Resurrection Catholic Primary School

July 25, 2021

Dear Families,

Welcome everyone - both returning and new to our school. I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful summer and have had some time to relax, vacation and savor the "normalcy" we are slowly getting back to! My husband and I were able to sneak away for a week to Hawaii recently and the most wonderful thing about the trip was the quiet and simplicity of doing absolutely nothing all day long.

For most of us, this past year has been a lot of noise - chaos, questions, confusion and uncertainty. Add to this being asked to distance ourselves, to the greatest extent possible, from one another. It's strange how quickly abnormal can become our new normal. As we navigated this unknown journey together, we wondered, "How do we do this Lord? How do we love our children and each other through this well? The answer has always remained the same:

"The joy of the Lord is your strength. I will give you peace that doesn't make sense. My plans for your are good. Trust me when you can't see. Fix your gaze. Live for the unseen."

This has become our mantra moving into this next school year. We don't have all the answers and we have to be okay with this. What we do have is hope, joy and faith. We know that our beliefs and attitudes become the lens that we see the world through and the lens that our children begin to see the world through. What a wonderful opportunity we have to adjust this lens and shape these little hearts and minds.

I happened to be listening to the radio on my drive last week and the segment was about talking our children through hard things. There was a man who caught my ear as he spoke about a conversation with his young son, saying:

"Love yourself. When you think a thing about yourself, that part of you knows what you’re thinking, and comes to view the world that way. So if you are grouchy with yourself, you will be grouchy with the world. But if you love yourself, you’ll see the world through the prism of love. "

Wonderful, simple, powerful words.

Please enjoy the rest of your summer and I will stay in touch as new information evolves.

With care,

Tresa Rast


School Calendar 2021-2022

Our calendar for the 2021-2022 school year has been published and is also available on our website.

Please note there may be changes based on COVID restrictions, but we are planning for all events to proceed as usual at this time.

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Please return tuition contracts to our business manager, Maya Bashoury, at your earliest convenience.

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