Volume 06 | Month Day 2020
June Thoughts On Opening Soon
Governor Ralph Northam this week presented the second phase of the “Forward Virginia” plan to continue safely and gradually easing public health restrictions while containing the spread of COVID-19. 
Most of Virginia is expected to enter Phase Two on Friday, June 5 and the Museum will be opening soon. We want to do a phased opening. Community Yoga on the Lawn, then a two week Attic Sale and then the opening of the Museum in conjunction with the arrival of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) ArtsMobile or traveling gallery from July 14-17. We will announce the opening date soon - so stay tuned.

The Civil Rights Exibition: The Movement, is now Online!
Thank you to videographer Josh Lucia, who worked tirelessly on this project during the month of May. Also thank you to History United Genealogist Karice Luck Brimmer and DMFAH staff member Wenn Harold (who worked very closely with Historian Emma Edmunds on the Civil Rights Exhibition). They lead us through a fascinating slice of Danville history.

THE MOVEMENT, can now be toured from your phone or your living room!!!
Upcoming Events
“Please continue to wear a face covering, maintain physical distance, and stay home if you are high-risk or experience COVID-19 symptoms. Virginians have all sacrificed to help contain the spread of this disease, and we must remain vigilant as we take steps to slowly lift restrictions in our Commonwealth.”

Under Phase Two, the Commonwealth will maintain a Safer at Home strategy with continued recommendations for social distancing , teleworking , and requiring individuals to wear face coverings in indoor public settings .The Museum will open in phases. Last week was the first phase where we opened the DMFAH lawn to Yoga sessions. This week we will continue to open the Lawn but will open the Auditorium to reveal the much missed and well beloved “Attic Sale” event on June 12. The Museum will open with continued caution and restrictions, still requiring PPE protection and asking people to stand 6 feet apart.


Most artists love to hear when there is an extended deadline. Bower Center's 8th Annual National Juried Exhibition was rescheduled due to the pandemic we are living through and that resulted in a two-month extension to Sunday, June 7. Thank you to the Danville Art League for bringing this to our attention for local artists. For More information please contact:
The Attic Sale is a much loved community market. On Friday June 12 the doors will open first to DMFAH members for a sneak peak at items for sale and on Saturday, June 13 the doors will open to everyone in the community. We thank the Attic Committee Volunteers: Niki Fallis, Judy Strauser, Ann Sylves, Dave Corp, Patsi Compton, Michael Compton, Helen Earle, Anna Spangler, Bill Wellbank, Connie Fletcher and CB Maddox for putting this community event together and will be working all of next week to get it just right.
Our prison installation has been updated to give you more information on Danville’s most noteworthy prisoners. Did you know that Walt Whitman’s brother – George Washington Whitman - was a prisoner of war here during the Civil War? He wrote a letter to his mother from Danville on October 23, 1864.
Added to the prison installation this past month are the compelling drawings of Henry Vander Weyde . To find out more about this artist who brought the narrative of the civil War to us through his journal sketches.

Service Spotlight: Niki Fallis
Not only has the DMFAH been fortunate to have Niki on our board for the past three years but the whole community has been blessed to have this very supportive philanthopic mind in Danville.We congratulate Niki on her recent recognition for her community service work. The list is long, because Niki never stops giving of herself to those around her. She connects organizations and she connects people who need to be together. Thank you Niki for all you do!!

Soon to Come! DMFAH T-shirts
If you enjoy programming like this, please consider making a gift to support the DMFAH and the healing power of Art’s and culture in our community!
It is now more than ever that we depend on the critical support of our members and donors that allow us to offer the above virtual programming for our community.
Did you know that the CARES Act Allows for a $300 Above-the-line charitable donation deduction for filers who claim the standard deduction on their taxes?