January 7, 2021
Volume IV Issue 1
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Good afternoon,

Happy New Year. Best wishes for a happy and healthy new year.

Happy 70th Birthday to APBA.

Safe the date.
The 2021 APBA Convention is scheduled for Thursday August 26th through Sunday August 29th. More information to follow. Room rates and booking information will be available next week.


Important ordering information. Please read carefully.

We take e-mail or mail orders. We no longer take phone orders. Please follow these procedures. Orders are processed first in first out (FIFO). Shipping options are UPS Ground or USPS priority mail.

We are not having visitors at our offices at this time.

Please review your order carefully before hitting the enter button.

Our shipping system automatically sends an email with shipping information after your order has been packaged. Please make sure your order has your current e-mail address. Also make sure your spam or junk filters do not block this e-mail.

Due to the volume of orders, we will not answer questions about the status of your order. Check your spam files.

There are always folks who claim they got their cards with a higher order number than yours. They are messing with you.

With USPS's current situation, delivery times will be longer than usual. Please be patient. APBA has no special access, influence whatever with USPS. All APBA can do is pull up the tracking number that you have and go to the USPS tracking website to see the current status. Your order's status may not change for a week or more, that does not mean that your order is lost. It means it is not moving in the USPS system.

For what its worth, UPS is reportedly not having these issues.

BBW 2020 products should ship the week of the 18th.
If you have a question about your order or if APBA has made a mistake, please contact us at custsupp@apbagames.com. Remember all prices listed do NOT include shipping and handling charges.
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Thank you for your support of APBA.

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