Volume IV | August Day 2020
With All-America City Award honor, pride shines on Danville; city last won award in 1977
IF YOU HAVE NOT HEARD ALREADY! The DMFAH is so proud that “Our Danville” was named one of 10 winners of the 2020 All-America City Award from the National Civic League. Danville last earned the distinction in 1977. Danville, Virginia named 2020 All-America City. The prestigious award is given to 10 cities across the country each year. The award was created in 1949 and was once called the “Nobel Prize for constructive citizenship.” It has been awarded to more than 500 communities across the country. The 2020 All-America City theme is “Enhancing health and well-being through civic engagement.” According to the National Civic League, the award is focused on “celebrating examples of civic engagement practices that advance health and well-being in local communities.” Specifically, organizers were looking for projects that enhance health and well-being, particularly for people experiencing poor health outcomes. We thank our own fabulous partners Firefly Yoga and the anonymous donor who made Free Yoga possible on the DMFAH lawn as well as Smokestack Theater Company who helped contribute to this civic- wellbeing through play Readings on the DMFAH Lawn throughout the summer! (Headlines from GoDanRiver)
A Richmond Museum Day
Virginia Association of Museums (VAM) Staff had the opportunity to visit the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts to see their new exhibition, Treasures of Ancient Egypt: Sunken Cities.  There were obvious signs of “the new normal”, and everyone was required to wear a mask, but the precautions the museum has added into their gallery design and layout did not distract from the exhibitions. Museums may change, adapt to the new post-COVID environment, but they are still, essentially, museums. They are places of wonder, and education, and beauty—and no pandemic can erase that.

And also remember there is no place like home - the DMFAH offers a quiet contemplative space to get away from the world and to immerse yourself in local narratives and histories of the region. The Camilla Williams exhibition, the House Museum, and Industrial Histories as well as many other stories await your discovery.
An Evening of Monoprints
Thank you to Sonya Wolen, Pamela Pulley, Rebecca Wright, Anne Sylves, and Aiden Thomas for a great evening of mono- printing in the Swanson Studio last night. It was good to use the studio while social distancing and wearing our masks.

Shown is Anne Sylves' monoprint and Pamela Pulley pulling prints.

This workshop event raised $100 for the museum and we thank you for your support and for the beautiful prints you pulled. We would like to remind the membership that these classes are currently only available to members so if you know anybody interested in professional art workshops please invite them to join the museum.

We are currently expanding and diversifying our studio workshop offerings. Next week Thursday, August 27 we will be offering a Life Drawing Class starting at 6:30 and ending at 9pm. So bring your H4 – B8 pencils, your 18 x 24 inch drawing pad, and a 18 x 24 inch newspaper pad (and please bring your workshop fee of $20 that will pay the model). We look forward to seeing you for this regular monthly drawing session that will happen every last Thursday of each month through the winter. Please remember that only five people can participate so sign up early at info@danvillemuseum.org.
Volunteers add Value to our DMFAH Programming
Last year, AAM released a popular toolkit on structuring, developing, and supporting volunteer programs— which the Danville Museum is using to reimagine our existing DMFAH program. While designing a Museum Volunteer Program, many museums have found themselves regrouping under new public health and financial realities. The DMFAH also feels that offering professional museum training to high school seniors and university students “grows” the next generation of local professionals. The DMFAH aims to safely engage volunteers and match them with meaningful responsibilities that meet the pressing needs of the moment.
The Southside OneRead
The Southside OneRead is a project funded by the DRF that seeks to get everyone in the community to read the same book, Ron Rash's Saints at the River, between August 1st and September 11th. It's designed to provide a "water cooler" atmosphere in which people of all walks of life can discuss this book and the issues involved. There will be a campaign involving local businesses displaying mini-banners with the cover of the book. We will be having 3-5 events bringing people together to discuss the book. The event will culminate in an appearance by Ron Rash at Averett to talk about the book, do a Q&A, and signing books. On Friday, September 11 from 2:00-3:00 pm the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History will host a Writers Workshop where Ron Rash, author of Saints at the River, will lead an informal discussion on the writing process. Registration is required and seating is limit. For more information email fotldanvilleva@gmail.com.
And the GREEN SCREEN STUDIO is underway!
Yes! Its going to be ready soon
Checking in with Josh at House 126 and he says the Green Screen Studio is coming along very fast. We are all looking forward traveling to exotic locations across the globe when that last coat of paint is put on the wall! Thank you for your hard work on this!