Volume II | August 8 2020
Your Social Cohesion & Community Needs
Newsletter August 8, 2020
The DMFAH is proud to announce that the city of Danville is named a finalist for the 2020 All-America City Awards by the National Civic League. On August 18th the city will make a presentation to a panel of judges in hopes of being one of ten cities across the country to be designated an All-America City. 

To keep abreast of these developments please follow River City TV over the next twelve days as they share this story leading up to the presentation!
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“Everyone has the right to freely participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits.”
Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 27, Section 1)​
Seventy-one years ago, the United Nations ratified the principle of cultural equity as a human right. Covid-19 lays bare the plight of communities suffering under inequitable systems. Our objectives are to spark dialogue, understanding, and foster social cohesion that will create the changes to address our communities’ needs. By engaging people from all walks of life in artistic, critical, and cultural experiences, we reclaim joy and celebrate the human spirit.

New DMFAH Art Workshops
DMFAH Director’s Monotype Workshop (Suggested Donation $20 /Pay what you Can – all proceeds go to the DMFAH) Thursday evening, August 20, 2020 the DMFAH Executive Director will offer DMFAH members the first in a series of printing workshops that will continue on every third Thursday of the month from 6:30pm – 9pm. This August print-making workshop will focus on Monoprints and all materials needed for printing will be made available for free. Monoprinting is a type of printmaking whose true origins are unknown. Its unique process incorporates elements of painting and drawing, ensuring that no two prints are exactly alike and making editioning impossible. Hercules Seghers was a Dutch painter who lived from about 1589 to 1638. Seghers is one of the first-known artists to use a process similar to monoprinting, incorporating line work with different-colored inks and dyed papers to create landscapes. Because of COVID-19 only five spaces will be offered for this class and all artists will be required to wear PPE. On Thursday, August 27th ( the Last Thursday of the month) the DMFAH will offer its first Life-drawing class at the Swanson Studio. This class will also be limited to five people wearing PPE and all proceeds will go to paying the life drawing model/ sitter who will also be wearing PPE. Fees for this will be $20 until we can have more people attend the class. This class will be 2.5 hours long, from 6:30pm to 9:00pm.  For more information on these classes and to sign up please contact us at info@danvillemuseum.org.
Did You Know...
Fun Facts about our Museum Fence:

On 7 May, 2003, the Garden Club of Virginia undertook a conservation project at the DMFAH and financially supported the construction of a fence replicating a photograph taken at the Museum in the 19th century. The city has put in place maintenance and repair schedule for the summer and has organized labor and Kiwanis gave us a grant to paint the Museum fence this summer. Repairs need to be done keeping all the conservation stipulations in consideration.

The fence not only frames the campus lawn and gardens for those inside and outside of its borders but also is a conservation project inspired by the past. Thank you to the Garden Club of Virginia, the City, and to Kiwanis for pulling together this summer to help keep our fence evaluated, and maintained. The fence represents a first introduction to the Museum as a historical site and its regular maintenance and repairs is a physical manifestation of how the region feels about their cultural heritage. The fence is the museum’s first public interface. 

Welcome Kent
Kent Martling moved to Danville with his family in 2018 by way of Massachusetts. He attended Riverview School in Sandwich MA, a high school/post high school for people with learning disabilities. After moving from Nantucket to Wareham, MA, Kent worked at Home Depot for 4 years, earning 19 Homer awards for customer service. He works part time volunteering at God’s Storehouse 3 days a week and also takes part in Stonewall Recreation Department programs. Kent’s mantra is to “get things done that needs doing.” Kent not only helps out with the heavy lifting and new COVID-19 cleaning procedures but he also has a lot of experience working in gardens. He is the one responsible for keeping the Museum entryway weed free and the cement pad on the side of the museum where Firefly yoga classes often congregate looking like it should. We thank Kent for the many hot days he has already worked outside to spruce up the museum grounds. If you are a gardener interested in being outside and volunteering to help us keep down the weeds on the DMFAH property please contact us at info@danvileemuseum.org. Within the coming fall and winter we would like to put together a Green Team to look more closely at our DMFAH lawn eco-culture.
Virginia COVIDWISE tracking app
On Wednesday, August 5, Virginia became first in the nation to launch a COVID-19 exposure notification app. Using Bluetooth Low Energy technology developed by Apple and Google COVIDWISE notifies users who have likely been exposed to reduce the risk of infection and help Virginia stop the spread.

The wide availability of rapid testing is critical to effectively stopping the spread of COVID-19 around the Commonwealth and nation. More information on this bi-partisan effort can be found HERE.
A Massive Collection Inventory Launched in August
During the months of July and August, our C-team (Annie Chappell, Aiden Thomas, Adessa Breakley and Tripp Hayes) has been working in Museum Collections to organize and digitalize our various museum holdings. This collection maintenance has been long overdue and much needed and is indeed a massive undertaking, and not for the faint of heart. Annie Chappell will be working virtually from Emory University, where she is enrolled in a Museum Studies program, to oversee this detail-oriented team. Aiden Thomas (DCC), Adessa Breakley (DCC), and Tripp Hayes ( Dan River High School Senior) will have offices set up in collections to oversee the day to day transcriptions and scanning and filing systems.
Bower Center’s 8th Annual National Juried Exhibition may be seen in-person, during their abbreviated hours: Wed & Fri 11-2 and Sat 11-3, or viewed on their website. Click on link on the home page at www.bowercenter.org  
Seventy two artists from 13 states plus Washington, DC submitted 224 art works this year. Seventy two artworks by forty-five artists were accepted. Because of Covid-19 masks are required of everyone in attendance, visitors and staff, and there are several hand sanitizer stations located around, plus markings on the floor for traffic flow in the galleries. The awards reception is planned for Friday September 11. Advance reservations for a particular time slot to be able to accommodate all who would like to attend that evening.

Doing our part for the voting process
As you know the Museum’s Swanson Studio is a voting station and we have a Presidential Election coming up on November 3, 2020. 

The Voter Registration & Election Department, this year because of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) will be providing mailed absentee ballots so you can vote right at home and you can vote early if you want to.

You can request your mailed absentee ballots with a form available at your local registrar or you can pick up a request for a mail-in right at the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and history. We have applications for Vote by Mail available at the DMFAH both for the City of Danville and for Pittsylvania County starting mid August.