A Look into 2019
"Those who say they live in God should live like Jesus lived." 1 John 2:6
Good Afternoon!

I hope you are all well and having a wonderful year! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for continuing to lift up this ministry in prayer. I just completed 2 years in Guatemala (insane), and I think the longer that I am here, the more aware God makes me of this battle we are fighting. It's Satan stealing childhoods, breaking apart families, lying to the innocent about who they are. Some of the stories I could tell you are just HORRIBLE. I don't want to focus on what they lived, but WHO they are living for. They aren't the only victims. Satan comes after us, too. The personnel, the missionaries, everyone. Nobody is left alone when it comes to fighting for these kids' souls.

Please join me in praying over our kids. I pray that the Lord lets himself be known as their savior, their hope, and their healing. I pray that they would recognize that they are sons and daughters of a king who has already won the victory. I pray that their little lives go on to change this country, to change this broken system! In Jesus's name they will be healed. In Jesus's name they will not turn back. I pray that they would be brave, that they would yell out their problems to the God of all nations and accept that He has control. I pray for spiritual protection over our kids and staff. I pray for God's love to flow outward onto these kids so that they would see Jesus in every single person they work with.

To read more about our battle, what we face and have to deal with as a result of generations of sin, click on the link below! There's also a cool Cinderella story in there.
Blessed by my bestie
In January, my best friend came to visit. It was definitely not long enough though! I love getting to play tour guide and see a little more of the beautiful country I serve. We went to Lake Atitlan for a couple days and climbed, what I would call, a baby mountain. We then took an overnight bus (8 hours) to a different department of Guatemala where Tikal, the Mayan ruins, are located. No cell service in the jungle, and I was loving every second of it. Ashleigh's visit was good for my soul.
His ways are higher
My Kate left for a little bit. Kate living with me for a few 3 months turned out to be such a blessing! She already had plans to head back to Pennsylvania in February, but we are praying that she will return to be a full time missionary within the year! The transition has been difficult for both of us, but God has a plan. I am currently housing our newest missionary, Kourtney, as her living situation unexpectedly took a bad turn, and it was just what we both needed! God definitely knew.

Christmas Eve 2018
Just turnin' up on a Tuesday
I bet Jesus had clean teeth...
Thank you to Karen and Jimmy Hill from Lubbock for coming to clean ALL the kids' teeth AND fill cavities! I had a blast getting to play dental assistant for the week. I learned so much about teeth! I also learned that if I wear my scrubs that people think I look very beautiful and formal. THAT was a life-enhancing discovery.
Thank you, Jesus for loving women!
I had the privilege of hosting 2 residents in February, a general surgeon and an OB/GYN. While I had no idea what they were going to do, I had prayed that God would use them how He saw fit. Does God deliver, or what?! We offered pap smears for the women in the community, and the 2 women taught 2 age appropriate classes to all the girls in the school, which also included living in their identity as a daughter of Christ. There are so many myths about women's health in Guatemala as well as a lot of exposure to sex at early ages, and all the truths came out! For example, eating a lemon will not shorten your period. I am so thankful for all their hard work! They even caught a life threatening condition on a woman who is now getting treatment. All glory to HIM!

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