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May 2021
Feature Member: Ferrera Tooling
Founded in 2005 by Brian Herrera, Cara Herrera and Derrick Fearnow, Ferrera Tooling’s primary mission has always been focused on sustainability and process management.
In its 16 year history Ferrera Tooling has evolved from a small shop in Brian’s garage to an impressive 18,000 square foot state of the art precision machining and design house, located directly at the airport in Lakeland, Fl.
Ferrera’s target markets today are Commercial Space Flight, Aerospace, Packaging Industry, Amusement Industry and the US Military. Ferrera Tooling’s core competencies are multi-faceted.
Ferrera Tooling specializes in providing complex machined precision components and complete manufacturing solutions. The Engineering Department is qualified to complete complex assemblies, develop 3D representations, and take your product from an idea to a tangible part for your projects. The Project Management team will help achieve project goals within the given constraints and take projects from project initiation all the way to project closure. Ferrera Tooling has invested heavily into their quality control and is now an AS9100 and ISO9001 certified facility. Customers can depend on Ferrera Tooling’s products to meet all quality standards and pass any inspections. Ferrera Tooling’s company culture is unique in the sense that individuality is highly encouraged. Learning from each other’s differences to develop a synergy focused on providing a superior customer experience is the top priority.

New Members:
John Bean Technologies Corporation (JBT) is a leading global technology solutions provider to high-value segments of the food processing and air transportation industries. We design, manufacture, test and service technologically sophisticated systems and products for our customers.

Flow Components & Industrial Supply offers a wide range of hoses, expansion joints, industrial gaskets and gasket manufacturing and more to ensure your machines and systems continue running as intended. We’re among the leading industrial manufacturer and supply companies serving Tampa, FL, and all of Florida, and often offer a turnaround time as short as 24 hours. We’ve been providing high-quality industrial products through skilled workmanship and knowledgeable service in the areas of flow, pressure, temperature, and level control for more than 40 years.
From our state-of-the-art Headquarters, warehouse and fabrication facilities in Mulberry, Florida, we provide:

JPL strives to be the best flexible ductwork manufacturer in the United States. With over 60 years of experience, JPL’s process is efficient and state of the art, yielding the highest quality product on the market. In today’s tough business environment, contractors require confidence and total value in the products they install. When it comes to flexible ductwork, total value is a combination of price, dependable quality, service, availability, and cost of installation. With four strategically positioned manufacturing plants across the US, JPL provides excellent service to it’s growing network of HVAC distributor partners in 45+ states. 

Member News
2021 marks the 40th Anniversary of Kegel as we celebrate four decades of improving the bowling experience. 
In honor of our late founder John Davis, the "4" and "O" in Kegel's 40th Anniversary logo were created from his handwriting taken from an archived notebook.
For some current information on how we’re doing……………… Since February, we’ve seen a large uptick in business which based on how things were going, caught us by surprise. Up until then, we were still down about 37% but currently projecting to be down around 18% (+/-) which is all compared to 2019 #’s. Our current struggles have been supply chain issues with raw materials along with the larger struggle of hiring new employees to be able to keep up with demand. We are currently hiring for our production areas and will continue to try and find good people to join our team here at Kegel. During the pandemic, some within our industry were down up to 90% due to the nature of the industry along with this pandemic hitting the industry worldwide all at the same time. A lot of Bowling Centers have seen a large uptick which is creating the demand to most manufacturers and distributors within the industry but unfortunately Europe is still struggling to get back to a new normal. Next month, we have our Bowl Expo in Louisville Kentucky which is our first Expo since 2019 in Vegas. Bowling is back and will continue to rise from all that has happen since 2020! Kegel will be here to continue to provide all our customers worldwide the best products, equipment, coaching tools and services so that we continue to improve the bowling experience.
The CFDC is hosting Business Resiliency Workshops throughout the year. We would love it if this could be included in the next newsletter.

Building upon enhanced business resiliency services of the Central Florida Development Council and a long-standing partnership with Florida Polytechnic University, the two are pleased to present a Minority and Small Business Resilience series to provide relevant information to help owners become more competitive in the marketplace. The free webinar series runs from March 30 to Nov. 30.
Join us June 22 and 23 at the first segment of the 2021 MakeMore Manufacturing Summit, Business Growth, for engaging conversations to exchange ideas about the importance of growing Florida’s manufacturing sector and available resources during these two-hour virtual sessions.
The Business Growth segment will bring together manufacturing leaders, statewide decision-makers, and economic development professionals for vibrant discussions about the current state of the manufacturing ecosystem, the challenges, strategies and opportunities manufacturers are facing and how to leverage industry advantages to increase productivity.
Discussion Topics
  • State of the Industry: How has manufacturing done during the last 12 months? Where are the job market's positive trends?

  • Workforce: What resources are companies seeking and using to ensure their workforce is ready for their business growth?

  • Business Sustainability: What challenges are companies encountering when deciding how to make best use of growth capital? How do we ensure growth capital is readily available and accessible for this industry? 
  • Supply Chains: How do we capitalize on the COVID-19 induced trend to on-shore supply chains? What are Florida’s supply chain capabilities and how do we keep it “local”?

  • Emerging Opportunities: What sub-sectors of manufacturing are experiencing growth? How do we maximize opportunities for sustaining that growth?

The FloridaMakes IMT Apprenticeship Program
Bridging the Skills Gap: Training Florida’s Future Manufacturing Workforce
Increase Productivity | Train Talent | Retain Skilled Workers

Building upon enhanced business resiliency services of the Central Florida Development Council and a long-standing partnership with Florida Polytechnic University, the two are pleased to present a Minority and Small Business Resilience series to provide relevant information to help owners become more competitive in the marketplace. The free webinar series runs from March 30 to Nov. 30.
MiTek is currently recruiting for Machine Operators and also have a Machine Setup Apprentice role available. If you would be so kind to post these on your job boards, in the event there are students who would like a job while they’re attending school, or for the summer and we are also offering Part Time assignments.
Please have them contact me directly and I will explain the job in detail, offer tours of our facility and talk about our amazing benefit and compensation package. No experience is necessary, we are willing to train machine operators on our processes.
Let me know if you have any questions.
Human Resources Manager, Residential North America
 1801A Massaro Blvd., Tampa, FL 33619
O: 813-675-1224 M: 813-777-6485 | F: 813-621-4859 |