Honoring Engineers
Celebrating Engineers Week
This week, February 18-24, D.S. Brown celebrates Engineer’s Week and the positive contributions engineers bring to the quality of our lives.

“We rely on our engineers to be the bright stars on our teams – discovering new and better ways to meet our customers’ needs,” said Tom Lewis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

The purpose of Engineer’s Week is to raise public awareness of the importance of a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) education and encourage youth to pursue engineering careers. At D.S. Brown, we are thankful to the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) for their efforts to provide us with a diverse and educated workforce for the years to come.

The NSPE founded Engineer’s Week in 1951 to ensure a well-educated future workforce by increasing the understanding and interest in engineering and technology careers. Each year Engineer’s Week reaches thousands of schools, businesses and communities across the U.S. Engineer’s Week also includes Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day on Feb. 22. Engineer’s Week is always celebrated in the week which includes Feb. 22. This is to honor President George Washington's birthday. President Washington is considered our nation's first engineer, due to his surveying work.
Industry News
D.S. Brown Hosts ABCD for Product Demos
Recently, 41 members from various Ohio chapters of the Association for Bridge Construction and Design (ABCD) were hosted by D.S. Brown for a series of presentations and product demos. The morning started with opening presentations on the company given by Edwin Bechstein, Regional Sales Manager and Mark Kaczinski, Vice President of Engineering.

Then the attendees broke into two groups and took turns touring the facility and viewing demos. During the one demonstration, a small batch of Delcrete MD was mixed and poured into a block-out. In another, installers walked through the installation of strip seal gland into Steelflex rail using D.S. Brown’s Strip Seal Installation tool. Installers also showed how to place a V-Seal in a mockup of a joint blockout.

D.S. Brown thanks Robert L. Hunt, Jr, P.E., Sr. Bridge Engineer, Shelly & Sands, Inc., for his work in setting up the presentation, as well as team members Eric Devine, Dan Clay and Joe Cox for coordinating the product demonstrations. 
Industry Events
Feb. 19-21
Feb. 19 - 21, Kansas City, MO, Booth #20
Feb. 28 - March 2, Sheraton Denver Downtown, Denver, CO, Booth #302
Product Focus
V-Seal Expansion Joint Systems  
V-Seal Expansion Joint Systems use a preformed extruded EPDM seal that can be bonded to concrete, steel or elastomeric concrete with a quick setting epoxy adhesive.

Typical applications include control joint and expansion joints for both new and rehabilitation projects for bridges, highways, parking structures, stadiums, plazas, water and sewage treatment facilities and other types of concrete construction.
V-Seal Expansion Joint Systems have quick installation, is designed for use under extended water immersion and is flexible at lower temperatures. The epoxy adhesive bonds in excess of 3000 psi and allows for easy rehabilitation of existing expansion joints. The EPDM seal is weather, UV, ozone and tear resistant.
D.S. Brown recently launched two new training videos related to the operation and maintenance of our Delastall Kompressor Installation Machine (used to install our Delastic pavement seals). Click on the links below.

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