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Hello Neighbors,

I can’t believe it is February already! It seems like just yesterday we were gathering at Bar 29 to celebrate the Holidays. (Check out the pictures under NABA to see your fun loving neighbors!)  

Our first meeting of 2020 had several guest speakers with good information to share. The most important of which were firefighters from our local Fire House #32. Many in our neighborhood are concerned about the response from the City and Waterworks in regard to the issue of our aging water mains and the difficulty that poses in getting proper water to fight fires. Here is a letter and map of Main Replacements f rom the City Manager, but our local first responders are taking their own steps to ensure that they have all of the necessary infrastructure to protect the homes in North Avondale. The firefighters of Station 32 have already begun surveying the fire hydrants in the neighborhood so that they know where to obtain adequate water pressure. While their testing is not official and much is still to be done to upgrade the water mains, it is nice to know that our neighborhood first responders are taking steps without waiting for the city. 

NANA is also in communication with members of the City Council as well as other officials to ensure that they treat these infrastructure improvements as a top priority! Stay tuned for more information. 

We will see you at this month’s meeting!
     Ethan Perry
Before the holidays, awesome neighbors for NANA, delivered goodies to our District 4 Police and Cincinnati Fire Department Station 9 and 32. Thank you to Beth Abare Ewing and Dirk Pastor for your hard work!
Tuesday, February 11, 7:00 pm
North Avondale Montessori School Cafetorium 

  • State Rep Sedrick Denson is coming to hear from our neighborhood. 
  • Update on the proposed dog park at North Avondale Rec Center

Next Meeting March 10, 2020

2020-2021 NANA Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee is forming and NANA is gathering names for the Nominating Committee and the 2020/2021 slate of elected officers for the North Avondale Neighborhood Association. If you are interested or have anyone to suggest, come to the NANA General Meeting or call the NANA answering machine at 401.4546 or email nanacincinnati@gmail.com.

Serving on the NANA Board is a great way to give back to your community and help in making our community grow and thrive like we envision. You can make a difference!

Neighborhood Flower Pots

We are taking donations for 2020 to pay the Parks to maintain the flower pots along Reading Road. You can make a donation on line at: northavondalecincinnati.com/donate/ and check Other and put: flower pots or you can mail a donation to: NANA, 617 Clinton Springs Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45229, ATTN: Beautification.

Please consider helping with a tax deductible donation so we can continue making our neighborhood beautiful! Thank you! 
NANA Beautification Team

Everyone’s Health Matters!

With the recent outbreak of the coronavirus which originated in Wuhan, China, the state of someone else’s health can have a direct effect on your health. According to Chinese authorities, this respiratory international outbreak has killed at least 565 people and sickened about 28,276 of which 3863 are critical. The United States, Australia and Japan have expanded their travel restrictions denying entry to noncitizens who have recently traveled to China. Two male students who attend Miami University of Ohio test results are negative for the virus. The World Health Organization has declared the coronavirus to be a global public health emergency!
However, we should not jump into Fear mode. We should take basic precautions and stay vigilant at all times.  There is no greater preventive daily routine for ALL people to practice than a frequent and thorough hand washing using soap and warm water. The use of hand sanitizer is no substitute for a thorough hand cleanse. 

What might prove to be more relevant is the possibility of contracting the flu.  If you have not gotten a flu shot yet, the Health Department recommends that you do so . We are still in the midst of Flu Season. Take advantage of the free flu clinics through the end of February if you still need a flu shot. They are offered at the following Health Centers:
  • Ambrose H. Clement: 3559 Reading Rd, Suite 101, 45229 Tuesdays & Wednesdays 9am- noon; Thursdays 1 – 4pm; Fridays 10 – 4pm
  • Price Hill: 2136 West 8th St, 45204 The second and fourth Friday 1-4pm
  • Bobbie Sterne (formerly Elm St Health Center): 1525 Elm St, 45202 Wednesdays 1-4pm
  • Northside: 3917 Spring Grove, 45223 Thursdays 5-7pm
  • Millvale at Hopple: 2750 Beekman, 45225 Thursdays 1-4pm; Saturdays 8-noon
  • Braxton F. Cann: 5818 Madison Rd, 45227  Mondays & Wednesdays 9-noon; Fridays 1-4pm

January was noted as one of the least-snowiest months in Cincinnati’s history . Even though we avoided bitter cold and snow, winter is not over and the threat for serious debilitating weather still looms over us. We recommend getting weather emergency alert apps for your phone, paying attention to the weather reports and getting an understanding of the weather emergency terms so that you can be better prepared. North Avondale has just enough hills to make a simple commute treacherous if just one hill or street is ice covered. Know these storm warning terms:

  • Winter Weather ADVISORY: Expect winter weather conditions {accumulation of snow, freezing rain & sleet} that could cause severe inconvenience and life-threatening hazards.
  • Frost/Freeze WARNING: Expect below-freezing temperatures.
  • Winter Storm WATCH: Be alert; a storm is likely.
  • Winter Storm WARNING: Take action; a storm is in or entering the area.
  • Blizzard WARNING: Seek refuge immediately. Snow and strong winds, near zero visibility, deep snow drifts and life-threatening wind chill.

Have a SAFE and HEALTHY February!

Kimya Moyo, Health Liaison


As a walker, the good news is that when moving around the neighborhood morning, afternoon, or after dark I feel perfectly safe. Having said that, we do have a number of problematic properties, especially outside of our immediate gaslight areas. Several of these are owned by out of state entities and obtained seemingly for their revenue stream. We just filed a complaint on 881 Clinton Springs as the owner has stopped working on this house for a long time, someone put graffiti on it...looks abandon and a mess. The net result being the slow deterioration of the structures and requiring an inordinately high concentration of Fire and Police services. Special attention is being given to several on Clinton Springs and E. Mitchell. Ongoing drug trafficking is still occurring and more so around these noted properties.

We’ve had a rash of abandoned vehicles throughout our neighborhood, especially so on Asmann, E. Mitchell, and Clinton Springs. Our community Officer, Officer Hill, has been very involved and removal of these cars is being expedited. Thanks Officer Hill.

Traffic management on the main corridor streets is always an issue; speeding and disregard of Stop Signs primarily. Tell your school-aged kids having to cross streets to absolutely obey the ‘Stop-Look Left-Look-Right’ rule before proceeding. When crossing at a traffic light don’t just assume all is OK just because there is a ‘Walk’ sign or a green light; stay vigilant. Still working on the Mitchell and Red Bud intersection, Dote forgot to include it in their last meeting so we have to wait for the next meeting to see if it's time for high friction surface.

790 Clinton Springs is a large commercial apartment style building. Xavier University had this property for years, however, last fall it was sold and since there has been no communication from the new owner. The zoning of this property is quite specific and attention needs to be paid to ensure that future use of the building complies with the restrictions. This is high on our ‘watch’ list.

The Belvedere is expanding their off-street parking and purchased and torn down the building adjacent to their current parking lot on Clinton Springs. When complete this should ease the on-street parking on Rose Hill and Beechwood. Work is underway. The burned out house next to it came under contract shortly prior to the fire by the owner immediately to the right, so that’s now in limbo.

Dirk Pastoor, Carolyn Gillman, Co-chairs

NANA and NABA enjoyed celebrating the holidays together at the newly opened Bar 29 (formerly Sonny's All Blues Lounge) on December 20 th . Many thanks to several of you who attended.   
Michael Caporale President NABA
Luminary was on December 15th from 6 to 9 pm.
Thank You to:
  • Sarah Koucky and Ann Emmert-Abbott and her family for distributing flyers.
  • Heather Herr and Jack Wolking for donating all of the Realtor luminary bags
  • Darren and Michelle Baxter for donating the sand
  • Our luminary captains Mary Ohlinger-Pray, Morgan Rothinghaus and Maura Wolf (who assisted Morgan, our new neighbor). 
  • J. Miles Wolf for these beautiful pictures.
Carolyn Gillman, Chair

Editor's Note: Thank you to Carolyn. Without her hard work and amazing i nitiative, Luminary would not be possible!
Cincinnati Bell and The Punch House are showing Love during Valentines Day week. It’s called “Free Couples Week” and it starts February 10th - February 15th.  Any Couple who comes to visit can attend workout classes for Free! Get Free Chocolates as well! Free Class Schedule is listed to the right:

Thank You, We Appreciate your Business!
Phone: 692.5123
Address: 3911 Reading Road

We are gearing up for our Second Annual February Food Drive to benefit the Freestore Foodbank . These donations will be made in the name of “North Avondale Neighbors”. Collection will begin on February 1, 2020 and run through February 29, 2020. Our collection station will be at The Belvedere . If you wish to donate and cannot make it to The Belvedere, please contact me at either 513.527.3800 or  Jack@TheWolkingTeam.com  and we will make arrangements to collect your donation.
We had a great turnout last year. Let’s make this year’s contribution even greater!
Jack Wolking (The Belvedere)

James Hart (Valley Lane) is accepting new piano/music students in his North Avondale home Studio. I teach piano, voice, electronic music, and music theory in all styles and to people of all ages and skill levels from beginners to advanced. Please contact me if you have any questions.
Jim Hart 513.252.3366
Professor Department of Music & DIFT (Digital Innovation for Film and Television)

● Give your family a global experience without leaving home. Do what your NANA neighbors Jason and Sarah Rich and Wendy and Rick Ruelhmann are doing right now...hosting AFS high school exchange students!  The search for great host families for the 2020-2021 school year has started. WHHS, Clark, and St. X have a history of hosting these amazing teenagers, ages 15-18. Choose a year-long or semester student; you can select the student who best fits your family. Students have their own spending money and medical insurance, too. Local AFS volunteers provide support throughout. Interested in learning more? Go to  www.afsusa.org , or contact Georgia Moore at  damoores3@fuse.net  or (513) 675.2320.
Georgia Moore (Formerly Rose Hill)

Friends of Pamela Smitherman are collecting donations for a beautiful stone art carved bench in her honor.  The bench will be made by acclaimed artist, Karen Heyl, with a plan to install it near NAM and the North Avondale Recreation Center. It will be funded 100% through donations. 

Anyone can donate by paying online via the NANA website using the button below. Check “Other” and designate “Pamela’s Bench”. 

Thank you for considering a donation for a beautiful work of art in NA in Pamela’s name!!!

  Beth Ewing (Winding Way)
To learn more about what is going on in UPTOWN and the 20 projects, view their newsletter:
Fancy reusable bottles have long since replaced brand name bottled waters as status symbols. But even if Evian doesn’t have the cachet it once did, Americans are far from abandoning the single-use plastic water bottle. Americans drink more bottled water than milk or beer — approximately 42.6 billion bottles each year.. The average American drinks more than 30 gallons of bottled water in a ...(to learn more, click link)

Marian Miller (Red Bud)
Enjoy Leap Year with singer Petra van Nuis formerly of North Avondale, now Chicago, at Caffe Vivace. 
Saturday, February 29, 2020 
Petra van Nuis/Andy Brown Quartet with saxophonist Dan Drees and pianist Rob Allgeyer
8:30-11:30 pm
Caffe Vivace www.caffevivace.com 975 E. McMillan Cincinnati, OH 513.601.9897 - $10 cover
Reservations Recommended
Rosalie van Nuis (Burton Woods)
Ben Blaney (35 Burton Woods Ln) will be singing again this year with the Troubadours , who sing at nursing homes and retirement residences on the east side from about March to November on Thursday afternoons. The one hour performances (accompanied by pianist) include a variety of solos, duets and group songs from Broadway, Sinatra, etc. We are seeking more singers; if interested contact Ben at 264.7174 as soon as possible.
Ben Blaney (Burton Woods)
The Dancing Grandmas on Tap are looking for new members! We practice on Monday afternoons in Montgomery. To join, at least a year of tap experience is needed. We perform at community events, retirement centers, parties, etc. If you’d like to check it out, please email us at  dancinggrandmasontap@gmail.com .
Shelley Dumoulin (Rose Hill Ave.)

OKI Needs to Hear from You!  
OKI is currently working on the  2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan  and we need to hear from as many people in our region as possible. The Plan will guide regional transportation improvements through the year 2050 by defining the policies, program and projects that will be implemented over the next 30 years. With this survey, we are asking for your input on what transportation needs and issues are most important to you.
Please take a few moments to complete the short survey and feel free to share/forward the survey link to your friends, family, the residents within your community and colleagues.  Survey closes on February 18, 2020.
Survey link here:   https://publicinput.com/6222/  or you may visit  www.oki.org .  


  • North Avondale Recreation Center - 617 Clinton Springs Ave. 513.961.1584 

  • Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday: 11:00 am to 9:00 pm, Saturday 9 am - 3 pm Closed on Sundays.
  • Memberships: Youth (5-17) $2.00; Young Adult (18-24) $10.00; Adult (25-49) $25.00; Senior (50+) $10.00; Weight Room $10.00/3 months, $35.00/year
  • Winter Program Guide
Hirsch Recreation Center - 3620 Reading Road ● 751.3393

  • Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm; Saturday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm; Sunday 11:00-5:00
  • Memberships: Youth (5-17) $2.00; Young Adult (18-24) $10.00; Adult (25-49) $25.00; Senior (50+) $10.00; Weight Room $20.00/3 months, $70.00/year
  • Winter Program Guide
The Cincinnati Public Library   

For Monthly Activities at the Avondale, Norwood and St Bernard Libraries  Click Here  
(limit calendar to the branch of your choice for their monthly updates)
North Avondale Montessori ● 615 Clinton Springs ● 
   363.3900 ● www.namrockets.org      NAM Brochure     
NAM Preschool Brochur e        

NAM February Calendar of Events
3 - No School
4 - LSDMC 5 pm - Media Center.......  NAMF 6 pm
Grade 6 Parent Information Night for Grade 6 students. Walnut Hills, Clark, and Gamble will present info in our cafeteria at 6 pm regarding their schools and will answer your questions!
14 Kids and Doughnuts Breakfast - 7:15 am - Gym
20- 3rd quarter parent-teacher conference night! 4 to 7 pm
21 - Black History Month Presentation - 1 pm - Gym
28 - Student Council dress up Day theme is, "African American Hero Day!"

NAM Students Soar in Freestore Foodbank Fund-raiser!
Thank you to the entire NAM community for your support of the canned food drive. We collected 1,082 pounds of food. All donations will be used to support families in our area this holiday season. The classroom with the most donations, and the winners of the $50 student council cash prize is Ms. Camille Wagner's 6-9 class! Congratulations Ms. Wagner's class and again thank you everybody.  
Ms. Shockley-Matthews, Student Council Advisor
NAM Choir Invited to Perform at Withrow High School!

Members of the NAM Choir, under the direction of Mr. Wesley Barnfield, were invited to perform at the Withrow's Sounds Again Holiday Production . The event was held on Thursday, Dec. 12, at Withrow High School beginning at 11am. This is the second event this year the choir has performed in the community.

"I am excited for our students to perform in the community, especially at another CPS school. To be invited to sing at the Withrow Holiday Production is quite an honor. This was a tremendous experience for my choir to perform in front of high school students," said Mr. Barnfield.

Roger Lewis, NAM Principal

The New School Montessori (TNSM) 
●  3 Burton Woods Lane  281.7999 ● www.newschoolmontessori.com     
New School Montessori (9-12) students took an opportunity to look at themselves in a different way. One, by writing lines of poetry and the other, by creating silhouettes of themselves . Both of these exercises allowed them a view of themselves that they don't normally see.

Writing poetry is often a great way to gain an understanding of who we are inside. Teachers asked 5th graders to take that dive to see what these poetry starter phrases might reveal.

Students also created a bit of self-art by shining a light on the wall where a friend traced their profile onto black construction paper, creating amazingly accurate silhouettes.

Here are some lines from their poetry: I wonder how big the universe is. I pretend to like tiramisu. I am a soccer player. I hope we can overcome global warming, so we don't all die. I am strong. I am funny. I want no gun violence. I wonder if the turtles are OK. I see homeless pets. I cry about climate change. I am me. I dream about peace. I worry about global warming. I cry about violence. I am myself. I am confident and smart. I pretend to like guacamole. I understand friends. I try to be kind. I hope for good things. I am wonderful.

If you'd like to see where poetry can take you, follow their lead in completing these phrases. I am...I wonder...I hear...I see...I pretend...I feel...I worry...I cry...I understand...I try...I hope...

Ann Baumgardner, Communications Director
  • Jessica Johnson at 3975 Ardmore Ave.
  • Justin A & Ashley L Solomonn at 3875 Dakota Ave.   
  • Simel'homme Property Investing LLC at 846  Mitchell

  • Tuesday, February 11, NANA General Meeting, 7:00 pm, North Avondale Montessori School Cafetorium, 617 Clinton Springs Ave.
  • Tuesday, March 10, NANA General Meeting, 7:00 pm, North Avondale Montessori School Cafetorium, 617 Clinton Springs Ave.
Cincinnati's Best Address with Beautiful Homes, Great Neighbors & Civic Passion
President: Ethan Perry
1st VP: Heather Herr
2nd VP: Jimmy Musuraca-Messer
3rd VP: Sarah Henderson
Corresponding Sec.:  Rick Ruehlmann
Recording Secretary: Lesley Chapman
Treasurer: Doug Louder Jr
Block Watch: Carolyn Gillman
Law & Safety: Carolyn Gillman
Dirk Pastoor
Pedestrian Safety: David Emery
Strategic Development: David Emery
Rick Ruehlmann
Neighborhood Association

617 Clinton Springs Ave.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45229