Volume III | August 14 2020
These Things Can Be Done
Helping all Virginians tell their stories

The Danville Museum of Fine Art and History feels very fortunate to be working with the Virginia Humanities on the “Omitted History” visitor service video. This video is a yearlong project and will be completed in December of 2020 (if COVID-19 will allow all the university libraries to stay open). The intent of this DMFAH visitor service video is to include the untold stories of the Dan River region and the Sutherlin Mansion, that is not currently present in our current video. The Board of Directors’ vision is to be the Dan River Region’s leader for integrated awareness of history, culture, and community. The Museum serves as a hub of learning and celebrations, connecting area colleges, medical campuses, schools, historic districts, and a thriving Downtown River District. Helping us tell these local stories for our video are UVA fellows Asher Caplan and Nara Holdaway, Kate McDannold from UNC-G and national Historians Grace Hale and Fitzhugh Brundage, as well as local historian Sonja Ingram from Preservation Virginia. You can see how other organizations are working on similar story projects HERE
DERBY DAY goes Virtual on SEPT 5, stay tuned for online Hat Jury Competitions and Bets
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Announcing the DMFAH Curator in Residence
Jennifer Ruchan Zhang will be working from our DMFAH 20th Century Art collection to establish a new curated exhibition detailing the work of Harriet Fitzgerald and the New York City organization she founded called the Abingdon Square Painters. Located in New York Long Island City, Jennifer Zhang will be working with the Abingdon Square Painters (Also located in Long Island City) and working with our DMFAH collections intern team, to establish the historical context of the work of Harriet Fitzgerald that we currently have in our collection. Jennifer Zhang has a masters degree from New York University. She received her B.A in Art History and French at Wellesley College where she participated in the foreign exchange program at Aix-Marseille University in Aix-en-Provence, France. She was a summer intern in 2018 for Christie’s where she performed data analysis on commercial history and Sotherby’s activity histories. In 2017 she worked for Galerie Dumonteil editing and translating twenty -one articles for special exhibition catalogues on Gaston Suisse and Camille Roche.
An Invitation to Read As a Community
I'd like to invite our DMFAH membership, our staff, and our board to participate in the Danville Community Read project of "White Fragility." This 30-day challenge will launch in October. The Kick-off Zoom event that will give more information on the project will take place on September 24, 2020. For more information about this Kick-off zoom event and the first introduction to the book by Katie Whitehead on Thursday, October 1, 2020 please click HERE. You can also contact the Ruby B Archie Library for more information.

Several partners, cohorts and non-profits from around the region are coming together to sponsor and implement this initiative. Organizational participants such as the Museum, are asked to host a reading of the book during the 30-day challenge. If you would like to know more about this initiative and becoming part of a “reading team/group” please feel free to contact the museum at info@danvillemuseum.org

If you would like to access a free downloadable audio copy of the book, you can do so HERE.
Please Stay Safe
Continue to social distance and continue to be vigilant, even when you are outside. Do not use parks and trails or the Museum lawn if you are exhibiting symptoms. Follow the CDC’s guidance on personal hygiene prior to visiting parks and trails and the museum lawn. Share the museum lawn and warn other users of your presence and as you pass 6’ apart. Thank you for wearing your PPE as you pass 6’ apart. For more information on staying safe please go HERE.
Help Us Spread the Love
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Acknowledging the Women's Centennial Suffrage
These Things Can Be Done
A century ago, women were not assured a voice in American democracy. This month, the U.S. celebrates the centennial of the ratification of the 19th Amendment guaranteeing women the right to vote. Commemorate this milestone with two upcoming events. 100 years ago, at the height of the Jim Crow era and against intense opposition, women across the country fought for their right to vote. Because Virginia was not one of the states that ratified the 19th amendment in1920, the story of Virginia suffragists has largely gone untold.

The accomplishments and sacrifices of these suffragists of a century ago leave a legacy that inspires generations of people to continue fighting for a more equitable world today and in the future.
Virtual ART ON THE LAWN 2020
Saturday SEPT 19: 6pm-8pm
Sunday SEPT 20: 2pm-4pm
Join us virtually for Art on the Lawn! 
Tune in for an intimate experience with our Art On the Lawn artists. We'll share an insider's peek into their studios, galleries, and homes and through demonstrations, Q+A's, studio tours, and more! 
This is your opportunity to hear directly from Art on the Lawn artists on their creative process, inspiration, and new projects they're working on!

Please request a link at info@danvillemuseum.org Participating Artists will be announced and inks will be sent in the last week of August.