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Dear Friends,
In the case of inclement weather that occurs on Saturday nights/Sunday mornings, please use your good sense about the safety and wisdom of coming to church. Services will always be held, but no one should feel compelled to try to get to church because of a liturgical or social assignment (acolyting, reading, coffee hour hosting, etc). 
Last Sunday we had small, but cheerful congregations at each service, and the weather for this weekend looks questionable. If coming out in inclement weather seems unwise where you live, please follow your instincts and stay put. Say your prayers and enjoy another cup of coffee; God will be pleased by your desire to keep safe.
The Reverend David A. Pfaff

Stephen Ministry announcement

New Stephen Ministers to be Commissioned on February 3rd!

Throughout the past five months, eight of our congregants have been training and preparing to become our newest Stephen Ministers. The extensive training program enables them to walk with and care for people during the difficult times and transitions of life through confidential, one-on-one, Christian caring relationships. Christ Church Glendale is blessed that these eight are joining our existing Stephen Ministry program, bringing new energy and perspectives to our work. 

Please support these new Stephen Ministers (Christian Appleby, Venitra DeGraffenreid, Alfred Nippert, Barbara Rugen, Bill Sedwick, Jim Smith, Jim Wigginton, and Rob Withers) with your prayers when they are commissioned during the combined worship service (10 AM) on Sunday, February 3rd, prior to the Annual Meeting. If you would like to discuss the possibility of having a Stephen Minister, please contact our Referrals Coordinator, Helene Sedwick. Look for more information in the weeks ahead and join us in celebrating this ministry on February 3rd.
Please click on the photography below for the Candidates Bio.
Youth Vestry Member
Youth Vestry Member
Delegate to Diocesan Convention Alternate
Delegate to Diocesan Convention Alternate
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For God alone my soul in silence waits; from him comes                   
my salvation.
Questions? Contact Louise Bower at 782-8344 or maplegal418@gmail.com .

Come and give yourself the gift of twenty minutes of silence with God.  

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