I Have A Dream


Civil right leader Dr. Martin Luther King fought for more than 54 million America’s who have one or more disabilities. Dr. King accomplished more than most of us will ever achieve, breaking down barriers between races and stereotypes. Resulting from Dr. King’s extraordinary efforts in the civil right moment, the American with disabilities act (ADA) was signed on July 26, 1990. Equal opportunities should be available to all shapes sizes, ethnicity, disabled or able-bodied.

As a self-advocate I have a dream to be in a relationship and to get married, to become a writer of many books, and live as any other American.

The disability right movement, to this day, can still be promoted and fought for by people with and without disabilities. Dr. King did his part by spreading awareness of the status and treatment of people with disabilities.

Other people with disabilities have different dreams. All people have dreams. Let’s fight for those dreams by keeping up the fight that Martin Luther King started 90 years ago.