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June 2021
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Container Graphics
Our story begins in Toledo, Ohio in the 1940s. A young man named Phil Saunders, an engineering graduate of Purdue University, was working for the Owens-Illinois Company. O-I, as it was known, was at the time a large glass manufacturing company. They were vertically integrated and made their own corrugated boxes. They even made their own inks and printing plates for those boxes.
Sometime in the 1950s, Phil was put in charge of the "Ink and Die Division" of O-I. Dies back then were printing plates. He ran this division for a number of years and learned the business. Then, in 1960, he made plans to begin his own company to manufacture rubber printing plates for the corrugated box industry.
On Halloween day of 1960, Container Graphics Corporation opened for business with one employee in a small building last used to paint cars. Phil had invested all he had and borrowed all he could to buy the largest rubber vulcanizer in the country. 
The company soon expanded into flat cutting dies, and in 1965 produced its first rotary cutting dies. At the time, rotary die cutting was not very good at scrap removal. During the middle 1960s, Bill Ward, founder of the Ward Machinery Company, developed a machine that could accomplish product diecutting and waste removal all in one operation. This was an efficiency breakthrough.
Phil was excited by the new rotary diecutter concept. After meeting with Bill, Phil decided to perfect rotary dies for the corrugated industry. He followed his products across the country to observe their performance. What he learned during that process led to improvements in die design. Through trial, error, and problem solving, Container Graphics developed the technology required to make a superior rotary cutting die.

If you ate or drank something today, there’s a good chance JBT technology played a critical role in its preparation.

JPL Flex

JPL strives to be the best flexible ductwork manufacturer in the United States. With over 60 years of experience, JPL’s process is efficient and state of the art, yielding the highest quality product on the market. In today’s tough business environment, contractors require confidence and total value in the products they install. When it comes to flexible ductwork, total value is a combination of price, dependable quality, service, availability, and cost of installation. With four strategically positioned manufacturing plants across the US, JPL provides excellent service to it’s growing network of HVAC distributor partners in 45+ states.
From our state-of-the-art Headquarters, warehouse and fabrication facilities in Mulberry, Florida, we provide:
  • Die Cutting
  • Manufacturing
  • Metal Hose Fabrication
  • Hose Assembly and Testing
Feature Member: Fi-Foil
Fi-Foil: Industry Leader And Innovator
We specialize in high performance insulation technology: reflective insulation and radiant barriers. This category of insulation is one of the fastest growing technologies in the world, and Fi-Foil offers the most diversified range of products and systems in the category. For more than 30 years, hundreds of millions of square feet of our products have been installed in residential, commercial and agricultural structures providing cost effective thermal performance. We develop, manufacture, distribute, and service this technology everyday in an effort to further solutions for the building envelope. Our insulation products and systems include: simple reflective facings for commercial buildings, unique multi-layer reflective insulation and radiant barriers for residential structures, advanced inert gas filled panels for military buildings, and other products and applications in-between. Energy Efficiency is what we do every day.

The World Is Changing
We as a society and building professional community are being introduced to terms like Cradle to Grave, Environmental Product Declarations, and more to meet the growing demands and requirements of green building certification programs, as well as more stringent building and energy codes. Fi-Foil is committed with resources, time and energy to not only meet the needs of this evolving industry, but to assist in developing and improving the standards by which these important attributes are measured. At the end of the day, Fi-Foil’s line of radiant barriers, reflective insulation, insulation facings, hybrid insulation systems, gas filled panels and air barriers are designed to increase energy efficiency, reduce waste, and contribute significantly to sustainable design principles.

The Benefits Of Fi-Foil Include Increased Comfort, Decreased Building Costs And Lower Utility Bills.
The use of Fi-Foil's radiant and reflective insulation have been proven to improve energy efficiency and comfort. In fact, leading energy-efficiency experts , building codes, and government agencies have identified radiant barriers and reflective insulation as energy-saving technologies for energy-efficient home or buildings. As a leading manufacturer of innovative radiant and reflective insulation, Fi-Foil serves its customers with a variety of highly effective insulation solutions that satisfy applications throughout the building envelope and a wide range of building types. We specifically design and manufacture our products for ease of installation, high performance, and to provide lasting thermal performance.

Installation of Fi-Foil’s latest High Performance Insulation soon to begin in The 2022 New American Home and The 2022 New American Remodel.Mark the dates to visit this amazing homes as part of the 2022 International Builders Show in Orlando, FL from February 8-10th. Visit is the LASTyear for the show in Florida as it will be housed permanently in Las Vegas, NV beginning in 2023.

Looking to upgrade your home or commercial building? Fi-Foil recently launched a full-access e-commerce site. Visit:

Member News
Quench Innovations

Quench Innovations, the "water-from-air" company, is excited about producing our own water generators. We are in communications with appropriate local facilities for a place to begin the production. If any FloridaMakes member is inclined to guide us around any known or unknown start-up obstacles or you have any services you can supply to a new manufacturer, we will be glad to speak with you.

The continued growth of airport-related industries, extensive expansion by existing companies and steady management have Lakeland Linder International Airport (LAL) providing an economic impact of $1.5 billion, nearly triple the number from two years ago.
Lakeland Linder International Airport has more than proven its worth for the $500 million invested over the past decade,” said City Manager Shawn Sherrouse. “With 82 businesses and organizations currently operating from the airport property, approximately 3,400 jobs have been created for Lakeland and the surrounding area. This makes LAL a major success in terms of economic prosperity and employment growth.”
Much of the credit for that growth belongs to airport Director Gene Conrad, who has led airport operations for more than 11 years, and his team. In the last few years alone, he’s attracted the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Hurricane Hunters andAmazon Air, received grants for airport upgrades and more.
Conrad said he wanted to get a more accurate picture of the airport’s economic impact with all the growth, so he hired Kimley Horn, which performs the same type of report for the state every two years.
“We wanted to better understand our real impact,” said Conrad, who also serves as chair of the Central Florida Development Council’s Aviation Committee. “When the state does its economic impact reports, it does not include non-aviation tenants on airport properties or their numbers.” For Lakeland Linder, that leaves out the 582 Publix employees.
The Florida Department of Transportation’s report showed LAL had:
  • $285 million in economic impact in 2014.
  • $575 million in 2019.


Lakeland continues to receive recognition as a thriving city!
Inc. Magazine and Startup Genome rank Lakeland as one of the best cities to start a business and here is what they had to say.
Lakeland is recognized for median housing prices being low, the growing business community, foodie and entertainment scene, and, of course, our pleasant weather year-round.
This year was a big one for Lakeland. Some of our favorite businesses have expanded and grown, new businesses have opened their doors, and we continue to celebrate you, Lakelanders, for making this community a beautiful one in which to live!