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March 2021
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Canning machine issue at Compass Blending resolved by CreaTech
I had a challenge with my canning machine last week … the set screws became trapped into the shaft that allows me to adjust pressure with the base plate of my canning machine. This was quite a defeating blow as I had just got the canner back on line with some adjustments that needed to be made to the first & second seam chucks. As I stared at my base plate with the set screw flat and no longer adjustable by hand; I knew I needed help from a machine shop or another manufacturer that has a machine shop. 

Normally, I would send something like this off but had received recent communication from my regions Manufacturing association – MSCA and thought to myself; why not see if someone in the organization can help. With a quick email to chairman and fellow board member Larry Bull of Createch – I began to commence on my quest to receive the help I needed. Larry promptly responded to my problem and offered help of his staff and tools to see if they could be of assistance. 

Upon showing up to Createch, everyone was incredibly kind and helpful. I had a resolution in 20 minutes and was back online. Without my involvement with MSCA – I may have had even more downtime with my machine. Huge thank you to Larry, Charlie & the Createch team for saving the day!. 

Angie Ruff - President, Compass Blending
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Florida's Caribbean
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President: SteveCampbell

S&B Metal Products is a dynamic organization continually investing in new resources and embracing fresh ways to elevate the level of our services.
  • Founded in Macedonia, Ohio in 1974
  • Founded by Chuck Sterling & Paul Balliette
  • Expanded to Lakeland, Florida in 1986
  • Expanded to Bradenton, Florida in 1998
  • Expanded to Daytona Beach, Florida in 2002
  • Expanded to Apopka, Florida in 2018
  • Over 140,000 sq. ft. of fabrication space
  • 170 trained and certified employees
  • The latest in fabrication equipment and technology
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Extensive customer base
  • Prototype to production
Favorable Business climate in Polk County
Polk County is at the center of talent migration within the state, drawing skilled workers from far and near.

Starting a business goes beyond the act of establishing a legal entity and includes much more than just having an idea or concept.

MakeMore Manufacturing Summit to Showcase One of Florida’s Strongest Sectors
Florida’s economic powerhouses join forces to host four (4) virtual segments
ORLANDO, FL – The Associated Industries of Florida, CareerSource Florida, Enterprise Florida, the Florida Chamber of Commerce, and FloridaMakes announce the dates for the 2021 MakeMore Manufacturing Summit kicking off virtually on April 27. Launched in 2018, the MakeMore Manufacturing Summit is a statewide initiative providing a platform to exchange ideas about how our state’s resources are addressing the impact of market dynamics, economic trends and policies, and new technologies in the manufacturing sector. 
“Florida’s manufacturing sector quickly responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by pivoting to make everything from PPE to ventilators to hand sanitizers,” said Kevin Carr, CEO of FloridaMakes. “The MakeMore Manufacturing Summit 2021 is the catalyst to plan for the future by fostering a dialogue about how best to leverage our ecosystem resources, shore up our state’s supply chains, identify emerging growth, develop our workforce, and ultimately grow Florida’s manufacturing economy.”
The MakeMore Manufacturing Summit features in-depth discussions that strengthen and advance Florida’s economy through innovation, talent development, and leveraging the state’s resources to accelerate the manufacturing sector’s productivity and technological performance.
Flexible Schedule Engages the Ecosystem and Accommodates Diverse and Busy Schedules
The Summit includes four (4) virtual segments to allow for more engagement among the manufacturing sector and to accommodate diverse schedules. Segments will take place every two months as follows: 
  • Business Growth – April 27-28 
  • Talent Development – June 22-23
  • Technology - Aug. 24-25
  • Outlook 2022 – week of Oct. 25
“Florida’s 20,000-plus manufacturers are critical and essential to the state’s business infrastructure and Associated Industries of Florida is thrilled to be a part of the MakeMore Manufacturing Summit,” said Tom Feeney, AIF President and CEO. “Building on shared initiatives like CONNEX Florida, AIF is helping grow and support Florida’s dynamic manufacturing sector.”
"As Florida begins to restart and reimagine a post-pandemic economy, ensuring integrated talent support is key to prosperity for both the worker and employer,” said Michelle Dennard, President and CEO of CareerSource Florida. “The 2021 MakeMore Summit brings together Florida’s industry, economic development and workforce development leaders to strengthen our state’s position as a leading manufacturing competitor.”
“Florida ranks at the top of the list as a job creation destination and is a leading state for manufacturing,” said Holly Borgmann, Vice-Chair of the Enterprise Florida, Inc. Board of Directors. “As more companies increasingly relocate to Florida, the discussions at the MakeMore Manufacturing Summit will highlight why Florida is the best place to do business.”
“As part of the Florida 2030 Blueprint, the Florida Chamber has a goal to be one of the top 5 states for manufacturing jobs by 2030. Florida currently ranks 12th with 393,956 manufacturing jobs,” said Mark Wilson, President & CEO of the Florida Chamber of Commerce. “The 2021 MakeMore Manufacturing Summit is essential to strengthening the manufacturing sector for Florida’s current and future economic growth and helping meet our 2030 goals.”
Speakers and presenters from across Florida and the country will be featured. For complete event agenda, registration, and sponsorship opportunities, visit