June 2021
Custom Residence: Rancho Santa Fe San Diego, CA.
Project: Custom Residence Rancho Santa Fe San Diego, Ca 
Interior Design: Joni Kriger
Lighting: Tazz Lighting Inc
Lighting Design: Tazz Lighting - Martin Epstein
"Innovation is about transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary."

Tazz Lighting teamed up with Paul Munsch from Munsch Homes with this beautiful custom home that is unique to its neighbors.
Martin's enjoyment on this project was due, in most part, to his relationship with Munsch Homes as well as the homeowners who were fully involved from inception.
This beautiful custom residence was developed from concept all the way through to completion.

The details were factored throughout, for example, the custom fabricated Large Exterior Entry Wall Sconces were made to coincide with the scale required. The Dining Room Linear Chandelier was a large custom project in itself, including brainstorming sessions and countless plans to come up with a one-of-a-kind fixture. Some other exclusive lighting features include exposed LED linear lighting, allowing for minimal light output and maximum mood control, setting up the most surreal lighting environment that complements breathtaking sunsets of Southern California.

´╗┐The outcome is an extraordinary home in a stunning location, tucked perfectly on a unique lot. A true architectural masterpiece.
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9555 Distribution Ave. #101
San Diego, CA, 92121