Put Into Practice
May 2021
Henry’s Rules for Moving Things
Here’s a modest proposal: every law school should start teaching a course in lifting and moving heavy objects.

Practice Points with Mark Scruggs: The Accidental Pro Bono Client
At Lawyers Mutual, we warn lawyers not to have accidental clients. These are clients with whom you form an attorney-client relationship without intending to do so.

The Clock is Ticking: Heads Up for Condo Developer’s Counsel
Jim Pendergrass of Raleigh pointed out to us that there is a looming deadline within the NC Condominium Act for developers who, if caught off guard by the running of the deadline, may, in turn, blame their counsel.

6 Considerations in Buying a Law Firm
With an ever-growing number of Baby Boomers considering retirement, have you ever considered buying a law firm? Maybe you should.

Practicing Law In The Pandemic and Moving Forward: ABA Report
Results and best practices from a nationwide survey of the legal profession.

Let Your Voice Be Heard: Return Your Lawyers Mutual Annual Meeting Proxy
Proxies for Lawyers Mutual’s 2021 annual meeting were emailed to insureds on April 9, 2021. Please return your proxy to us no later than May 11, 2021.

Supreme Court amendments to the Supplemental Rules of Practice and Procedure for the North Carolina eFiling Pilot Project. See Rules and Order
Court adopts amendment to the General Rules of Practice for the Superior and District Courts. See Rules and Order
Well-Being Week In Law Is Here!

Visit Institute For Well-Being In Law for more details or download the participation guide.
May Happiness Calendar

Our monthly Happiness Calendar is a day-by-day guide to well-being.
Spring cleaning the law office? What better time to review the LM File Management: Retention & Destruction Guide for best practices on managing your paper and electronic files.