October 11, 2019
Chesapeake Academy's mission: to inspire each student to approach learning with 
curiosity and creativity, 
pursue excellence in all endeavors, 
and act with integrity--
so each can make our community and world a better place. 
The Head's Heads UP

 What a gift it is to be a part of this vibrant and joyful school community! As we are just over a month into school, I know we are all busy and into routines that both energize and drain us. While I'm sure that some days the ratio feels off balance, I know where to renew my energy and enthusiasm! I get the pleasure of walking out of my office and visiting children. 

Of course, it is lovely to get smiles and hugs from kids (admittedly, I head to pre-k 3&4 and kindergarten when this is what I need!). It's wonderful when a student wants to hold my hand or offers me a snack. It is special when a student wants to show me a new trick on the monkey bars or a new creation in the art room.

But what is truly amazing to see is the connection between teachers and students evident in the work and play they do together. Those moments where trust develops between students and teachers occur in the laughter, the cheering, the successes, the regrouping, the productive struggles, and the consistent guidance I get to see every day. 

I get the privilege of leading tours for visitors to the school. On our walks, I never know what kind of activities we will see, but the engagement of the students is universal. Visitors say the same thing every time–they wish they could be a student at Chesapeake Academy! 

This year, I'm trying to do a quick little video peek into what I get to see every day when I walk around campus. With the #HeadsEyeView on Facebook and Instagram, I hope that you will see glimpses of regular life in classrooms and around campus at Chesapeake Academy. These are the small moments on which student successes are built and community is fostered. 

As a viewer, you may not know the background story of a short video clip, but I've chosen the glimpses for a reason that has an impact on me. Perhaps the student who answered a question on the video is just now developing the confidence to do so, or the two students who are working together so beautifully haven't always done so, or that the student who just described a task is learning to find her voice. Sometimes, I capture a moment in which there is such enjoyment in learning and being together that I know the video will bring excitement to others. 

I'm happy to share these moments with community members and spread the joy of Chesapeake Academy!
Class Acts...
What's Happening on the Halls?
Finding our Voice and Learning About Print!

Pre-k 3&4 authors travelled to the Lancaster Community Library to hear how author Michelle Nelson Schmidt approaches her art! Author of Dog and Mouse , Jonathan James , and the Whatif Mouse , Schmidt explained that an author must be persistent and listen to that small voice in their head that says, "Keep on telling your story!" Thanks to Old Grey Mare Publishing editors, every student is taking this good advice!
The First Package from the Maine Pen Pals is Here!

Learning about the wide and wonderful world is the name of the game at Chesapeake Academy! After all, we are the small school with the huge classroom! Kindergarten received the first package from their pen pals in Maine! Molly Vanderpool explains, "We are exchanging letters and pictures that, as our skills progress, will become emails and a Skype session in the spring! First, we wrote a "get to know you letter," drew pictures, sent a photo of our class, and chose a book by Priscilla Cummings about animals of the Chesapeake Bay to send."

What was in kindergarten's package when it arrived? It did not disappoint: a letter, a picture drawn by each student, a book of photos of Maine, a Maine 2020 calendar, a blueberry scented candle, and a pillow stuffed with Balsam Fir needles--all representative of Maine!

Good Eats With the Head!

Last year, Head of School Julie Duvall donated a monthly lunch delivered to school to Chesapeake Academy's annual auction. The Haynie family bought this item at the auction, and Trevor Haynie donated it back to the school. The outgrowth of all this generosity is that, each month, Trevor draws the name of a student interested in lunch with the Head of School out of a hat and that lucky person gets their wish! 

September's winner was Brooks Parker, who chose sushi from Chao Phraya to have on his birthday. This month, Noel Wessinger is the lucky winner and will choose his special meal to have on October 15. This is becoming a popular treat!
Watch Out for Wild Things!

First grade students designed and built trees for their miniature wild things in the Arts & Innovation Hub after reading Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are and designing their own monsters in art. The design process connected student study of tree parts and structural design. All students began with a cylindrical toilet paper roll, and the results are as varied as the beasts and their creators themselves!

The completed trees and shrinky-dink wild things are displayed on a bulletin board outside of the first grade classroom for the community to enjoy, and they are worth a visit! 
Teaching Little Fingers to Fly!

In first grade, students have begun a keyboarding program called Keyboarding Without Tears . This program teaches students the use of the "home row" and other keys on the keyboard as well as how to drag and click using the track pad, while also reviewing age appropriate concepts such as letter recognition, letter sounds, and shapes. As students progress through the program at their own pace, the program will identify accuracy with keystrokes and monitor speed as students become more comfortable with use of the computer. Watch out, parents! They are learning fast!
Listen up!
A generous contributor purchased thirteen weeks of radio ads on WKWI 101.7 at the Annual Auction in May and donated it back to the school! We are thrilled to be able to use the thirteen weeks to highlight the things that make Chesapeake Academy uniquely wonderful. Beginning November 7, you will hear a different radio spot each week read by Board of Trustee member, alumni parent, and radio personality Nancy Travers. Enjoy! And spread the word!
Me on the Map

Maps can show you where you are anywhere in the world and--even more important--how your location relates to the world around you! After learning about how to read and label a map with the world's oceans and continents, second grade students turned their attention to figuring out where they were on a map. Inspired by the book Me on the Map by Joan Sweeny, students have been working on creating flipbooks that describe where their special place on the planet can be found. 

Interested in learning more about Girls Gear Up!? Contact Hilary Scott at hscott@chesapeakeacademy.org.
Beetle Business

Did you know scarab beetles are important in Egyptian culture? The fourth grade has begun an art history lesson on the scarab beetle's role in ancient Egyptian history. This study dovetails with students' study of Ancient Egypt in their Ancient World History course.

Here's the skinny! The scarab beetle lays its eggs underground in a ball of dirt and dung. When the larvae hatch many weeks later, it seems that the young beetles are emerging from the earth miraculously! Therefore, the beetle was used to symbolize good luck and rebirth. Gemstones carved into the shape of the beetle were worn as amulets and often buried in tombs with the ancient Egyptians.

Fourth grade students are creating their own specimen boxes and designing their own watercolor scarab beetles. Look for these on display soon!

Calling All Osprey Siblings! Calling All Osprey Siblings!

Hilary Scott, Director of Admission, is interested in speaking with YOU about the application process if your Osprey has a younger sibling! We want to consider our current families with younger siblings for 2020-2021 earlier so that Osprey families are given first consideration for openings and financial aid.

The first admission deadline is November 1, 2019. Should you submit an application before that deadline, you will have the admission process completed before December 15, 2019.

Want to chat with Hilary? She is happy to schedule a time to talk about the application process, explain affordability with more than one child enrolled, and answer your questions. In particular, should you be seeking financial assistance, you are encouraged to act before the early fall deadline. With each child enrolled at CA, the financial assistance qualification shifts!

Footprints to Follow!

Who hasn't admired a famous person? Each week, fourth grade students are introduced to a new person of interest through carefully chosen non-fiction books. After spending time learning about a unique individual who faced a challenge and took action to find a meaningful solution, learners are coached to identify personality traits and life events that led to that individual's ultimate success.

As they wrap up the study, students craft summaries and identify a “take away” idea that they can remember and apply in their own lives.
Plan to Partner with Teachers 
at Parent Partnership Conferences

Our first Parent Partnership Days (PPDs) of the year are scheduled for the week of November 11. In the Early Childhood and Lower School Divisions, conferences are designed for parents to find out about the progress, goals, challenges, and successes of their child, as well as to share any helpful information with the teacher. Lower School students will be completing a reflective piece on their first marking period that will be shared at their conferences.
Conferences may be scheduled directly through the teachers or through Ms. Connie via email or phone call. Conferences are available after school and into the evenings for parent convenience. If your child has more than one academic teacher, please feel free to schedule a conference with the homeroom teacher (who will have a full picture of the child's academic work) or conferences with both the homeroom teacher and the partner teacher for that grade. 
In Middle School, PPD conferences are generally scheduled with the advisor and the student because students lead these conferences. Students review and reflect upon their strengths and challenges, sharing their goals with their parents. If you would also like to meet with a classroom teacher in addition to the advisor and student conference, you are encouraged to make an appointment for a conference with classroom teachers as well. 

We look forward to seeing all parents at the two scheduled PPDs (in November and early February). These times are essential for parents and teachers to collaborate effectively to support the student's best progress. 
Wanted: Ms. Manetz in the James Library is desperate for volunteers to help shelve books and cut some things out in the library! It would be a weekly volunteer position and could occur any day/time as long as it is consistent. Contact Kenzie Manetz if you are interested!
Will Sketchnotes Revolutionize Notetaking?

Chesapeake Academy fifth grade students are trying Sketchnoting to think more deeply about text, increase their recall of details, and make predictions, debuting the notetaking strategy as they listen to the Battle of the Books text,  Island of the Blue Dolphins . The story by Scott O'Dell is about Karana, a young island girl who must learn to survive on San Nicholas Island alone. Students have drawn maps based on details shared throughout the first seven chapters. Now they are learning to use Sketchnotes to create visual representations of what they are hearing. Their notes will be used for oral retellings as the weeks progress.

Sketchnotes engages both the verbal and visual centers of student brains and has notable benefits in promoting critical thinking, evaluation, concentration, creativity, and listening skills as students develop personal memory aids. And it is relaxing because students are not trying to record every word, which also improves retention .

Every learner is different, so wide exposure to varied learning techniques allows students to develop personal strategies to maximize their potential.

On Saturday November 16, the administration of the SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test) is scheduled at CA. Most independent schools require SSAT testing for high school admission, and we want those eighth graders of ours interested in the prospect of an independent secondary school education to have the opportunity to apply.

If you are interested in having your child take the SSAT, you may sign up on the SSAT website under "register for the SSAT" in the top right corner  here  and search for Chesapeake Academy. Regular registration (that is, without an extra fee) ends October 26, 2019.

We do understand that the ability to take a standardized test is a necessary skill for our students, even if they do not plan on taking the SSAT. Thus, we are dedicating four activity periods (before lunch every Friday) to test prep for eighth graders after we return from Inward Bound. This will allow students a chance to understand the test format and practice beforehand. Additionally, we will use one or two activity periods for secondary school guidance and include some practice interview prep. Students will learn to ask good questions, speak clearly, and make a great first impression!
Inward Bound

Designed for students to get to know themselves better and to bond as advisory groups, grade levels, and as a larger middle school group, Chesapeake Academy's Inward Bound Middle School Retreat is an overnight experience for middle school students and faculty members. Students participate fully in group problem solving activities, games, contests, and reflections. Activities, centered on the character theme of purpose, build a sense of personal mission applicable to middle school students, and connect the idea of purpose to advisory topics of transition, friendship, self-discovery and leadership.

Activities are led by the eighth grade students in each advisory family (small groups of students in grades five through eight who work closely throughout the year) and include games and tasks that encourage collaboration, critical thinking, teamwork, and creativity. This year, activities featured a cardboard boat building competition, escape rooms, science stations, and advisory challenges.

The advisory groups participated in a friendly STEM competition to build a boat out of only cardboard and duct tape and then had to race the clock as they paddled across the swimming pool. The Emery advisory prevailed in this feat of teamwork and flotation.

In another series of challenges, advisory families listened to a story about a shipwreck and then evaluated what six items they would require on a deserted island. Groups also built a model shelter, using natural materials, and completed a self-reflection activity on personal purpose. Each year, students create unique costumes for a themed dance. This year's theme was "Space."  
Coach's Corner

While Ospreys win without boasting, that does not mean we don't celebrate! Osprey teams have gathered at the bell tower to ring out a victory six times of late! On 9/30, Volleyball defeated Ware Academy! On 10/1, Varsity Soccer prevailed over Lancaster Middle School. And on 10/2, Volleyball outscored Northumberland Middle School. Our teams won all three contests against Aylett Country Day School this week.

Our Ospreys also lose without excuses. And our teams have used every game--win or lose--as an opportunity to grow. I am very proud of our teams and their coaches!

Soccer championships are scheduled for 10/17 at 5:00 p.m. at Chesapeake Academy.

Volleyball semi-finals and championships are scheduled for 10/22 at Chesapeake Academy and 10/24 at Ware Academy. Both games will be held at 4:00 p.m.

Go, Ospreys!
Birthday Book Bonanza!  

You can help stock our new library with great reads! Please consider contributing to the Chesapeake Academy Birthday Book Drive. Parents, grandparents, and grandfriends are encouraged to fill out a birthday book form ( Click here to get it from the CA website! ), denoting your special Osprey’s name and the amount you would like to contribute to the cause. 

A special book will be selected for your reader and an honorary name plate detailing your gift will be affixed on the inside cover. 

The wrapped books are presented to Birthday Book recipients at a school assembly later this year to much delight and acclaim!
Refer A Family!

As a Chesapeake Academy parent, you are invited to participate in the Referral Program which could earn your family a  $1000.00  tuition credit! Wait! WHAT? Did you catch that? Yes, you did!  $1000.00  tuition credit will be applied to your account should you refer a family and upon being accepted, enroll at CA! Now, tell me....who wouldn't want to participate in the Referral Program with such a fine reward for participation? Referring a family is a super great way to grow Chesapeake Academy with students you want seated next to your own child! So....take a moment and think about a family that may be a great fit for our community! If you are interested, of course you are, complete the 2020-2021 referral form and submit to Hilary Scott, Director of Admission. Once the form is received, you will work with Hilary to provide the prospective family with a brochure packet and you are on your way! Questions? Contact Hilary at hscott@chesapeakeacademy.org  or 804.438.5575.
Ospreys About Town!

The Chesapeake Academy faculty are rock stars at school, but many of them shine in other arenas, and some of them also star on the stage! The upcoming production of Motherhood at the Lancaster Players will feature Judy Ebner in a starring role and will be directed by Robin Blake! Tickets are available at the Lancaster Players Website.
Student Council Update!

Middle school students had a blast at this year’s Inward Bound dance, the first Student Council event of the year. Thanks to everyone who helped make it an out of this world experience! 

Student Council would like to encourage the Chesapeake Academy school community to consider participating in the upcoming Walk for Water on October 12 at 9:00 a.m. at Grace Episcopal Church. Around the world, children's lives are impacted by the lack of accessible clean water. The hours spent seeking it out are taken from children's educations which impacts global communities. This is a great opportunity for families to work together to make a positive impact!
CAPPA Update

Fall is here! Please come check out the SALE in the Osprey Nest on our fleece-wear. The SALE rack will be outside the gym next Wednesday morning for you to take a peek. Thank you to all the families who supported the Apple Sale and especially to Whitney Lang (Jamie's mom) for organizing this very successful fundraiser! 

Shop Stella and Dot at Chesapeake Academy!

Gettting a jump on that holiday shopping? Please join parent Jennifer Miller (Baylen's and Benton's mom) to shop at Stella and Dot on Monday, October 21 and Wednesday October 23 from 3:00 to 5:30 p.m. in the Arts & Innovation Hub!

25% of sales will go back to Cheseapeake Academy! 

Stella and Dot offers stylish jewelry, acessories, and a limited amount of apparel, and would make wonderful gifts. 

Interested in something, but cannot make it in person?  Shop Stella and Dot On-line!

Please contact Hilary Scott at hscott@chesapeakeacademy.org with questions or a referral who may just be our next Osprey Merit Scholar.

An Attitude of Gratitude

  • Thanks to Nancy Pausic, a retired Orton Gillingham teacher, for donating her Orton Gillingham materials to Lower School teachers.
  • A new ball box and all new balls may be the greatest addition to the Chesapeake Academy playground in quite a while! Many enthusiastic thanks to Grover Branson for this joyful addition!
  • Here's a shout out to the Friends of the Rappahannock for enriching our marine science studies and our campus!
  • Deep gratitude to Kelley Calkins volunteering in several Chesapeake Academy classes as well as the library each week!
  • There is no end to the gratitude owed to Richard and Jan Abbott who step into the breach in any cleaning crisis.
  • Thanks to all the kind folks who have shared puzzles with the kids during Kids Club in the James Library! So much fun and good for growing brains!
  • It is a pleasure and a privilege to be part of the CA community! Truly, a blessing to count!
  • Thanks to the hoard of volunteers, including a valiant showing from the CA faculty and staff, who made preparations for the Community Oyster Roast into an occasion for teamwork and camaraderie.
  • Admissions would like to thank the following parents for distributing posters amongst the surrounding communities to promote Girls Gear Up! and the Osprey Merit Scholarship. We are a small but mighty committee! Thank you: David and Jackie Messinger, Kate Carey, Jennifer Hinton, LaToya Caster, Alison Hart, Sonja Smith, and Katie Wilson.
  • Thanks to parents David Dew and Travis Abbott for spending a day building new shucking tables for the Chesapeake Academy Community Oyster Roast!
  • Thanks to Courtney Reisner for all the many ways she makes the pre-k 3&4 class run more smoothly.
  • Thanks to Chris Little and his merry band of Christchurch School student volunteers who swooped in to help prepare for the Oyster Roast!
The Gift of Time and Talent is a Treasure!

Dates to Remember

10/12 Oyster Roast--sold out!
10/14 Columbus Day, No School
10/15 Kindergarten Parent Coffee at the Residence, 8:30 a.m.
10/16 Placed-based Extension of the Academic Curriculum (PEAC) experience at Christchurch School, seventh grade
10/17 Soccer Championships, Chesapeake Academy, 5:00 p.m.
10/21 Faces and Our Cultures Exchange Students Arrive
10/22 Pre-k 3&4 Parent Coffee at the Residence, 8:30 a.m.
10/22 Woodberry Forest Visit, noon
10/22 Volleyball First Round Championships, Chesapeake Academy, 4:00 p.m.
10/23 PALS Richmond Ballet Presents "Swan Lake," 9:30 a.m.
10/24 Volleyball Final Round Championships, Ware Academy, 4:00 p.m.
10/30 Tag Day
10/30 Profesional Development
10/31 Urbanna Oyster Festival Education Days, seventh grade
11/4-14 Book Fair
11/5 State of the School Parent Meeting, 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
11/6 Dress Uniform
11/6 Picture Makeup Day
11/8 Grandparents' and Grandfriends' Day
11/8 End First Marking Period
11/11 through 11/14 Parent Partnership Conferences, 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
11/13, PALS presents Virginia Reperatory Theatre's "The Real Story of Pocohantas, 9:30 a.m.
11/16 Girls, Gear Up!, 9:30 to 11:00 a.m.
11/16 SSATs at Chesapeake Academy
11/27-11/30 Thanksgiving Holiday