Volume 83 | February 20, 2019
Pro or Con - Certificate of Need (CON) Proposal on Legislative Agenda
The honorable Mr. John Ruckelshaus makes the statement, “There is a body of evidence that the clustering of hospitals in a very small geographic area—sometimes called the high-net-worth rooftops or ZIP codes—is driving up health-care costs,” he said. “I personally don’t know that. But clearly, in this environment we’re in right now, this is a major issue." Read more at IBJ.com.

Should we legislate such an archaic notion as "certificate of need" based on what we think might happen? As of January 1, 2019, all hospitals have to post their health care costs for each procedure. Competitive forces are at work. Allow hospitals the opportunity to compete for patients on price and convenience. Let them assume the risks.

While we are “targeting” the hospitals, the insurance companies that drive our personal healthcare costs report record earnings. Anthem reported revenues of over $23B and United Healthcare had revenues of over $56B. Read more at In.gov.
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Million Meal Marathon - Pack Those Meals!
Wurster Construction employees had the fortunate opportunity to participate in the 8th Annual Million Meal Marathon event this past November. Over 3,000 volunteers, including several organizations throughout the Indianapolis area contributed to the event which helped to feed over 150,000 hungry Hoosiers!

The Million Meal Marathon is the signature event of Million Meal Movement, an organization dedicated to volunteerism and feeding the hungry right here in Indiana. The event is held each year at Lucas Oil Stadium in partnership with the Indianapolis Colts. Throughout the day, thousands of volunteers gather to pack meals which benefit those in need and have fun in the process.

Visit millionmealmovement.org to find out more about the organization and to see how you can become part of the movement whether it's hosting your own packing event, helping out on a Saturday morning pack, or volunteering for next year's Million Meal Marathon. It will definitely be worth your time!
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