Recover + Restart ... keeping our students, families and schools in mind
The Museum as a point of reference for parents and students and families during the summer,2020.
Recover, Redesign, Restart is a a guiding document for Virginia school divisions but we can all learn along side of them...and perhaps even offer a little support before schools reopen with VDOE health plans. As a community we need to understand that COVID-19 has not gone away and it will take all of us to practice continued social distancing and to continue wearing masks when in dense and crowded areas.

The Danville Museum of Fine Art’s and History has been closed since March 20, 2020 and we hope to open to the museum in phases. The campus gardens and grounds have opened to the public and we have seen community organizations such as the Garden Club of Danville, and Firefly Yoga make this space an inviting getaway from COVID-19 stress. The museum is opening ONLY the Auditorium for our Annual ATTIC SALE. This pandemic has been a unique and unimaginable time, but the Museum remains committed as an oases for healing and inquiry-based pursuits. It is a time to read, meditate and reflect.

The summer of 2020 will be a time to refuel before organizing and gearing up for action in the fall. Through this difficult time there has been one constant we could all count on: The healing power of the arts and of conversation. Although our doors have been temporarily closed, we've been able to engage the community through virtual gallery tours, interactive social media content and educational resources for students now at home. Please check out our Scavenger Hunt for the Camilla Williams Exhibition HERE.
DMFAH remains a vibrant and busy culture hub serving the Danville and Pittsylvania County communities. We could not do this without your support. We will slowly begin a phased opening: first the DMFAH Lawn, then the Auditorium Attic Sale, then the Museum and on July 14 the Visiting Residency: Virginia Museum Of Fine Art’s Mobile gallery!!! We are looking for 6 Volunteer Museum Guides to help with small groups coming through . If you are interested in working with three Richmond Curators please contact us at
We are happy to announce that DMFAH will reopen the Auditorium to the public on June 12 and 13, 2020 for the much beloved annual ATTIC SALE.

Friday is a members only sale starting at 12 noon and ending at 6 pm. and Saturday the ATTIC SALE opens to the general public and the doors will open at 10am and closing at 4 pm.

The ATTIC SALE will continue through June. Please follow the Museum FB announcements of additional dates for the Sale. The museum will remain closed until July. Only 10 people will be let through at one time and spaced seating for 10 people waiting in line. hand sanitizer and PPE’s will be made available to all who enter the first week but we ask all visitors to the museum to bring their own PPE equipment when they come.

We want all guests to be comfortable and feel safe at the Danville Museum of Fine Art’s and History.
Our Museum is "Squeaky Klean"
With the recent outbreak of Coronavirus we at Squeaky Klean Janitorial Service want to insure the health and safety of the patrons and emploees of the Danville Museum. Since the outbreak we have been regularly cleaning and only use products that kill viruses and bacteria: Microban(CDC Approved), Lysol, CloroxClean-up,Pine-Sol, Windex with Antibacterial components

We hope this will make everyone feel safe when entering the building!!!
Mac and Myra Goad
Squeaky Klean Janitorial Service
Allen and Linda Gourley are happy to announce that the Charles Brand Printing Press is ready for Summer Classes. Look for an Updated Roster Next week! Thank you Allen for oiling up this beautiful press in our Swanson Studio.
JUNE Writer in Residence
Val-Rae Christensen is a published author, essayist, and a content creator for Her Gaslamp sci-fi/fantasy series, The Icarus Project, is an attempt to examine inequality in infrastructures, government, and the resources those systems have a responsibility to provide.

In October of 2018, Val-Rae founded the Health and Peace Initiative, a community outreach endeavor to take mindfulness practices and trauma education out into the public, providing individuals with the means to self-manage stress, anxiety, depression, and the effects of adverse experiences.

As the Danville Museum of Fine Art and History’s writer in residence, and through her project “Responsibility over Guilt”, Val-Rae intends to provide opportunities for conversations around the issues of equality and Civil Rights in our community and in our nation today.Empathetic conversations, with a sensitivity to the endemic and lasting nature of trauma—even beyond generations—can lay the groundwork for healing and understanding in our community.
Things You Might Want to Save to Your Calendar



August 19: Virginia Veterans & Military Affairs Conference

September 17: Virginia Conference on Energy Diversity & Corporate Sustainability

October 7: Virginia Health Care Conference

October 27: Virginia Education & Workforce Conference

November 5: Virginia Chamber Annual Dinner

December 4: Virginia Economic Summit
Voting in Swanson Studio will take place on Tuesday June 23rd, the Swanson Studio will be used as a polling place. Officers of election will be arriving by 5:00 a.m. and be leaving by 8:30 p.m. that day.
The remaining election will be November 3, 2020.
A Peek at Works in Our Collection
"Reciprocation Series#1" by John Maggio
(Drawing on Paper)
A Thank You Note from Othella Robinson
Thank you to all who contributed to the Othella Fund during these difficult COVID-19 months.