt reduction. Learn how to use savings and investment tools to accumulate savings for a home purchase and retirement. Limit the purchase of non-essential expenses and credit card debt.

35 to 50
Increase investments and retirement savings as your salary increases to continue building a financial base. Stay on track to achieve your goals. Maintain emergency funds. Review your spending and make adjustments if necessary. Invest in college savings plans, such as a 529. Don’t make the mistake of sacrificing your retirement savings to pay for your child’s college education.

51 to 69
Identify your planned lifestyle upon retirement, including estimation of expected living expenses and income during retirement. Begin to reduce or limit outstanding debt, review accumulated retirement accounts (Employer contribution plans like 401(k)s, individual retirement accounts, savings accounts and estimated Social Security benefits).

70 to 87
Learn to control reoccurring living expenses and rate of retirement income withdrawals from your retirement accounts. Review your estate plan, including your will and/or trust.

At each age, the key to “having what you need when you need it” is learning how to use personal money management concepts to your advantage and understanding how they relate to your financial well-being.

Remember — use your money wisely to build contentment, wealth, and power.

Summer Fun

Each year, you can find a variety of fun and often free activities to enjoy around Central Oregon. July and August are busy months and there are a number of opportunities for the whole family to enjoy. Listed below are a few of the fun events happening in the summer.

Don't forget about the Fourth of July parades and firework shows in all three counties. Review the community calendars to find out more information. These are great activities that you can enjoy and best of all, they're free. Get out and enjoy an activity today!  

Events Calendars: Bend; La Pine; Madras; Redmond; Prineville; Sisters
Summer Meal Programs

This summer, free lunches will be offered at various locations throughout Central Oregon.  

  • For all kids 18 years and younger
  • No registration or fee
  • Parents are encouraged to attend with their children but cannot eat their children's meals
  • All meals must be eaten on site
  • Please do not bring pets
  • Regulations and funding by the US Dept. of Agriculture

For more information, times and locations of the free summer meals, click on the logo. Families can also look up meal locations in their area by calling 211, or texting "Food" or "Comida" to 877-877, or visiting the Summer Food Oregon website.
Central Oregon Great Giveaway

Mark your calendars for the 2018 Central Oregon Great Giveaway. This event is a community service effort to collect usable items of clothing, housewares, bedding and other goods to give to those in need. Everyone is welcome! Items are collected from the community and given away to anyone who needs them for FREE!

TO GIVE (DONATIONS): August 9th & 10th: 12:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.
TO GET (THE EVENT): Saturday, August 11th: 8:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: 2555 NW Shevlin Park Road, Bend, OR

La Pine Townhomes

We are excited to see the La Pine Townhomes going vertical! R&H Construction shared the drone photos below of the construction site with us. La Pine Townhomes will provide 8 one-bedroom units, 17 two- and 17 three-bedroom townhomes on approximately 2.5 acres for households at or below 60% of area median income.

The La Pine Townhomes development site is in a desirable location. It is less than a mile from the La Pine schools, 0.3 miles from the Deschutes Children’s Foundation, and 1 mile from the Highway 97 Business Corridor which includes grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, banks and hotels.       

Expected completion date is March of 2019. Watch our New Rental Communities page on our website at for updates. 
Congratulations Christi - 10-Year Anniversary at Housing Works!

Congratulations to Christi Solheim on her ten-year anniversary at Housing Works. Christi started working at Housing Works as an Administrative Assistant working at the front desk in 2008. Then, in 2009, she transferred to the Housing Choice Voucher Department and has been a Housing and Portability Specialist ever since.

Christi is a native Central Oregonian and was born and raised in Bend and now lives in Redmond. She is married with two very active boys who enjoy playing sports all year round.

Thank you Christi for all your hard work and all you do! We are looking forward to sharing many more anniversaries with you.
National Night Out

Housing Works is getting ready to host our annual National Night Out event on Tuesday, August 7th, from 5:30 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. We will be holding this event at 4 locations around Central Oregon - Ariel Glen/South and Summit Parks in Bend, Aspen Villas in Redmond and Chennai Landing in Madras for the residents of these communities. This national event promotes police and community relationship building to increase crime prevention awareness and make neighborhoods a safer and better place to live. 

Housing Works is partnering with the Bend, Redmond and Madras Police Departments and the Bend and Redmond Fire Departments to put on this event. 
Sponsors include: 
• Oregon State University Extension Service
• Bend Parks and Rec
• Boys and Girls Club of Bend
• Environmental Center of Bend
• Fun Jumps bouncy houses
• Deschutes Public Library - Redmond
• NeighborImpact's Head Start
• Mosaic Medical clinic 
• Plus many more!

There will be food, a bouncy house, music, and activities for the kids and families all geared towards having a family fun night. If you live in one of the properties listed above, make sure you clear your schedules on the night of August 7th so you can participate in the National Night Out event and have some fun.

Thank you to those who are partnering with us to help build goodwill and safer communities in Central Oregon!