Oh, the difference a year makes...
   As I was preparing this mid-year message, I couldn’t help but reflect back on the last 18 months. I was sitting in an airport in Madison, WI, looking around, watching the hustle and bustle of travelers on an early Friday morning. The whole experience felt so typical, but yet, it still didn’t. Of course, masks are still the requirement, but the number of people getting ready to head out for the weekend was noticeable, and my flight was expected to be packed. To me, that was great to see, after everything we’ve just gone through. The world has been and is continuing to open up, and we are all finally looking forward to filling our calendars with events and activities we simply couldn’t for so long.
   Over the last year and a half, we’ve tried very hard to focus on the positives. The ‘lights at the end of the tunnel.’ We reminded you that ‘this time isn’t different’ as it applied to the economy and stock markets, and that ‘this too shall pass’ as we all needed to not lose sight of the long game. We asked you to ‘breathe’ and trust that we would get through this. We expected that the economy, science, and humanity in general, would prevail like they always do. And by all measurable means - we were right. 
   Although I always try to speak with certainty and positivity on matters like this, I, nor anyone else, could have told you exactly how it would all fall into place. That would have been impossible. But, I did believe that the very best in the world would rise to the top in the face of great uncertainty. To navigate that process, your best bet is to have a well-laid out and flexible plan. That applies to many aspects of life and certainly applies to your finances. With that being the basis and foundation of all we do for those we work with, I’m happy to report that, as we look to put the pandemic in the rearview mirror, our planning - and your ability to trust us and stick to it - passed with flying colors.
   So, let me say “Thank You” to all of you that have put so much faith and trust in us to help you navigate our role in your lives over the last 18 months. Planning, helping our clients stay focused on the big picture, being a voice of reason and positivity, and adapting along the way, is 100% the reason why we do what we do. It was our pleasure to have been able to do so for you when times are tough! As always, if those you know and love could benefit from similar help, our door is always open to them. Please do not keep us a secret!
What’s ahead for all of us now? It’s a goal of mine in life that, through difficult times, I lean on those that I can and come out on the other side of any struggle better and stronger than I went in. To me, the second half of 2021 presents us all with an excellent opportunity to do that – take time to reflect and grow from what we all just endured. In doing so, I feel we should all remember to focus on the things in our lives that matter most and try to spend any time we can with the people we care about. In the end, isn’t life truly about making memories, enjoying experiences, and doing so with those we love – leaving the world better than we found it? If we learn nothing else from the pandemic, let it be that all of our lives can be forced into an inconceivable change in an instant. Don’t put off until tomorrow the things you can do today!   
   So, focus on the things in your life that truly matter - and offload the rest whenever you can. As for the financial planning (it should go without saying), let us spend time on that so you don’t have to! Because we have a plan together, as we just again learned, whenever the next ‘big event’ is - we will get through and come out stronger on the other side. 
   With that, I wish you all a great summer and hope it’s spent enjoying the people and activities we’ve all missed dearly. Fill your calendars with events to look forward to and opportunities to go back out and feel normal. You focus on the things that matter - we’ll help take care of the rest!
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