Volume 84 | May 8, 2019
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Sports in the Circle City - Fun but Expensive
Indianapolis has benefited greatly from the many sporting events and conventions that use Bankers Life Fieldhouse and Lucas Oil Stadium. The construction industry has benefited from the construction of these facilities, along with the construction of hotels and restaurants. While we enjoy the economic benefit of these facilities, it has become alarmingly expensive to pay for the improvements and upkeep and apparently that has fallen to the taxpayers, both individually and corporately. The following article highlights the need for the state legislature to develop funding for the next 25 years.

Recently Completed Projects
Highway 32
Ongoing Projects
Senior Living Facility
South Junction Crossing
Classroom Addition
Physician's Office Building
Upcoming Projects
Cambridge City Medical Facility
Noblesville Branch
Florence, Kentucky
West Lafayette MOB Lab/Exam Renovation
White Memorial MOB Pulmonary Rehab
Comprehensive Wound Care
Neurology Clinic Expansion
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Employee News
2019 CCS Awards Banquet
The annual Coalition for Construction Safety (CCS) awards banquet was held April 25th of last month at the Scottish Rite Cathedral in downtown Indianapolis. Congratulations are in order to Lyle McDonald who received the “Outstanding Craftsperson Award” by the Coalition for Construction Safety. This marks the third time Lyle has received the award since his start with Wurster Construction 17 years ago. 2006, 2012, and 2019! Way to go Lyle!

Thank you to everyone for your safety efforts and hopefully there will be another zero injury year in 2019 for Wurster Construction!
Lyle McDonald
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