January 19, 2021
Community Conversation
Virtual Membership Campaign Mini-Webinar (~15 min)
Did your PTA have a slow start in 2020? If yes, it's never too late to start serving your community. Begin the new year with a new membership drive. Check out the mini-webinar on Virtual Membership Campaigns as a way to begin anew. It is full of ideas on how to run a membership campaign in the virtual world.
How to Help Children Calm Down
Techniques for helping kids handle powerful emotions.
Podcast Flashback: Raising Kids Who Embrace Race
Revisit one of our favorite Notes from the Backpack episodes to discover how to talk to your kids about race and racism. Episode 33, featuring Melissa Giraud and Andrew Grant-Thomas, founders of EmbraceRace, has the answers.
McDonald’s /NMPTA Teacher Award
As we  embark on the 5th year of partnership with the New Mexico PTA, McDonald’s local owner/operators are so proud to work with you. The pandemic didn’t stop local owner/operators from giving back to their communities. We gave away thousands of free McDonald’s meals to NM first responders and hospital workers and embarked on a program with the NM Public Education Department to put thousands of news books in the hands of elementary students. In 2021, McDonald’s owners are supporting the NMPTA Statewide Convention and will continue the McDonald’s /NMPTA Teacher Award program. We look forward to working with you to make a difference for students, their teachers and all of you!

Debbie Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald Petersen Comm.
Parents Reaching Out Workshops
Engineering Mindset with Techbridge Girls @ Home
As part of the Million Girls Moonshot initiative from the STEM Next Opportunity fund, NMOST is able to offer an opportunity for programs serving 4th-8th grade students to receive training, materials and technical assistance with activities designed to help build an engineering mindset in our children and youth.
About Techbridge Girls: Leveraging their 20-year history and expertise, Techbridge Girls enables girls from low-income communities to navigate the many roadblocks and inequitable systems that prevent them from persisting and excelling in STEM. They are experts at equipping educators (in-school teachers, nonprofit youth leaders, or volunteers) to create more access for girls to high-quality STEM enrichment experiences.
Their program models provide hands-on experiences, with broad STEM content and career exposure, and social/emotional development activities. The programs also engage parents and are supported by rigorous evaluation. Educators delivering our program content receive a full complement of our training, pre-kitted materials/materials lists, and ongoing technical assistance.

While the focus of the Millions Girls Moonshot is the expansion of participation in STEM activities by girls, the Techbridge Curriculum is appropriate for mixed gender groups, and can be used for in-person or virtual programming. Included in this opportunity:

Training - Attend 1 hour, virtual, pre-recorded Techbridge Girls @Home training
Curriculum - Implement Techbridge Girls @Home curriculum (minimum 8 lessons), for youth in 4th to 8th grades. Example lesson topics include:
  • Slowest Lander - Students design a device to slow the fall of an object
  • Grow a Green Bean - Students grow a green bean plant and watch the different stages of germination
  • Wind Farm - Students create a windmill to generate electricity
  • Salt Circuits - Students use salt to connect a circuit

Resources - Participate in ongoing technical assistance calls and opportunities to connect with other TBG @Home educators; Access to Expanding Your Horizons Conferences in New Mexico.

Program Commitment:
  • Programs will sign an MOU and complete a registration form to access training registration and curriculum
  • Program staff will participate in a TBG one-hour recorded training
  • Participating students will register using TBG’s simple online form and receive a TBG t-shirt in return
  • Programs will administer a brief survey to students and return results to STEM Next
If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, please contact Jeff McConaughy @ jmcconaughy@explora.us by Thursday, January 21st
Virtual Legal Clinics

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