Volume IV | July 26 2020
Your weekly news & updates: Fiscal Year- End

The fiscal year is nearing its end, and end-of-year giving is more important than ever before.  Last year between April 1st and June 30th, supporters raised $20,000 to help sustain Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History.  Will you help us meet the goal and bridge the gap this year?

The COVID-19 pandemic has created so much uncertainty for our budget over the next year. Your donations are critical in helping us reopen the Sutherlin Mansion, its galleries and two Annex Buildings: House 126 and the Swanson Studio, to continue programming such as:
·    Ceramic Art Classes by Jonathan Scollo and printing classes by Linda Gourley
·     Educational programs for students at home during the COVID crisis and updated educational resources on our website
·     Continued consultation on history narratives for our new visitor service video which we hope to unveil in December after receiving a generous grant from the Virginia Humanities and support from the renown historians: Grace Hale and Fitzhugh Brundage.
·     Virtual tours of our historic property and our collections online

Even in the face of uncertainty, you make this work possible. We are so grateful for your help during these difficult times. If you're interested in making an end-of year-gift, you can do so HERE

You can help DMFAH continue to serve the Dan River Region
 by making a gift today.  

LAST WEEKEND for Attic Sale!
The Attic Sale will be open on Saturday from 10am to 4pm and the Online Bidding will be concluded by 2pm on Saturday.

The last day for the Attic sale will be on Sunday from 12 noon to 4pm. Remember that every purchase contributes to paying for DMFAH programming.



As we open the Museum on Wednesday safety will be our priority
Richmond area cultural institutions have released a statement as Virginia continues to lift additional COVID-19 restrictions. The statement provides visitors, staff and volunteers with a unified response during this challenging time.

Visitors and Staff: (1) Facemasks will be required of visitors, staff and volunteers (as required by Executive Order), with exceptions for young children. (2) Capacity will be reduced to provide guests space to socially distance. In some cases, pre-registration/timed tickets may be required. (3) Contactless payment and use of credit/debit cards for purchases will be strongly encouraged. (4) Social distancing will be required, and may be encouraged with barriers, designated walk routes and additional signage. (5) Hand sanitizer and similar options will be available at all institutions.
Programs and Experiences: Programming will be temporarily suspended to reduce contact within large groups. Alterations or adaptations to hands-on exhibits and experiences will be made to reduce interactions with high-touch surfaces.
Cleaning Protocols: Cleaning protocols will be expanded, especially in restrooms and high-touch areas. DMFAH will clearly post their institution-specific guidelines and protocols on our website, on social media and onsite.
Tobacco Trade Exhibit opens July 1
The exhibition “Tobacco Trade That Built Hearth & Home,” which opens on July 1 profiles not only Sutherlin, the brothers Dibrell and Penn, and the marriage of F.X. Burton to Alice Shelton, whose union also forged a singular tobacco alliance, but, it also recounts the sagas of seven other tobacco titans and their homes —in the alcove just outside the Museum’s lower (Schoolfield) gallery. Walls nearby are lined with other artifacts and memorabilia echoing Danville’s unique role in marketing and processing tobacco. The installation includes an 1899 Sanborn (Fire Insurance) Map, covering much of a large wall, keyed to identify local tobacco trades flourishing some 120 years ago. These included prizeries, auction warehouses, factories, companies, stemmeries, storage facilities, and box factories then in the city—a total of seventy-seven (77)!
Smokestack Reading
Smokestack on the lawn
Smoke Stack Theater Company had a great “reading” event this past week with an attendance of 17 people, so they will continue this invitation each Wednesday. Join them on the lawn from 6:30pm -8:30 pm each Wednesday night – this week through August. Because of COVID19 that may change, but the museum will keep you updated and social distancing is easier on the lawn.
A sad day for the Museum but a great opportunity for Mr. Wenn Harold
...who has been offered a full time teaching position in the Martinsville Public Schools. Wenn Harold has worn many hats at the DMFAH but is best known for his ArtSmart program and always being the cheerful tech guy that made sure that video came on at the exact time or the server was rebooted and maintained. We wish Wenn the very best for his new position as teacher in Martinsville. We told him he is going to miss his long commute to the Museum from Martinsville every day. Wenn will be missed. Thank you for so many good years Wenn Harold!
DMFAH receives a grant from the DRF
Exhibition on Craghead
Danville, Virginia — Danville Regional Foundation (DRF) has awarded the Danville Museum $23,000 to support its upcoming exhibition: Hanging Tree Guitars by the Music Maker Foundation. https://musicmaker.org
The DRF grant will also support a yearlong residency program that comes with a $500 stipend for each artist, writer or performer. To find out more about the Residency Program please visit the residency page on our DMFAH website .