A New Year Brings New Victories
Bailey & Wyant PLLC's Managing Member Charles R. Bailey and Member Jordan K. Herrick.
Eighth Amendment Rights determined NOT to be violated
 Bailey & Wyant PLLC's Charleston Office obtained a summary judgment on behalf of a prison healthcare provider. Managing Member Charles R. Bailey and Member Jordan K. Herrick defended a client in a case involving a prisoner who claimed she did not receive adequate treatment following an injury to her wrist and knee.

The prisoner alleged that the healthcare provider violated her Eighth Amendment rights in failing to timely or properly provide her treatment.

The District Court found that the healthcare provider did not act in a deliberately indifferent manner to the prisoner's alleged injuries and therefore found in favor of the healthcare provider.
Bailey & Wyant PLLC's Managing Member David L. Wyant, Wheeling Office.
30 years of service and the longest serving chairman of any statewide public pension plan in the country.

David L. Wyant, Managing Member of Bailey & Wyant PLLC's Wheeling location and Chairman of the Consolidated Public Retirement Board, has announced that he is stepping down from the Board effective January 1, 2021 after 30 years of service.

25 of those years have been spent as the Chairman.  Mr. Wyant was a charter member of the Board when it was created in 1991 and became the Chairman in 1996. He is the longest serving Chairman of a statewide public pension plan in the country. 

During Chairman Wyant’s time on the Board, the Teachers Retirement System has gone from a 9% funded status to over 70%. The Public Employees Retirement System is at 93% funded. The West Virginia retirement plans are some of the best funded in the nation and nationally recognized.

 Also, during Chairman Wyant’s time on the Board, additional retirement plans were created for State Troopers, Deputy Sheriffs, Emergency Medical Services, Municipal Police and Fire and, most recently, Department of Natural Resources Police Officers. In all, the CPRB administers ten separate retirement plans.

Bailey & Wyant PLLC's Of Counsel Albert, "Abbie" C. Dunn.
"CAT"astrophe Dismissed
Albert, "Abbie" C. Dunn, Of Council, for Bailey & Wyant PLLC's Charleston Office, successfully defended two veterinarians whom had Complaints filed against them by clients with the WV Board of Veterinarian Medicine.

One Claim contended that the veterinarian deviated from the standard of care in assessing, diagnosing and treating a cat brought into an ER facility which, unfortunately did not survive. The claim was that the treatment plan was not implemented quickly enough to have prevented the outcome.

The second claim contended that the veterinarian was responsible for a staff member having a cat escape from its cage and subsequently the facility. The Complaint argued that the veterinarian should have not permitted the cat to escape and that the clinic should have not billed the client for services rendered.

The Board of Veterinarian Medicine determined that neither complaint contained merit to the extent that further investigation was necessary and dismissed the respective complaints.
Bailey & Wyant PLLC's Equity Member John P. Fuller and Member Suleiman O. Oko-ogua.
Civil Rights Case Dismissed
Equity Member John P. Fuller and Member Suleiman O. Oko-ouga of Bailey & Wyant PLLC's Charleston location obtained a dismissal in a civil rights case.

The case was filed by an inmate housed in a correctional facility in West Virginia, alleging the violation of his constitutional rights (due process, cruel and unusual punishment, and equal protection), resulting from a lock down.

In a 26 page opinion, the Judge found that the correctional facility acted lawfully, and that the plaintiff's rights were not violated.

Jeffrey M. Carder, Associate, Bailey & Wyant PLLC, Charleston.
LCLD Fellows Program Acceptance
Bailey & Wyant PLLC's Associate, Jeffrey M. Carder was recently nominated for and has been accepted into the 2021 LCLD Fellows Program.

The Leadership Council on Legal Diversity (LCLD) is made up of more than 350 corporate chief legal officers and law firm managing partners, working to build a more open and diverse legal profession.

The LCLD Fellows Program is designed to connect high-potential attorneys with General Counsel and Managing Partners from preeminent organizations for a year-long, multi-tiered professional development series. The Fellows Program offers a unique value to leadership-oriented, mid-career attorneys because of the exclusive opportunities to network with and learn from the top leaders in the legal field, during the Program and into the future.

Bailey & Wyant PLLC's Member, Suleiman O. Oko-ogua.
Suleimon O. Oko-ogua, Member of Bailey & Wyant PLLC's Charleston's location was recently named a Lawyers of Color Nation's Best 2020 honoree.

Lawyers of Color is a nonprofit organization devoted to promoting diversity in the legal profession and advancing democracy and equality in marginalized communities.

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