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PATHWorks Newsletter: October 2017
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Congratulations Sarah H. on your Home Purchase

In February 2015, Sarah H. joined PATHWorks. She has had one goal in mind since that time - to buy her very own home. Sarah's dream became a reality in September 2017 when she became a first-time homeowner. Sarah's achievement is remarkable. For almost 17 years, she struggled with substance abuse, spent time in jail and couldn’t hold a job. Sarah went through treatment programs, drug court and parenting and anger management classes. There were moments of progress for Sarah during this dark time in her life. While Sarah was in treatment, she attended college and graduated with honors from a phlebotomy and lab assistant program. Unfortunately, Sarah relapsed. 

Finally hitting rock bottom, Sarah had to change her surroundings to make a change. Four years ago, Sarah moved with her children to Deschutes County and has been sober ever since. She started working full-time and during the two years on PATHWorks, Sarah worked towards her homeownership goal. She saved in her VIDA account (3:1 matched savings program) and a personal savings account. She wrote a budget and stuck to it which helped her decrease her debt and increase her credit score. She also increased her income through promotions and raises that she received at work. Through her persistence and dedication, she graduated from PATHWorks, received escrow, and was ready to purchase a home in June 2017. She completed the Housing Works Homeownership Program requirements, was pre-qualified and knew how much she could afford. Next, Sarah worked with a realtor and found a home. Sarah never thought this was possible for her. She felt that she didn’t deserve good things in her life because of her past and what she had done. With help, support and encouragement from people in her life, Sarah found motivation to do the work needed to accomplish her goal. On the day Sarah signed the papers for her new home, she said “The "highs" life gives me are way better than any drug. I’m addicted to bettering myself”. And she is! Congratulations Sarah!
Moving From Job to Career

There is a difference between a job and a career. A job is what you do to earn money. People may have many jobs throughout their lifetime. A career is the journey and progress a person takes through an occupation or profession. It is a job for which you are trained with possibilities for advancement. A career leads to greater responsibility, learning, experience, and income.

There are many ways for you to move ahead and improve your employability. Consider your strengths and weaknesses, values and beliefs, and what career you are interested in pursuing. Once you are working, look for opportunities to advance in your career. Read the list of Moving up the Ladder: 10 Strategies for Getting Yourself Promoted. You have the opportunity to make a change for the better and advance at work. These strategies are just the beginning to a long-lasting career.

1) Develop mentoring relationships.

2) Quantify results.

3) Practice self-promotion.

4) Establish a bond with your boss.

5) Establish new knowledge and skills.

6) Build your network.

7) Ask for more responsibilities.

8) Act professionally at all times.

9) Be a team player.

10) Create your own opportunities.
             FINANCES                    ASSET BUILDING
Feed the Pig

If you are looking for a way to learn about, organize, and take control of your finances, Feedthepig.org is a website where you can find interactive tools, articles, tips, and other resources that can help you. The tools can help you create a budget, control your spending, manage your credit, and set up savings plans. Making financial goals will help you pay more attention to how you’re spending your money today. Having long-term goals makes it a lot easier to say "No" to impulse purchases.

Here are some simple steps to get you started. First, outline your goals. For example, if you want to take control of your finances, evaluate your current financial status and think about what you want to change. Be specific in your goals. Next, track your income, spending and expenses for at least a month. Based on your current budget, make a plan for decreasing your spending and expenses and increasing your income. See how much money you can save. Utilize the tools and information on feedthepig.org. and learn to take control of your finances.
What is an Asset?

An asset is something that you own that has value. When people consider what assets are, they typically think about the obvious ones such as a home, vehicle, money in an account, jewelry, etc. These are tangible assets. There are many other assets that are intangible as well.

Friendships, reputations, time, relationships, and other attributes are not tangible but they have value. These are assets that you cannot directly convert into cash. Take a minute to think outside the box about what tangible and intangible assets you have. How will these assets provide you future benefit?

Homeownership Opportunity- Habitat for Humanity

Are you interested in homeownership? Habitat for Humanity might be for you! Habitat for Humanity is an organization that builds and sells affordable homes to low to moderate-income households. Habitat works to eliminate barriers to a better, healthier, more financially stable life. With their help, Habitat homeowners achieve the strength, stability and independence they need to build a better future for themselves and their families. Mortgages are affordable and set at approximately 33% of the homeowner’s income.

If you are interested in partnering with Habitat for Humanity to become a homeowner, attend their next Information Session on Wednesday, November 1st from 5:30-7:30 pm at the Downtown Deschutes Public Library . Click here to learn more about Habitat for Humanity's Information Sessions. Don't let fear hold you back from this great opportunity. Learn more about it, and if you’re eligible, apply today.
Halloween Events 2017

Halloween is almost here! October is a fun month for activities that the whole family can enjoy. If you are feeling a little daring and want to be terrified, check out the Haunted House at the Redmond Fairgrounds, or Scaregrounds as it is known during this time of year. If you want a more relaxing family activity, there are pumpkin patches in Terrebonne that are worth visiting. To learn more about these activities, click on the images below. You can also take your kids trick or treating at local businesses. Read below for the details including times and locations.

Downtown Redmond, OR
Tuesday, October 31, 2017
4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Old Mill District Bend, OR
Tuesday, October 31, 2017
4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Development Updates

On August 15 th, over 50 partners, sponsors, government officials and Prineville residents joined Housing Works to celebrate the beginning of construction that will transform the former Ochoco Grade School into Ochoco School Crossing – an affordable community of 29 apartments for low-income families in Prineville.

After the ceremony, guests toured the former school in its current condition. Construction will transform the vacant school into 29 new housing units with energy efficient fixtures and appliances. Two community rooms, shared laundry facilities and an on-site leasing office are also included in the building plans.

Housing Works’ proposal to transform the school property has been met with much excitement. Crook County Parks and Recreation District (CCPRD) will lease the former school gym and use it as a community recreation center. With the new gym space, CCPRD will be able to expand its activities and recreation offerings. The former cafeteria is being leased by NeighborImpact’s Head Start program. On Monday, September 25 th, the Ochoco School Crossing Head Start classroom began with its first full-day program for preschoolers. Both CCPRD and Head Start have expressed enthusiasm over the partnership with Housing Works at the Ochoco School property. Other future partners include Saving Grace, Veterans Affairs, Department of Human Services (DHS), Early Learning Hub of Central Oregon, OSU Extension Services and Ochoco Innovation Station.

The general contractor for Ochoco School Crossing is R&H Construction and the architect is Pinnacle Architecture. Apartments will be leased through EPIC Property Management approximately 3 months prior to completion. Watch the PATHWorks newsletter for updates! Also, if you missed the event, check out the pictures on our Facebook page at OregonHousingWorks.

Pictured above: From L to R: Duane Garner (Executive Director of Crook Co Parks & Recreation District), Scott Cooper (Executive Director of NeighborImpact), Laura Craska Cooper (Housing Works Board Vice Chair), Laura Clifford (Wells Fargo Deal Manager), Gary North (Vice President of R&H Construction); Prineville Mayor Betty Roppe, Tom Kemper (Executive Director of Housing Works), Kelly Fisher (Housing Works Project Development Manager), Kim Travis (Housing Integrator for Oregon Housing and Community Services) and Doug Alley (Project Manager and Architect for Pinnacle Architecture)

HCV Team Expanding

In August, we introduced you to our Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) team. Housing Works is excited to announce the addition of a new Housing Specialist to our HCV team. Carrie Chamberlen will be joining the HCV team in October.

You may recognize Carrie. She has been Housing Works' Resident Services Coordinator for the last year and a half. A new Resident Services Coordinator will be starting this month. Watch for more information about the new Resident Services Coordinator in our December newsletter.

Welcome to the HCV team Carrie!