It's Summer And We Want to go OUTSIDE
Demonstration Gardens...Yoga...Drawings
I t has been a long and very trying March, April and May for all, but we look forward to a great many things in June. Free Saturday Yoga on the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History’s lawn.

Trenda Carter Leavitt from Beech Grove Design Landscape Architecture Company has worked closely with the City and the Museum throughout this year and we finally have many blueprints on the table for Education Demonstration gardens. After presenting her plans to the DMFAH Board of Directors we will open these drawings up to the public for viewing. The Museum plans to take many of its programming projects outside!!!

The Garden Club of Danville, will be weeding and sprucing up the Rose garden in early June for an aroma filled experience for all. If you have never stood dead center in the Perkinson Rose garden during a warm June day you have not experienced a very-very ancient smell. Garden cultivation of roses began some 5,000 years ago in China. During the Roman period, roses were grown extensively in the Middle East. They were used as confetti at celebrations, for medicinal purposes, and as a source of perfume.
FREE Community Yoga Session Starting This Week.
Saturday from 9-10am

DMFAH is excited to partner with FIREFLY YOGA who will be offering yoga classes on the Museum Lawn. Classes will begin Tuesday May 26, 2020 and continue through the summer. Each class is limited to 10 participants, and online pre –registration is required through Firefly. The Saturday 9am class is FREE to the community, thanks to a generous DMFAH donor! Other classes are $12 but Museum members are eligible for special pricing.

So EVERYBODY has been wondering what is in the purple trunk...
Kate McDannold will reveal all. We congratulate her on her graduation from UNC-G and welcome her on our summer team as Education Research Coordinator and Manager for the DMFAH education virtual and hardcopy programming for schools. Kate will be working with UVA fellows Nara Holdaway and Asher Caplan this summer.
DMFAH Board: Changing of the Guard and Looking Forward To DERBY DAY!!!
Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History will be saying farewell and thank you to board members who have served their three-year term. We are so very grateful to all the work and support given to DMFAH by Board members Niki Fallis, Patsi Compton, Felicia Hairston and Khalilah Walters. Our present Board President - Kristen Barker will be stepping down and Jeff Gignac will step up as Board President. Chinique Scott will be Vice President. Thank you Kristen for steering the board with clarity and focus during your tenure. Kristen will remain on the Executive Committee. DMFAH appreciates all who has served on the DMFAH Board to carry out the Museum mission.
We also want to welcome new Board members Sandy Saunders, Staci Wall, Connie Fletcher, Vicki Hines, Christine Stover, and Jonathan Hackworth.

Kristen and Rick Barker want to remind everyone that Derby Day 2020 is set for September 5. Make sure you place your bets and wear your hats!
A Lady Always: Othella Robinson
We all known that Othella Robinson can wear a hat very well. She also has always been a big part of the museum for as long as we can remember, making sure our receptions and social occasions were organized affairs and tidy affairs. Now we look for continuity between the past and the future as we bid her farewell in retirement and wish her the very best.

It’s been a wonderful twenty years. Thank you for your many years of service to the museum and your friendship. We will miss you!
A Shout Out to the Chamber and the City of Danville for our beautiful signs!
Have you noticed the many beautiful signs across the city reminding us to social distance and to wear our masks? We are grateful to the many who have worked hard to put up these signs and to get the word out, and the DMFAH is happy to have several signs on the Museum lawn.
Time to take some photos!
Lets snap some happy masked faces at the museum and send these to . We will post it on Social Media (Make sure the museum is in the background). Next week we will announce our favorite Masked foto!
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