March 2018
Chief's Message
Clackamas Fire District #1 is busy this spring recruiting, training and recognizing excellence as we continue to focus on service delivery and meeting our mission, “To safety protect and preserve life and property.” 

As the Fire District continues to grow and expand, so does our need to add new employees and community volunteers. In February, we graduated 16 new community volunteers from their training academy and in March, we graduated nine new career firefighters. Recruiting, training, and hiring doesn’t stop there as we will begin another career firefighter academy in April and a community volunteer academy in September. We are very proud to add so many talented individuals to help serve our community.

On March 21, Division Chief Bill Conway was honored as the Royal Rosarian Foundation’s 2017 Newsmaker of the Year. This award was presented to Chief Conway for his off-duty action in helping save the life of a man in cardiac arrest. Calling 911 immediately, learning hands-only CPR and early access to an Automated External Defibrillator will help increase the survival rate of those experiencing a cardiac event.

On April 11, Clackamas Fire and Estacada Fire District #59 will hold a Joint Board Work Session to discuss the current Intergovernmental Agreement between both agencies and its performance and opportunities for collaboration.
Clackamas Emergency Services Auction/Dinner Fundraiser
On March 10, 2018, the Clackamas Emergency Services Foundation (Foundation) held its Seventh Annual Auction/Dinner at the Abernethy Center in Oregon City. Thank you to the gold sponsor, Sun Glow Heating and Air Conditioning. This was their fifth year of supporting the Foundation as a major sponsor of the annual auction.
The Clackamas County/Lake Oswego Honor Guard and the Clackamas Firefighters Pipes and Drums opened the evening for the guests. Over 170 people attended this year’s event and raised funds to help the Foundation meet its mission, “To provide humanitarian assistance to those who have been adversely affected by disaster, tragedy, injury or other misfortune, and to work actively toward preventing or minimizing the impact of such misfortunes in our community.” As emcee, Clackamas Fire District #1 Captain Josh Santos kept the evening flowing. Guest speakers Patti Serres with Building Blocks 4 Kids and Brinda Doyle and Robert O’Meara from Meg’s Moments for Life Jackets shared how the Foundation has impacted the lives of the people that each of their respective organizations has helped. Skilled Auctioneer Eric Hern auctioned many exciting items to very enthusiastic guests. Thank you to the Honor Guard/Pipes and Drum Sponsor, the Clackamas Volunteer Firefighters Association. Thank you, also, to the following businesses who purchased tables – Adventist Health, AMR Clackamas County, City of Happy Valley, Hennebery Eddy Architects, Meg’s Moments for Life Jackets, Providence Health & Services, the Clackamas Volunteer Firefighters Association, and Willamette View. Thank you to the event coordinators, Krystle Allen with Krystle Clear Events and the Foundation Auction/Dinner Committee: Fred Charlton, Ron Gladney, Jerry Kearney, Ed Kirchhofer, Sherie Rosenbaum, Karen Strejc, and Don Trotter.
Through the generous donations that evening, the Foundation was able to raise over $54,000. Thank you to all who attended and/or donated items or funds for the event. These funds will go far in helping those in need. 
If you would like to learn more about the Foundation or make a donation, click  HERE .
Message from the Board of Directors
At the March 19, 2018 Board of Directors’ meeting, the following took place:
  • Medical Director Dr. Craig Warden presented his annual report.
The Board approved the following:
  • Purchase of turnouts
  • Purchase of Tyler Technologies – Munis: Human Capital Management Software
The next board meeting will be Monday, April 16, 2018, at 6:00 pm at Mt. Scott Fire Station 5 located at 9339 SE Causey Avenue, Happy Valley, Oregon. Please note the new start time.
Window Fall Prevention

April is Window Fall Prevention Month. You can protect your child from falling from a window.
Window falls are predictable, therefore preventable. We need your help to reduce the risk of injury to children. Safe Kids Worldwide reports 3,300 children under age six fall from windows every year.
Windows attract curious children. Children under seven are most at risk of falling from windows and least likely to remember rules. Most window falls happen from windows with improperly installed screens.
Limit window openings to 4” with window stops. If you must open windows more than 4,” use a window guard or a safety screen.
Move furniture away from windows. Do not stack items beneath windows.
Visit for more information. The safety stores at Randall Children’s Hospital and Doernbecher Children’s Hospital carry safety devices for windows as well.
Health and Safety

Selecting Healthy Breads

A huge variety of breads are available on supermarket shelves. Which is best for you? For more information, click HERE.
Employee Highlights

Kristin Lind
I have been working with Clackamas Fire District #1 (CFD) since January 2, 2018. I’m fortunate to be in the first group of Single Role Paramedics at CFD. It’s been a humbling experience to be among the first group chosen, and I am doing my best to earn my spot every day. This has been my dream job for a long time, and though I’ve only been here a few weeks, it has already exceeded my expectations in so many ways. The care, pride, and professionalism that I’ve seen in so many Clackamas Fire personnel over the years, is what made me want to work within the fire service. It’s the kind of place where you have pride in the work you do. 

I’ve been happily married to my best friend, Scott, for a little over three years now. We have a 12-year-old son, Fletcher, who’s an awesome kid. Scott is also a full-time Paramedic, and we truly enjoy being in the same field – it’s something that’s very important to us as a couple. We often study and train together in our free time. At my previous place of employment, I was a part of the wildland fire team, providing medical care. I spent 10 consecutive weeks last summer deployed to various fires around the state. It was an amazing summer, the friendly culture of the wildland team drew me to the fire service even more. I have also been involved in a Disaster Response Team for the last seven years and was deployed to Georgia last year for Hurricane Matthew. I’ve been a part of the Clackamas County Swat Team as a medic for the last four years. 
My hobbies include time with my family and any kind of travel, which are my favorite things in life! I love the outdoors and have a fairly adventurous side. I enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities such as: hiking, fishing, camping, skiing, as well as, reading and music. Something you may not know about me is that I detest ketchup. I can’t touch the stuff!
Daniel Dyquisto
I have been working with Clackamas Fire District #1 (CFD) since January 2, 2018. I am a probationary Single Role Paramedic and bring 23 years of experience in Emergency Medical Services as a Basic and as a Paramedic. I’ve worked in nine different counties. I have always loved working with firefighters out in the field. I was also a Volunteer Firefighter with CFD. I was a volunteer at Clackamas Station 8, completed my Firefighter I and internship NFPA Fire Officer.
I live with my 22-year-old son, who I raised as a single father, and our dogs, a Rottweiler and a Labrador. I have been a part of the AMR Reach and Treat (RAT) Team, worked wildland fires, and have been involved with a Disaster Response Team. I am currently working on renovating my house. I enjoy gardening, hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, camping, and working out. I also like to snowboard, snowshoe, and golf. Basically, I enjoy anything outdoors or on the mountain, especially the Gorge. On the other hand, I like to be lazy and love being at home. I am an artist, scratch golfer, ex-professional surfer, and played football, baseball, and basketball in high school. I continued playing football in college.
Volunteer Nominated for an Award
Milwaukie City Council recently announced their recipient of the 2017 Volunteer of the Year award, where the recipient and other nominees were recognized at the 2018 Milwaukie Volunteer Appreciation Dinner on Thursday, March 29, at Bob’s Red Mill. Our very own Volunteer, Julie Tanz, was nominated for the award for her significant contribution to the community during the past year.

In 1997, Volunteer Tanz attended several Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) classes held in Milwaukie. Upon graduating, she went on to join and volunteer with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Milwaukie Flotilla teaching recreational boating safety to the public and holding a couple offices.

At the same time, she also joined Clackamas Fire Distirict#1 (CFD) as a Support Volunteer, serving out of the Milwaukie Station 2. Her duties include Emergency Incident Support, Public Outreach/Education and has held several positions in Clackamas Fire’s Volunteer Association. In 2004, Volunteer Tanz attended and became certified by the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) as a CERT instructor and has gone on to instruct several dozen classes for CFD. She is also a strong supporter of the Milwaukie CERT program, which she has provided numerous training sessions. 

Congratulations to Volunteer Julie Tanz for your recognition in demonstrating remarkable longevity and public focus that has benefited the City of Milwaukie and the Fire District.
Community Events

Firefighters Honored at Red Cross Heroes Breakfast

The Red Cross honored the heroic, lifesaving, and outstanding actions of local community members at their 21st Annual Hero Awards Breakfast on March 9, 2018. Firefighters Scott Kohler and Matt Towner received the First Responder Hero award for saving a woman from a residential fire.

For more information on their award, click HERE.
Firefighter Scott Kohler, Heavy Rescue 305
Firefighter Matt Towner, Heavy Rescue 305
What is it?

Written by Firefighter/HazMat Tech Brandon Knight

Clackamas Fire’s Hazardous Materials Response Team purchased the MT94 suits in 2014. Clackamas Fire is the first and currently the only fire agency in Oregon to use this advanced protection against chemical, biological and radiological threats. These suits provide vapor, liquid and limited fire resistive protection against CBRN agents. Older suits are hot, muggy, fit poorly and very uncomfortable. With the new MT94 each one gives a higher level of protection, better puncture and abrasion resistance, better range of movement and tool carrying abilities. These suits are also completely reusable as long as you’re not exposed or contaminated compared to the older suits that are good for one time use. 
Emergency Management

A new study by the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) offers a look at a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake's potential impacts for our region. Visit the link for more information: DOGAMI New Study.
Fire Investigations

February 2018
Date:  2/10/2018 12:42:39 PM
Address: 15720 SE Orville Ave. Milwaukie, OR 97267
Investigator(s):  Olson
Type of Fire: Building Fire
Fire Area of Origin:  Vehicle storage area; garage, carport
Fire Cause:  Unintentional
Estimated Dollar Loss:  $125,000
Investigator Narrative: The fire originated in the garage. The most likely cause of the fire was a faulty electrical breaker.

Date:  2/28/2018 10:02:16 AM
Address: 15967 SE Webster Rd. Milwaukie, OR 97267
Investigator(s):  McGladrey
Type of Fire: Building Fire
Fire Area of Origin:  Bedroom - < 5 persons
Fire Cause:  Cause undetermined after investigation
Estimated Dollar Loss:  $90,000
Investigator Narrative: The fire occurred in a vacant structure between February 26 and February 28. The fire started on a couch in the basement. The only competent ignition source in the area was smoking materials; however, no lighter or matches were found. The root cause of the fire was not determined during the investigation.
Station Activities

Incident Types by FMZ for February 2018, are available by clicking HERE.
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