Volume I | November 8 2020
Gifts That Keep On Giving and Remembering

The Danville Museum has recognized a need in our community for small and large gifts. The DMFAH is in the process of establishing an Agency Trust Fund through the Community Foundation Organization and all funds paid into that would produce revenue on a yearly basis for specific things we do at the museum. This can range from anything that such as Internship Training, teaching an art workshop, supporting a residency/research stipend or arranging a program event or forum around important community issues. Gifts can also support meaningful exhibitions that expand the regional art and history stories held in our collections.

There are many different ways to be remembered at the Danville Museum of Fine Art and History. The DMFAH is a small city museum, but we hold many Regional Collections. We have a beautiful Stratford Collection/ Kennedy Revell Collection as well as a Civil Rights, Civil War, Schoolfield and Dibrell, Camilla Williams, Hall of Fame and 20th Century Art collection, which showcases the work of Southern regional painters of note.

The buildings on our Museum campus support the narratives of these collections. The Swanson Studio, which holds many of the Stratford ceramic equipment and a beautiful Charles Brandt Press gifted to the Museum when the school closed its doors as an educational institution in 1974. To find out more about Stratford’s history and the role this amazing institution played in Danville, please visit the Old Westend Virginia blog archives: https://oldwestendva.com/blog/whence-stratford-college/

The Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History can play a vital role in honoring the memory of a loved one and showcasing their contributions to Dan River region community. Our lives are illuminated when we find ways to connect them to larger regional histories.
Debbi Kleisch Memorial Fund
Deborah Sue Kleisch, 70, passed away Thursday October 22nd at Cone Hospital with her daughters Kimberly Kleisch and Ashleah Lester by her side. Before all else, Debbi was an artist. She returned to the easel in 2008 and loved it until the day she died. Debbi will be remembered for her creativity and artistry. For those who loved her she will be remembered most for her humor, her laugh, and her smile. Her love for the arts ran almost as deeply as the love for her family. In lieu of flowers the family asks that friends donate to the Debbi Kleisch memorial fund through the Danville Museum of Art and History, so they may continue creating and teaching with the Stratford Arts equipment Debbi toiled with in her college years. The family would also like to thank Cone Health and their team of nurses for their extraordinary care. Please see Debbi’s full obituary HERE: https://www.legacy.com/us/obituaries/greensboro/name/deborah-kleisch-obituary?pid=197026317
Site Plans Underway and Yet To Come
L1 - Phase I Planting Plan
L2 - Phase II Site Improvements
L3 - Site Features

Trenda Leavitt, from BeechGrove Design Landscape Architecture firm, presented to DMFAH Development Committee on the Museum Gardens on Monday, November 2, 2020. In fulfillment of landscape architecture proposal Phase I, dated 7/25/19, Trenda Leavitt showed a site plan currently underway working with City Works manager Rick Drazenovich for the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History. 
The plan includes a planting plan for the entire site, with focus on foundation planting in the areas of drainage improvements. A few items included on the plan are not within the City's scope of improvements and are included for the Museum's capital improvement planning (new walkways/alignment, site furnishings, McGruders Alley crosswalk, banner poles, demonstration garden locations, brick paving on Main Street, and a proposed gazebo location). Trenda is also assisting us in designating areas for the newly purchased Blue Ribbon Daffodil bulbs. We thank the Danville Garden Club and the Kiwanis Club for this new addition of vibrant color to the Museum.

Please contact info@danvillemuseum.org if you would like more information about this project.
An Open House: To Tell Our Regional Stories and Yours
To everyone who came out to the Open House on Friday evening we want to say thank you very much! To all the interns and volunteers (Patsie and Jimmy New, Aidan Thomas, Tripp Hayes, Adessa Breakly, Chris Cross), to Jonathan and Harper Scollo who set out ceramic items for sale and gave studio demonstrations, to the mural artists Felice McWilliams and Anna Timm who worked late on Friday night to make sure information on all our programs are readily available to all who toured the campus, we say thank you! To our DMFAH community partners Evelyn Riley (Dan River Non-profit Networks) and Josh Lucia (Smokestack) we say thank you for the months of work to renovate HOUSE 126 as an interactive hub to serve the greater Danville, Pittsylvania and Caswell county communities. Because of the pandemic, this was not a large crowded, or blustery affair, but a small group, masked and distanced. Your visit to the museum campus helped our outreach goal on so many levels. Thank you to each and every one. If you were unable to attend this event and you want to know more about the Campus capacity building and outreach program, please read HERE:
Averett Helps us Prepare
A Shout Out to Averett’s Women Basketball Warriors who helped out to prepare the Museum for Friday’s Event.

Thank you to Tia Yancey and Billy Wooten as well as April Love from the Center for Community Engagement &Career Competitiveness (CCECC), our off campus community outreach partner through CAMPUSengage, for sending this amazing team our way to rake leaves and tidy up for the Friday Open House event.
We thank Annalee Bollinger (assistant for the Women’s Basketball Program) and her dynamic team who worked on campus from 4-7 pm (November 3rd ).

CAMPUSengage is volunteer management and tracking software organization that the Center for Community Engagement & Career Competitiveness (CCECC) utilizes to increase engagement from students, faculty and staff at Averett University, Danville Community College and Piedmont Community College.
Adessa Breakley Completes her 300 Hours
Our intern Team is growing up! We congratulate Adessa Breakley for finishing her 300 hours for the DMFAH internship program.

This young lady makes us all look good. She fully understood the importance of looking professional as she navigated the many training modules and tasks set before her during the internship. She has assisted with the Artmobile list serves, interacting with the public and preparing digital formats for public groups such as the Friends of the Library and their Ron Rash Author event (held at the Museum in September).

Adessa and Aidan both had the good fortune to be trained by Wenn Harold on digital formats for events before he left to work for the Martinsville School System.
Adessa will now go on to train new interns on how to dress for success and how to implement best museum practices as well as how to prepare the auditorium for small online and offline events.