Volume II | March 14 2021
Four-Leaf Clovers vs. Shamrocks

In the Blog Garden Basics, David Beaulieu says: “What medick, the wood sorrels, and the true clovers all have in common is a leaf made up of three leaflets. The number three is significant in the Christian religion because of the doctrine of the Trinity. Irish legend has it that the missionary, Saint Patrick, demonstrated the principle behind the Trinity using a shamrock, pointing to its three leaflets united by a common stalk. But there is no way of determining with certainty the exact plant referred to in the legend.
This much we can say about Irish shamrocks, however: By definition, for a clover to represent the Trinity, it would have to bear three (and only three) leaves. So for all of the good luck they allegedly bring, four-leaf clovers technically can't be considered shamrocks (not in the sense in which Saint Patrick made the latter famous, at least).
It was the priests of the ancient Celts, called ‘Druids,’ who elevated four-leaf clovers to the status of good luck charms, potent against evil spirits. This is the origin of the modern belief in their power to bring good luck."
Celebrating the Great Women in our DMFAH Collections
An Opera Singer, A Mill President's daughter that brought New York to Danville, a renown LGBTQ Southern Painter, a politician who spoke her Mind to Winston Churchill and a nurse who cared for those fighting on both sides.
Throughout the month of March, the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History will honor the women in our collections who are made history in our community and beyond. To find out more about Camilla Williams, the first African American woman to receive a full contract from a New York City Opera Company, see HERE
To find out more about the daughter of a Mill President, Harriet Fitzgerald see HERE.
To find out more about the artist Maud Gatewood see HERE.
To find out more about the politician Lady Astor see HERE.
To find out more about the nurse Anne Eliza Johns see HERE

Check out more on our Instagram page during Women’s history week @danvillemuseumoffineartsandhistory #womenshistorymonth
Spotlight On Museum Volunteers
The Museum welcomes Caroline O’Daniel who is doing 40 hours for graduate distinction from Galileo High School in Danville. Caroline’s favorite classes at school are Yearbook and Theater. She is particularly passionate about stage technology and theater management. This semester she is hoping to learn more about set and costume design. Caroline has applied to four colleges including Meredith College, James Madison and George Mason University. Caroline plays the flute, loves roller blading and video games. We hope that she will join the museum internship team this summer after graduating. She has worked with visitors coming to the museum, and particularly enjoyed the Camilla Williams exhibition and the House Museum exhibition while working the galleries.
Averett Education Students use Collections to Construct Curriculum
Professor Nancy Riddel’s education class from Averett visited the Museum on Friday, March 12. We were delighted to see Kaitlyn Richie; Jodan Bennet; Sarah Zoothman; Morgan Jones; Morgan Dills and Makayla Woods who teamed up to go through our collections before setting up curriculum that connects. We spoke a little about Governor Northam's new SOL formats being determined by the Carter G. Woodson Commission, and then we had a short discussion about Dr. Deborah Marches Curriculum Design Principles for Equity (Fairfax County Schools), Primary Source Materials and their application, Blooms Taxonomy, and the use of Visual and Sensory Educational Prompts.
The museum needs to submit five lesson units for our end report to the Woodson Commission and said that we would be delighted to submit any of their education units crated by the Averett group.
Bracelets for Knitting Groups
Through a generous donation by artist Kent Martling, WANDERLOVE knitting groups can now show even more solidarity by wearing his hand-woven friendship bracelets. Please contact Felice McWilliams if you would like to have bracelets for your WANDERLOVE knitting group mailed to you or please contact the museum at 434.793.5644 and let us know when you will stop by to pick your packet of bracelets up. We hope that you will join us to do a WANDERLOVE Zoom check in on Sunday (March 14) at 5pm. This is a great time to let us know what you are all working on and to ask any questions you might have regarding the program. Please click here for the WANDERLOVE Zoom link.
DMFAH gives Averett a shout out for facilitating Community Vaccination Stations.
We applaud Averett University, who, working with partners like the Virginia Department of Health, SOVAH Health, the City of Danville, Pittsylvania County and the National Guard, provided swift action on organizing the community and administering vaccines. They have successfully joined the community fight against the spread of COVID-19. Averett, History United and CCECC is also currently working to bring tours to the museum through the Civil Rights Red City Trolley Tour Program.
We would like to know your thoughts on Monthly Memberships
As cultural organizations continue to face declining membership and significant lost revenue during the pandemic, museums are seeking ways to engage new audiences and retain existing members.
In contrast to the traditional museum membership program, which requires dues to be paid in full annually, monthly membership enables members to contribute a specified amount automatically each month. Sometimes called “sustainer” or “evergreen” memberships.We want to know if a monthly membership would appeal to you. Send us you thoughts on this topic to info@danvillemuseum.org.
OPEN CALL for 5X Walkthrough Musicians
The Museum is currently looking for high school seniors and college undergraduate students with a musical background or training in classical instruments, voice, or band, who would like to perform on their own or with a group. We are currently planning on placing small performances at the museum, and at the Craghead Gallery in the River District. This is part of the yearlong residency program to encourage rising artists by offering young musicians a performance platform and a small stipend.

We have four slots left - If you are interested in auditioning on April 3, 2021 between 10am and 12 noon, or if you know a talented musician who might benefit from this program, please contact us at info@danvillemuseum.org
Sign up for Mono-printing on March 18
A one-time print
On Thursday evening, March 18, Swanson Studio will be opening the studio doors for a monoprint workshop. We are still keeping the classes for this month at five people. As all instructors get vaccinated we will increase our numbers. Monoprinting is a form of printmaking where the image can only be made once, unlike most print-making which allows for multiple originals. Please come with your aprons and bring yourselves. For monoprinting you will need: Watercolor pencils, Tempera Paint, Paper, Brayer or a rolling pin, a wooden spoon, and assorted brushes. Workshop starts at 6:30pm and ends at 9pm.