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Membership Director: 
Arabella Dane,
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Summer 2021

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Welcome to the Summer 2021 Issue of
The PSA NH Membership Newsletter!
Featuring the work of ......
Jay Fitzpatrick - Lakes Region Camera Club ....
Photographer Jay Fitzpatrick of the Lakes Region Camera Club has a problem. He’s interested in all types of photography, to the point that he has no “signature” style, he says. Unless there’s a style called “diversity.”
When he started seriously studying and practicing digital photography 12 years ago, he spent a lot of time “shooting everything and anything” as a way to advance his knowledge and skills. He acquired studio lighting and modifiers, working on still lifes and portraits as part of his studies at the NH Institute of Art. Area landscapes have been a mainstay of his work, partially because he exhibits at galleries frequented by out-of-staters who are partial to scenes from the Granite State.
One day, he ran into a gallery manager who said, “I don’t want sunsets and sailboats and foliage. I want something different, edgy, pushing the envelope,” Jay recalls. That was a new challenge, so he forged ahead with images that weren’t welcomed elsewhere…gritty abstracts, mysterious composites, visitors from abroad masked into tired mill buildings, colorful bubbles with trailing streaks captured after they’d burst.
One day he’s shooting herons in flight from his boat. The next day he’s in his dining-room studio, spinning hard-boiled eggs or shooting stacks of ice cubes in front of an eight-panel window. Then he’s off to Vietnam for some street photography.
In describing his work, Jay references a song by singer-songwriter Mary McCaslin, “Don’t Fence Me In.” “Now that would be a problem,” he says.
Jay says of the image... above
The high key image is of my daughter Laurel under a tree on the shores of Rangeley Lake, Maine. I was preparing a photo shoot with her and her husband and young son. This was just a test shot, which came out very dark, it being in the shade and my strobe not firing. So instead of deleting it, I worked it to see if I could create a high-key image with it. I brightened it to the point of losing the background and I ended up liking it more than the other formal portraits of her that day
'The photo of "Ernie:" I offered free portraits as part of a promotion for the Lakes Region Art Association. A few families came in and I photographed them using my studio lights and back-drops. Then Ernie came in. He had read about the offer in the local paper and decided to come in period dress, wearing Victorian garb. Lighting: White Lightning 1600 strobes bounced into two umbrellas, one 36” with white and one 60” with silver; one gridded WL 1600 with blue gel focused on background from camera right. Gray seamless background paper. "Yellowed" in NIK software.
"Herons in Flight -
Regarding "Herons in Flight"...I spent a morning trying to photograph herons at a rookery this spring. I was able to get off a few good shots, using my Canon 6DMII and Sigma 150-600mm sports lens. The images were pretty good, but I wanted to provide a better "feel" for the bog in which they were nesting. So I took a couple of shots and composited two bird images with a view of the back side of the bog, and it seemed to work out well.
Zakim Bridge - Zakim Bridge Abstract," I photographed the Zakim Bridge from ground level on a May morning in 2019. But, as I often do, I tried to think of a different way to present the image than is usually seen. So I did a bit of cropping, then mirrored the image in Photoshop to create a somewhat abstract view
Welcome to our most recent
NH PSA Individual Members
Please welcome the following New Hampshire Photographers to PSA NH individual membership, and enjoy their work!
Frank Forward - Greater Lynn Photography Association
Stephen Carson - Pelham NH
William Cabell - Merrimack, NH
Stephen Carson - is an active photography hobbyist who for the past 10 years photographs most any subjects but is drawn to nature, landscape and sporting events. He shoots with a Canon 5DM4 and a Canon 7DM2. His go to lenses are: Canon 24-70, 100-400 and 100 Macro. He does most of his post-processing using Lightroom.
He says " My wife is even more active than I and together we have a website to display our photography which is I am a 10 year member of Merrimack Valley Camera Club (MVCC) and co-chair the MVCC Fieldtrip Committee."
Monument Valley
Wings up!
Sunrise in the Adirondacks
Schwabacher Landing at Sunrise"
NH Photographers win top awards and recognition in the 2021 MVCC GLENNIE NATURE COMPETITION
Mike Goodman - wins Glennie 2021 Best of Category - Landscape - Other
For his "Aurora 2A"

"I have traveled to Iceland a few times specifically to shoot the northern lights. The winter months around Feb are the best time of year to capture these. However, traveling near the arctic circle in winter is not for the faint of heart. But it actually turns out that Iceland is fairly temperate due to the Gulf Stream. Still the weather is quite unstable and often includes gales. I have spend over two weeks in Iceland and really only had one night that was clear enough to see the aurora. Even on clear nights, the northern lights don't always appear. This was taken around midnight just outside of Reykjavik on a frozen lake. The exposure was 20 secs at f2.8, ISO 3200 using a Nikon D3s and Nikon 14-24 2.8 mm lens. Needless to say, it was a thrill to finally see one and come home with a decent image."
MIKE also won HMs for his entry" Snow Monkey Baby on Mom's Back" and for his "Roller with Prey" in the NECCC Spring Competition.
Frank Forward - wins two "1st-in-Category" Awards in the 2021 Glennie!
Glennie 2021 - Frank's 1st in Category for "Roadrunner Breakfast "
"The roadrunner and Three Little Pigs images were taken at a bird ranch (Santa Clara Ranch) in South Texas, where you sit in blinds in front of small ponds that attract wildlife who are looking for water."
This image won a 1st in the 2021 NECCC spring competition and ...
In addition, Frank won an HM for his image "Northern Lights Reflection" in the NECCC spring competition.
Glennie 2021- Frank's 1st in Category for "Three Little Pigs"
Glennie 2021- Sharon Nahill - Lakes Region CC - Merit Award for "At the End of My Rope" was taken on a trip to the amazing Gardens and National Parks of Costa Rica. The La Paz Waterfall and Gardens Nature Park in Heredia Province, Central Costa Rica has a vast collection of orchids, flowers, trees and native creatures from frogs and hummingbirds to jaguars. This particular frog is called "A Leaping Red-eyed Green Tree Frog" and it is one of the many brilliantly colored and often poisonous frogs found in the Rainforests and Cloud Forests of Costa Rica. I hiked the many parks with my camera in hand and eyes wide open, just stunned at the diversity of life there."
Glennie 2021- Jay Fitzpatrick - Lakes Region CC - Merit Award for "Thompson Point"
This photograph was taken Oct. 18, 2020, at 7:24 a.m., at Highland Lake near my home of 35 years. I frequently drive down to the lake just to check out the light, the sky, the fog and any wildlife, usually loons or herons. In recent years, I've come to seek out locations that might have mist or fog and wait, and shoot as the fog dissipates. (24mm, 1/60 second, F16, ISO 200, Canon 6D Mark II.)
Glennie 2021 -Ken McKenzie - North Country CC - Merit Award - "Antelope Canyon"
Ken Says "I took a special photo tour of the Upper Antelope Canyon. Because of the large numbers of tours going through, the photo guide would allow us to set up on a tripod and when ready the other tours would be held out of the area for two minutes.

Photo tours were discontinued in 2019 because of the large number of tourists wanting to go through the canyon.

The photo was shot 4/9/19, with a Sony a99 camera on a tripod, with an 18-70mm zoom at 24mm. ISO 400, f11, 1/8 second.
Minor brightening done in Photoshop.
NH member John Hoffman wins
Top Award
at the 2021 Ocean State International Competition,
Sponsored by the Photographic Society of RI
John Hoffman - North Country CC - wins OSI Best Night Picture - Crawford Station (below)
"This image of the Crawford Station was taken at Crawford Notch State Park on Rt302 in new Hampshire. Framing required a 24mm lens. In order to ensure point stars the shutter speed needed to be 15 seconds. Since the lens was an f/4 lens exposure required 6400 ISO. Light painting was used to highlight the train station."
The Central NH Photographer's Group -
Jay Fitzpatrick is a partner with Ellen Goddard-Jacques in hosting the Central New Hampshire Photographers' Group, which meets virtually every other Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. The group is open to photographers with an interest in sharing their images and learning from each other. The group also hosts a variety of presenters, many of them nationally-recognized photographic artists. To join the group or for more information, contact Jay at Participation is free!
The Statewide Photography Documentary Project - New Hampshire Now. This is exhibition is an annual joint project between The New Hampshire Historical Society and New Hampshire Society of Photographic artists. Numerous other historical societies are schedule to exhibit, " says Dan Gingras

News from North Country Camera Club - Judy Burgess, President
Meetings will be held at the North Conway Library in their new lecture room starting at 7PM and doors will be open at 6:30 PM...
Judges TBA by Judy Burgess as soon as secured
Program TBA by the Board of Directors as soon as secured

2021-2022 NCCC Meeting Schedule
September 9 Educational Program
September 23 "open" competition
October 14 Educational Program
October 28 "Nature" competition
November 4 Education Program
November 18 "open" competition
December 8 Holiday Party-Stonehurst
December 16 "Vintage Items" competition
January 13 Educational Programs
January 27 "open" competition
February 10 Educational Programs
February 24 "Tools of the Trade" competition
March 10 Educational Program
March 24 "open" competition
April 14 Educational Program
April 28 "Motion" competition
May 12 (Thursday night) or 14 (Saturday) Spring Field Trip with Ed Bergeron
May 26 "Farms" competition
June 9 Annual Year-End Competition
June 15 Annual Banquet - location TBA

October foliage field trip to be announced by Ed Bergeron(Ed has graciously agreed to do this
field trip for me this year)
May Spring field trip to be announced by Ed Bergeron
News from Lakes Region Camera Club - Alan MacRea, President
"The pastor at Trinity Episcopal Church says that they have resumed in person worship and ... of the church has no objections to the resumption of LRCC club meetings in the ‘undercroft’." So Alan proposes an ‘in person’ meeting at Trinity on Thursday, July 22. He says "I’m going to propose that our next meeting after that be on Thursday, August 5th with a return to the monthly cycle which, we can discuss that on the 22nd. Our dues are $30/year, good for 12 months."
News from the Manchester Camera Club - President Tracy Szela

Manchester Camera Club is only temporarily slowing down for summer, we have only 1 virtual meeting each in the months of July and August (versus our normal 2), since a lot of people are out and about exploring and taking photographs near and far. But that doesn't mean we aren't active! The summer brings great opportunities for night sky photography; our members have been staying up late exploring the Granite State in small group trips to take amazing photographs of the milky way and star trails and perfecting our techniques. Regular twice monthly meetings will pick back up in September, where we have our workshop nights featuring a variety of educational opportunities, and our critique night where we share photos based on the month's pre-determined subjects. During the critique nights, we provide feedback on each other's work with the hopes of improving our craft. If you want to learn more about the club, please visit:
Tracey Szela - Manchester Camera Club -
"The photo below is of the milky way taken from the Kancamagus Highway last month. It's a multiple shot panorama stitched together in lightroom. using a  Canon 70D with a Tokina 11-16mm 2.8 lens."
SHARON NAHILL - LAKES REGION CAMERA CLUB - 1st in the NECCC Nature Category with a score of 26 "Enfolded Under Wing"
"At least one pair of loons tries to set up house on our lake each year and I love to watch at a respectful distance. To me, they bring the spring season to NH. With the recent establishment of a nesting pair of eagles on a small island, any chicks born to the loon pairs are fair game. Sadly, this photograph represents a loon and chick after one of the chicks was snatched up by an hungry eagle. The wailing and screaming was terrible to hear. I was in my kayak and caught this photo, shortly thereafter. Luckily, the remaining chick was able to survive until it migrated in the fall. This photo was taken with an Olympus OMD EM-1 Markii and the m.Zuiko 40-150mm Pro Zoom with the MC 14 teleconverter (hand held).!"
PHYLLIS MEINKE - LAKES REGION CAMERA CLUB - 1st in the NECCC Pictoral Category for "Bouquet of Purple Flowers". Phyllis says "This was a little bunch of flowers by the roadside. I blurred the background in probably Topaz Impressions to give it a soft look"
JOE DRAPEAU - MANCHESTER CAMERA CLUB - wins NECCC HONORABLE MENTION with 23 points for "Nubble Light Winter Storm"
Joe shares a selection of images from the Oxbow Sanctuary in Amherst NH.. perhaps in the next issue he will share more of his "birds" and also some of his images from the NH mountain peaks.
Manchester Camera Club - President, Tracy Szela is having a show of her work at the Hopkinton Town Hall through the Two Villages Art Society. Congratulations Tracey!
Bob Costanzo – Assistant NH PSA Membership Dir.
The Waterfall at Milford NH were taken with long exposure times and aperture setting of F8 to F 11 and a 16 to 35 mm Canon lens.

I actually reviewed the Waterfall story in the PSA Journal. I took a lot of photos and moved around a lot. The only downside of the trip was that we got to the falls around 9:30.
Professional photographers would have gotten on location at sunrise (humor). I used a tripod and the camera timer to get as sharp an image as possible plus a polarizing filter to soften any reflections from the water.
The Portland Headlight lighthouse is just one of the 3 lighthouses we visited. These images were taken at 1/250 sec at f/11, 35mm at ISO 100 with EF 16-35 mm Canon Lens all photos taken with tripods and a Canon 5D Mark IV Camera. The time was 8:45 am on April 26, 2021
Attached are two other lighthouses Spring Point Light and Bug Light
Spring Point Light had a break water leading to it, Photo taken at 12:20 PM 1/200 sec f/14 169mm ISO 100 EF70-200mm Canon Lens
Bug Light which is located at the Portland Harbor 1/125 sec f/10 135 mm ISO 100 EF70-200 mm Lens. Taken at 1:06 PM.
All these photos would have looked better at sunrise or sunset. The trip was more of a exploration visit and I will be back again. Bob
Fred Orkin, Assistant Dir. NH PSA
& Eastman CC Chairman
Fred Orkin says... " Tho' in retirement more than a decade, I kept my medical license active for participation in possible public health crises. I worked a couple of shifts at the NH Motorway 'events' where we vaccinated at rates up to 900 per hour!, plus several days at local (Upper Valley) clinics. Now that I'm back, I will fill in occasionally when vacancies align with my schedule, then in early fall I'll participate in the annual school flu vaccination events in the Upper Valley.

I did carry a compact camera (Fuji x100V) to capture the process but hardly an example of great photojournalism. There was no glory or great excitement surrounding the low-tech administration of a vaccine & the associated documentation. But there was the rather personal exhilaration of knowing that we -- it's a grand team effort among health-care volunteers working with the national guard -- were responding in a most meaningful way to a community health crisis."
Arabella Dane, PSA NH Membership Director
I had the pleasure of attending a workshop with Lisa Langell in Madera Canyon, AZ in April '21 to explore the technique of using lights and backgrounds to photograph hummingbirds. . It was a great adventure as there are so many kinds of hummingbirds frequenting the canyon, and their antics are endlessly captivating. Back in NH, I've been enjoying the zoom meetings of the Camera Clubs and Garden Clubs, and of the Conservation groups I work with. Tramping thru native plant hot-spot habitats whenever possible with my new Canon mirrorless camera in hand, I'm always on the lookout for plants and critters!
New England Camera Club Council of PSA
This online photography event features speakers Richard Bernabe, Andre Gallant, ANEC and Freeman Patterson Cost $40.
To register: The direct link to the UMASS registration page is:
Along with our speakers, Hunt’s Photo & Video will be joining us; there will be a projected image competition judged by Canon Explorer of Light, Darrell Gulin of WA and $1000 in door prizes supplied by Hunts and NECCC.  All are welcome to attend. You do not need to be a member of a camera club, photography group, etc., to register. Please pass this information on
Please visit the NECCC website: for full information on the Event.
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