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July 2021
Manufacturer's Challenge Cup

Steamsong - September 13th

Registration is Open Click to register
We still have openings for 9 more teams. Competition should be fierce this year to see who takes home the cup - where it will sit in your lobby for the full year! Need at least 2 company employees to qualify for the cup. Event proceeds will provide manufacturing related scholarships.

Team cost for a foursome is $1,250
Payments can be made by Here: Credit Card
We are also still looking for raffle prizes, volunteers, tee bag items.

Please contact anyone on our golf committee if you can help out:

Howard Drake
Bill Crowe
Kevin Bailey
Chris Bolen
Dave Mahoney
Our other big Event this Fall is the

Manufacturing Gala!

This major networking event will feature:
  • Dinner
  • Music
  • Dancing
  • Key Note Speaker
  • Silent Auction

When: October 27 5PM to 8:30 PM
Cost: $85 for individual seats. Tables can be booked during the reservation and payment process.

Register Click here
Payments may be made by credit card click here

We are still looking for silent auction items, raffles and volunteers.

For more information, please contact he Gala Committee:

Angie Ruff
Larry Bull
Mary Beth Shapiro
Patti Gander
Bill Crowe

New Members:
B H Bunn Company

String Tying Machines
The World’s First Automatic Package Tying Machine was invented by our grandfather Benjamin H. Bunn in 1907. Staying a family business for over 108 years, the third generation continues to improve strength, quality and longevity utilizing the latest manufacturing technologies while maintaining the original concept. Mr. Bunn always said, “Build the best Tying Machine in the World, provide the best Customer Service with product knowledge and promptness, you will have customers for life.”
With over 1,500 different variations, we continue to be the World’s leader in String Tying Machines. B. H. Bunn can still supply parts and twines for its’ customers that have machines built over 80 years ago which is unprecedented in the industry today. B. H. Bunn Company offers standard and custom String Tying Machine solutions for a wide range of industries. Bunn Tying Machines and Bunn Twines are Environmentally Friendly and a great alternative to plastic strapping. Call B. H. BUNN today for a solution that can last a lifetime. 
Company Website click here
Company Website: click here
Industry News
For more information contact:

Tina Berger
Ed Baranski
The MakeMore Manufacturing Summit is a leadership-focused meeting designed around connecting ecosystem stakeholders with the needs and realities of industry leaders from the manufacturing sector.
It intends to serves as an annual platform to exchange ideas around how our state resources are addressing the impact of market dynamics, economic trends and policies, and new technologies in this sector. 

Join in-depth discussions as we build a road-map to strengthen and advance Florida’s economy through innovation and talent development by leveraging our resources to accelerate the productivity and technological performance of its manufacturing sector.
  • Technology acceleration
  • Talent development
  • Business growth
  • Business environment

Summit registrants receive exclusive access to the MakeMore Community at This community connects Florida's manufacturing ecosystem 24/7. Expand your network, connect with your peers, share ideas, and help build the roadmap for Florida's manufacturing future.

The 2021 Summit is virtual and will take place during the 4 segments listed below.

  • Two Segment Bundle ticket (includes the two remaining segments) is available for $240, with the option to send separate attendees from the same company to each segment.
  • Upgrade Single Segment ticket to Bundle is available for $110.
  • Individual ticket is available for $128 per segment.
If you have a promo code this is where it should be entered.

MakeMore Manufacturing Summit 2021
Technology touches every aspect of manufacturing regardless of company size. Manufacturing both adapts to technology and in many cases, creates technology. Ensuring that a company’s workforce is adept with the changing nature of advancements whether it’s integrating Smart Factories technologies or guarding against cyber-attacks, the discussion, preparation, and execution of technology is imperative for every company. The Technology Segment will host discussions around how companies can leverage the benefits of accelerating technology to foster innovation and what the ecosystem needs to focus on to ensure every manufacturer in Florida is on a pathway to implement the Smart Factory floor.
As 2021 comes to an end, the sector leaves behind an unprecedented time of change, adaptation and resilience. Change, however, is always on the horizon. The emergence of the Smart Factory and its transformation of the sector continues. Keeping our workforce skilled while growing the next generation is ongoing. This session will take a bold leap into 2022 with a “future focused” agenda that brings together industry experts and trailblazers ready to tackle the big issues.

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