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October 2021
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Florida Caribbean Distillers
Established in 1943 as the first registered fruit distillery in Florida (Florida license DSP-FL-01), Florida Caribbean Distillers (FCD) operates two distilleries, a winery, a brewery, multiple rum-aging warehouses, and a high-velocity bottling facility. As one of the largest contract bottling facilities in the Southeast region of the U.S., our high-speed production lines have the capacity to produce over 15 million cases per year. Throughout our 78 years of operation, we have bottled for almost every major spirit’s company in the world. Our facilities are located in Lake Alfred, Auburndale, and Winter Haven, the heart of Florida’s citrus and sugar cane growing regions, with over 225 permanent employees and additional employment opportunities during peak production periods. FCD is proud to support indirect jobs throughout the state of Florida with our transportation and agribusiness partnerships. FCD is also the largest producer of rum in the continental U.S., focused on building brands and economic opportunities, the company is continuously developing spirits and wine-based products for global distribution. The operation was purchased by CC1 Companies, Inc. in 2010, and has undergone major renovations in recent years. With our new technology and improved product portfolio, FCD looks forward to serving the local community and our global partners for years to come!
FCD Specialties: Rum, Sangria, Cooking Wine, 6 X Distilled Vodka, Flavored Rum, Co-Packing, Co-Bottling, Red Wine, White Wine, OTSOW, Cane Neutral Spirits , Citrus Neutral Spirits, Grain Neutral Spirits, SDA 40B, Sugar Brew, Mad Dragon, Club Caribe, Capriccio Sangria, Capriccio Spirits, Ron Carlos, Craft Cider, BIB, Standard Orange Wine, Neutral Orange Wine, Fortified Wine, Grape Neutral Spirits , and Neutral Spirits
With growing market demand for recyclable aluminum cans over PET plastic and glass bottles, having an existing aluminum can facility in Puerto Rico (Caribbean Can Manufacturing, LLC), CC1 Companies, Inc. decided to build a start-of-the-art aluminum can manufacturing facility in Florida to address the growing trend. Previously code named "Project Sugar Cane" with the City of Winter Haven, CC1 and partners have designed an over 300,000 square foot advanced manufacturing facility that will have the potential to staff nearly 200 high-skill, high-wage jobs. To facilitate the $120 million project, in December of 2019, the Winter Haven City Commission approved the sale of 77.5 acres to CC1 Companies, Inc., construction of Florida Can Manufacturing, LLC (FCM) started shortly after. The massive facility, scheduled to open in the fourth quarter of 2021, is “one of the most significant projects that has come to the city of Winter Haven,” City Manager, Mike Herr told the commission during one of the final planning meetings. If market demand for aluminum cans grows as expected, the company has plans for two plant expansions in the next three to five years that would create an additional 100+ job opportunities. This project will have a serious impact on the local economy, with the city set to receive an estimated $679,000 in annual property taxes, plus income from providing municipal water and sewer services. A spokesperson for the company stated, “we are very grateful for the support we’ve received since the inception of the project, and continue to receive from members of the community as we move forward with our staffing and training initiatives”. 
AND: The Manufacturer's Challenge Cup has found a new home for the next 12 months!
Economic Growth: If Florida were a country...
According to the latest Census, Polk County grew faster than the state and the nation over the last decade, increasing in population 20.4% from 2010. That means we grew to 725,046 people, up from 602,095.
That growth outpaced:
  • Florida’s 15% increase. Nearly 21.5 million people now call Florida home, an increase of 2.7 million people since 2010. 
  • The nation’s 7.4% growth. The U.S. is home to 331.5 million people, up 22.7 million.
In Florida, Miami-Dade County is the most populated county. Nearby Hillsborough and Orange counties rank fourth and fifth, respectively. Polk ranks ninth.
All those people need places to live, fueling growth in construction. Polk County ranks 13th in housing units, a 12.5% increase to 316,381 units.