Membership Director: 
Arabella Dane,
Assistant Directors: 
Bob Costanzo,  
August 2018
Welcome to our first PSA NH newsletter!
We plan to share photography news on a regular basis with YOU and with our NH camera clubs. This will include news from PSA and from the New England Camera Club Council (NECCC), a council member of PSA, in addition to news from our Camera Clubs about New Hampshire photographic opportunities. 

But, most of all, we want to know about YOU. Please tell us about your own photography and share your news with us. Do you belong to a camera club? What would you like us to help you with? Might you consider creating a gallery of your images on the PSA web site and sharing a bit about your photography with us? We would love to see your work on our NH membership page.
PSA – The Photographic Society of America
  • Click Here for a link to our very own NH state membership page on the PSA site: this is where you can tell us about yourself and submit examples of your work in the PSA members’ galleries for NH. We look forward to knowing more about you and your work!

  • The cost of membership for a club is posted here.
The benefits of being a member of PSA are extensive – and overwhelming perhaps – as, in addition to the many competitions, there are a huge number of educational opportunities. I (Arabella) have especially enjoyed the PSA the critical analysis/judges training course. I eagerly participate in the monthly activities of two PSA study groups. In one group, we each submit an image at the beginning of each month and discuss it during the entire month. In the other group we submit two images which are critiqued and scored by the members of the group. Both learning experiences are totally rewarding and extremely helpful.

Nat Dane (my husband) and I are going to the PSA 2018 Convention in Utah this fall. We have been to PSA annual meetings in the past and especially enjoy the pre and post trips, as well as the many workshops and lectures by/with the world’s best photographers. 
The dates for this year’s PSA conference are October 3-6, 2018. Click Here for the sign-up link. The 2019 PSA conference will be September 21-29 in Spokane WA.

Fred, a longtime member of PSA, enjoys the PSA Journal immensely. A retired doctor, he is a half-year resident of NH, who enjoys photography in a non-competitive way, finding the other PSA resources to be more compelling than the myriad of competitions that are featured. Lucky for us, he is a skilled editor! 
New England Camera Club Council of PSA
• Here is a list of the NH Camera Clubs that belong to the New England Camera Club Council (NECCC) of PSA 

• NECCC holds inter-club electronic and print competitions: pictorial and nature photography in their digital image competitions, and color and black & white images in their print competitions. 
The NECCC Annual Conference
This is the “…extensive three-day photography conference ... each July at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA; [in addition to providing] … services to New England member camera clubs, … the Council awards [scholarships] each year to students so they may further their studies in the field of imaging….”: This is the link to the NECCC website
NECCC hosts a terrific blog, but you need to sign up to get it!

I (Arabella) attended this year’s NECCC conference for the first time and was so impressed by the extensive programs and workshops offered. Speakers notes were available, and Hunt’s and the other vendors offered marvelous temptations.

There is a major photo competition at this NECCC annual conference. Two of our NH photographers have garnered special recognition with their work in recent NECCC conferences:
Winner of 2018 NECCC Edmund A. Woodle Award for Best Landscape:
The winner in projected images competition at this year’s NECCC Conference was Michael Goodman’s image “Northern Lights Lofoten,” Norway Seacoast Camera Club. To quote Mike, “This was shot in Lofoten, Norway which is a set of islands 100 miles above the Arctic Circle. There was a full magnetic storm the night this was taken this past Feb. It was taken around 11 pm using a Nikon 14-24mm lens.” 
Mike, a member of several NECCC member clubs and a former member of PSA (with stars in pictorial and travel), says “From time to time I compete in international PSA salons. I also have presented at 1-2 PSA conventions in the past. Over the years my club images have won awards in the PSA club competitions. So I know PSA quite well and am very grateful & appreciative for all it does! 
I have been taking pictures since high school. I am past Pres of Boston Camera Club & a current member of Gateway CC, Seacoast CC & just joined Greater Lynn. I have presented many times at NECCC, as well as at clubs around NE. I also judge at the various NE clubs.”
Winner of the 2017 NECCC Photo of the Year (In Class B Open):
This picture was Phyllis Meinke’s image, “Tulip with Feathers.” Lakes Region Camera Club. Phyllis is the president of the LAKES REGION CAMERA CLUB. 
Here is what she says about her photograph: “Thank you for including my tulip image in the PSA newsletter! I've been interested in photography for many years, especially macro and flower photography. This image is a result of a snowy winter alone with my camera, a light box and many tulips from Market Basket over the cold months. I used feathers and beads from Michael's to add some glamour and light to the images, and after selecting the best image, I used several photo software programs (SmartPhotoEditor, FX along with Photoshop) to soften the look.”
We Have Questions for You!
  • PSA Poster?
  • Fred Orkin asks might we wish to have a PSA poster suitable for display where folks get their photos printed and perhaps at camera equipment vendors around the state as a vehicle for promoting PSA membership. 
  • What do you think of that idea? 
  • Are you a graphic designer and might be willing to help him with this project?

  • A Powerpoint presentation about PSA to be a useful program for all camera clubs?
  • Bob Costanzo is working on producing a Powerpoint program about PSA for us to share with our clubs and their members. If you have any ideas or images you might wish to share with us, please let us know.

  • A sales option in our PSA NH Newsletter?
  • Do you have any equipment for sale?
  • Should advertising (e.g., photo tours, vendors, manufacturers) be solicited?
  • Here is the link to the discount shopping page on the PSA site.

  • NH photography opportunities to be shared on our PSA NH Newsletter Bulletin Board?
  • Club News, Photo Shows, suggested sites etc.? Do send them to us!

  • Photography tips and/or feature articles in our PSA NH Newsletter?
  • An example would be 'the laws that pertain to taking photographs of people and of private property'? 

  • Would you like to participate on our PSA NH Newsletter committee?
  • Please share your ideas about how our PSA NH membership team can be helpful to you. Ever gratefully, Arabella Dane, Fred Orkin, & Bob Costanzo
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