March 2020 Newsletter
I want to extend my sincerest heartfelt thank you to the excellent staff who are helping us navigate the extraordinary situation that the world finds us facing.
Thank you to our superb Direct Support Professionals(DSP) who make up the primary support of our healthcare support.

The Day Services staff who have rearranged their support structure overnight.
The Residential Program is helping our residents face these challenges and life disruption.
The Family Support Unit, who like the Day Services, revamped their supports to help individuals and families live with unprecedented restrictions.
The Supported Employment and Transition programs for trying to maintain community supports in an ever-changing environment.
The Maintenance and Transportation Departments for being willing to help in partnership with our mission.
The Office Support staff in Program Areas, Quality Assurance, Clinical Services, Business Office, and Human Resources for your rethinking ways to keep people, plans, billing, money, and communications flowing.
The Nursing staff all I can say is wow, and thank you.
The Mid Managers thank you for taking all the changes in stride and working to make it happen.
The Administrative Team for facing this ever-changing time and keeping at it and handling things at lightning speed.
The individuals and families that we support for your help in dealing with our changes, taking on more work yourself during our restrictions and protections.
The many staff who have taken on added work, different work, helping with direct care, shopping, cleaning, and whatever it takes; I thank you all.

Be safe, social distance, and wash your hands often.

Donald J. Mullin, Chief Executive Officer
Thank You Arc of New York
As you can imagine, as a provider in these uncertain times we are faced with multiple challenges of balancing the needs of the people we support and the needs of our employees in this time of social distancing. With an invisible threat that we know is out there, but really only be seen by the terrible reports on the news, we look for helpers to come along the way who give support in various forms or fashions.

I wanted to take a moment and call attention to the staff of The Arc of NY who have stepped in big time throughout this situation. They have worked closely with OPWDD and other regulatory groups to reduce or eliminate obstacles to staff and supports. They have held numerous group conversations to explain what is happening in other areas of the state so we can then prepare our response as the situation approaches our chapter. They have provided analysis and information on fast-moving changes so we can keep our staff informed. 

The latest accomplishment from this group was the hunt for much needed Personal Protective Equipment for our dedicated teams. As you may know for providers not labeled as a Hospital or Medical Facility, getting the necessary protective equipment is a struggle. The Arc of NY and other chapters stepped in getting well needed items and distributing them to the Arc Chapters. This came as a huge relief to all of us who are trying to maintain safety precautions.

This is a perfect reminder that standing together in partnerships are what makes things work. Nothing is done by one person,one entity,or one group. It takes collaboration and a willingness to step out of your designated roll to do whatever it takes. 

To the staff of The Arc of NY, the Arc of Rensselaer County shouts out a big thank you for your efforts!
The Arc of Rensselaer County Is Hiring
During this time the Arc of Renssselaer County is still hiring with immediate openings available. Please share this information with others who may be interested. Allow Walk-In Wednesdays have been suspended until further notice you can instead apply online at  or call 518-274-3110. Ask for Josh Hameed.
´╗┐On The Positives From March
´╗┐Before the Social Distancing Orders, a ll the stars were in alignment when National Staff Appreciation Day and National Oreo Cookie Day fell on the same date, March 6. Combining these 2 celebrations, some administrative team members delivered, door to door, the message of gratitude and appreciation. Starting the adventure at 4 pm and ending around 2 a.m., 47 Arc residential houses were visited, dropping off personal size packages of Oreo cookies along with messages of thanks and appreciation to the staff working that night.

Back At The Office
Energized from the visits and smiles throughout the night, the administrative team continued to deliver Random Acts of Appreciation to staff who were recognized to go above and beyond performing their daily duties both at the Administrative Offices, Riverside North and Brunswick Center. Joining them in the delivery of these Random Acts of Appreciation were Board Member and Membership Coordinator long time Arc advocate Sally Dunbar and Kate Jerian the Deputy Executive Director & General Counsel for the Arc of New York. Oreos and milk were provided in the Business Office Lobby as well for staff and Self-Advocates to enjoy.
Once again, before the call for social distancing our Our Play With Your Food Dinner Theater fundraising event, held on March 11, was a great success. The Revolutionary Hall of Brown's Brewing Company was filled with friends of the Arc who joined us in this night for a delicious 3 course dinner and hilarious comedic One-Act plays. We thank Brian Sheldon, Executive Director of SLCA and the team of playwrights and actors who made the night come to life. Thank you Brian, William Daisak, Michael C. Mensching, Melanie Douglas, Bill Douglas, Pat Douglas, and Maddie Illenberg. Your partnership means so much to us!
Membership Drive Continues
Our Membership Drive Continues