Looking ahead to the New Year
The Future of Infrastructure in 2018
The new year is here and at D.S. Brown we were curious what our customers were anticipating for 2018. We spoke to some of our customers about what they felt the new year will bring – the opportunities, the challenges and the trends.

In 2018, what do you see as your opportunities?

Here we heard responses from both ends of the spectrum. As one customer from Wisconsin said, “There are many opportunities for our business in the state and federal arena with the President’s initiative of transportation funding going to highways and airports. FoxConn coming to Wisconsin will also open some opportunities for local work for our crews. (Electronics company FoxConn will be building a giant flat screen television plant in Wisconsin.)”
Industry News
ARTBA's 2018 Forecast
Total domestic transportation construction and related-market activity is forecasted to reach $255 billion in 2018, a year-on-year increase of 3.2 percent after adjusting for project costs and inflation, according to the U.S. Transportation Construction Market Forecast 2018 by American Road and Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA).
The 2017 market performance is expected to come in at $247.1 billion.

The report indicates that although the overall U.S. transportation infrastructure market will see modest growth in 2018, the situation will likely vary significantly by state and region.
Industry Events
“Solid to the Core,” Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV. Exhibits: Jan. 23 – 26. Seminars: Jan. 22 – 26. 
Feb. 8 - 9,  Hyatt Regency Orlando, Orlando, FL

Feb. 19 - 21, Kansas City, MO, Booth #20 

Feb. 28 - March 2,  Sheraton Denver Downtown, Denver, CO, Booth #302 
Product Focus
Steelflex® Strip Seal Expansion Joint Systems 
For decades, cast-in-place Steelflex® Strip Seal Expansion Joint Systems have provided superior watertight performance and longevity over bolt-down, segmental and pourable expansion joint systems.

Because of this proven performance, Steelflex® has become the overwhelming choice of owners and specifying engineers around the world for accommodating up to five inches (127mm) of total structural movement.

Steelflex® rail profiles are one-piece construction, manufactured using innovative hot rolled/non-machined and hot rolled/machined technology.
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