September 13, 2019
Chesapeake Academy's mission: to inspire each student to approach learning with 
curiosity and creativity, pursue excellence in all endeavors, and act with integrity--so each can make our community and world a better place. 
The Head's Heads UP

Just a few short days ago, we were anticipating the arrival of the students for the 2019-2020 school year and the students were anticipating their arrival at school. Their uniforms were ready, their school supplies were organized, their lockers or cubbies were tidy, and they were ready.

They were ready to be back with old friends, welcome new friends, see teachers and advisors, play, explore, read, calculate, discuss, and discover.... 
And they were really ready to get into the Arts & Innovation Hub and new James library! 

As we gathered together on the first day of school last Wednesday, we contemplated what it meant to start well and with a sense of community. I'm going to share with you some words I directed to our students as we gathered:
"Our convocation assembly is always about a new beginning–it's how we set the tone for the school year and talk about what's important. Look around at the faculty, staff, parents, and community members who joined us. All these people are with us because they care about you, and they care about Chesapeake Academy. They are invested in your success. 

Each year, we launch the school year talking about what we need to create the community that makes us happy, creative, and productive. We always start with our mission statement, which is WHY we are all here together. Chesapeake Academy's mission is to inspire each student to approach learning with curiosity and creativity, pursue excellence in all endeavors, and act with integrity–so each can make the community and world a better place. 

The mission statement connects us to a common purpose–to make the community and world a better place. But we can only do that if we each know our own purpose and the ways in which we can contribute. 

This year, we are going to seek and live into our own PURPOSE. 

Finding our own purpose is a process of understanding and knowing our own talents and then figuring out how to share those talents with the world. What does the world need from you? How can your talents have an impact on making our community and world a better place? 
We will be continuing discussion and activities around purpose all year. Students will reflect on the places where their talents meet the community's or world's needs. 

In many ways, Chesapeake Academy's purpose is reflected in the Arts & Innovation Hub and new library space. Chesapeake Academy has a talent and a gift for providing students with a unique educational experience. We want to share our talents with the community. So, building the Arts & Innovation Hub and James Library allows us to do that. Our talents meet the community's needs–that is our purpose.

As we gathered around the back door of the new Arts & Innovation Hub and James Library, it gave this year's convocation special importance. As we look to the future of Chesapeake Academy, we thank the people who have found purpose in helping CA students grow, learn, and reach out to others. Through their generosity, we have this magnificent new space at the center of campus. We will take this gift and add our own talents to it so that we can create, discover, explore, fail sometimes, regroup, and share ideas that can have a positive impact on others. 

So, as we begin this special school year, we salute the vision for Chesapeake Academy and celebrate the ability to fulfill our mission--we are so grateful for the opportunity to serve these students and this community.  
Class Acts...
What's Happening on the Halls?
New James Library and A&I Hub Open

Problem solvers are always in demand: on teams, in business or industry, and in the job market...any valuable endeavor requires active critical thinkers. Research shows that building the unique skill set of an innovative thinker requires a specific sort of education. "With the opening of the Arts & Innovation Hub, in memory of Dianne Chase Monroe, Chesapeake Academy has the laboratory space and tools needed to reap the benefits of a vigorous design-based program connected to a traditional curriculum. Innovation and design are among the most powerful building blocks that develop flexible, critical thinkers," explains Chesapeake Academy Head of School Julianne Duvall. "Design learning increases student motivation, develops resilience, and promotes deeper more meaningful curricular connections," concludes Duvall.

"This Arts & Innovation Hub, which anchors the center of Chesapeake Academy's Rowe Campus, is the outgrowth of rigorous research, extensive faculty development and collaboration, and the generosity of donors who responded to the passion behind this project," Duvall continues. The new A&I Hub will house technological equipment, such as a 3D printer, robotics, and laser cutter along with power and hand tools. In addition, a broadcasting studio for video and audio, plus arts and design supplies will live side by side with software design tools such as Adobe Creator. Simultaneously, the James Library has been redesigned and expanded to flexibly address a wide variety of curricular needs.

While the Hub will be staffed by Technology Coordinator Kimberly Dynia, teachers from across the school will use the space as initiatives in STEAM and project based learning mature and develop. “Learning has always been, at its heart, about doing. Supported by a collaboratively developed Integrated Skills Curriculum, our students and teachers will use our curricular standards to underwrite innovation and design. The Chesapeake Academy faculty will be supporting each other as we discover all the ways innovation and design will engage our students in our curriculum and create confident and competent students," comments Academic Dean John Baker.

Celebrating together, parents, students, teachers, community enthusiasts and donors marked the opening of the A&I hub with a ceremonial ribbon cutting and tour.

A&I Hub was designed by Randall Kipp Architecture and built by Connemara Corporation. This vital central space in the school will reflect Chesapeake Academy's focus on the deep academic development for students involved in design and innovation. 
Life Cycles are Patterns!

If patterns are things that happen again and again. ..then butterfly life cycles are patterns: egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly...and here comes another egg! Pre-k 3&4 is comparing the Spicebush Swallowtail cycle to the Monarch's and finding all the patterns! Chesapeake Academy's tiniest peeps are also looking forward to hatching butterflies soon!
We Remember....

In our school assembly on September 11, Head of School Julie Duvall used the words of our President to remind the school community that, "Our Union--forged and strengthened through adversity--will never be broken and the immeasurable sacrifices of our patriots will never be forgotten. On that fateful day, America's strength, courage, and compassion never wavered. First responders instantly rushed into harm's way to save fellow Americans. America once again demonstrated to the world the unmatched strength of our resolve and the indominable power of our character."

Duvall challenged the community to consider this example as we each work to discover and act on our purpose to serve the world we live in.
Kindergarten Is Exploring!

It all started with a science experiment involving salt and yellow food coloring.... Weston asked, "Where does salt come from before it goes to Food Lion?" The class talked about salt being in rock form and felt the texture. Then they discussed the river having salty water and some of the creeks having brackish water. Zoe asked, "What does water have to do with salt? How does the salt get there?" 

So...kindergarteners put on their boots (which they can ALL do independently) and went on a field trip! Down the nature trail and into the creek they tromped. Students collected water samples to put onto the window sill to watch what happens after the water evaporates.
Integrated Skills Curriculum Supports Innovation and Design

When everything is changing, how does a parent ensure their child is ready to embrace the unknown and secure a livelihood? Operating from the conviction that critical thinking in authentic situations is an essential life skill for students who will need to respond flexibly to a changing world, Chesapeake Academy has embraced innovation and design as an optimal learning strategy and is launching an integrated skills curriculum to bolster the requisite skills for design thinking. 

Chesapeake Academy Head of School Julianne Duvall explains, "In applying the structure of design thinking to learning, students become able to develop and evaluate responses to content, transforming their learning from a passive ingestion of facts to active critical thinking. Design thinking involves a very constructive process where evaluating what did not work becomes an essential part of learning. Students become more tenacious and persistent. They develop as critical and creative thinkers and find that collaborating enhances the quality of their solutions."

The integrated skills curriculum is grounded in the belief that students should demonstrate both competence and confidence in design thinking, including educational technology (choosing and effectively using available tools); information technology (manipulating and sharing information via technology); computer science (designing, testing, and modifying new technology tools); and applied arts (applying a process and developing a product) in addition to the rigors of a traditional canon.

The integrated skills curriculum encourages students to critically curate a variety of resources using digital and physical tools to construct knowledge, produce creative artifacts, and make meaningful learning experiences for themselves and others. This includes employing effective research strategies, evaluating the accuracy, credibility, and relevance of information, and using curation to demonstrate meaningful connections within and beyond the school program.

Technology Coordinator Kimberly Dynia explains, "Content strands in the integrated skills curriculum (which include fiber arts, construction, computer assisted design (CAD), electronics & engineering, and audio/visual technology) are scaffolded across three stages, allowing growth to occur at a developmentally appropriate rate based on demonstrated progress. This curriculum is not meant to stand on its own, but to complement and enhance Chesapeake Academy's curriculum." 

Chesapeake Academy's Arts & Innovation Hub, which also houses the new James Library, provides a design lab and essential tools for students to use as they develop as innovators and designers. Through A&I classes as well as curricular support in academic and co-curricular classrooms, students take advantage of opportunities for free and guided STEAM exploration to progress through the content strands according to their interests and development, and after school activities will further engage both students and the wider community. 

Head of School Julianne Duvall explains, "We are not abandoning our traditional curriculum. Chesapeake Academy will always develop good readers, writers, mathematical thinkers, artists, and citizen scientists. We are embracing innovation and design to maximize student engagement and mastery of all disciplines and to promote the critical thinking, initiative, and problem solving that our students will need to embrace their futures."

Reading Once! Reading Twice! Reading Chicken Soup with Rice!

First grade's poetry journals offer a fun way to practice growing reading skills (like voice/print match and decoding)! Especially if the poetry you are reading is a fan favorite: Maurice Sendak's Chicken Soup with Rice!
Welcome New Students

Hilary Scott, Director of Admission, extends A VERY WARM WELCOME to our new students and their parents! "We are delighted that you have joined Chesapeake Academy! If you are a seasoned Osprey, please be sure to introduce yourself to anyone you're not familiar with and help us make these new families feel adjusted, included, and part of the Chesapeake family."
Pre-k 3&4:
  • Constance Atwell, daughter of Kate and Austin Atwell
  • Isaac Charlton, son of Charlotte and Wes Charlton
  • Carmen Cornwell, daughter of Chelsea and Chris Cornwell
  • Cosmo Duncan, son of Ashley and Theresa Duncan
  • Eli Messinger, son of Jackie and David Messinger
  • Courtney Rittenhouse, daughter of Virginia Rittenhouse
  • Nora Smith, daughter of Natalie and Brooks Smith
  • Caroline Wagner, daughter of Ashley and James Wagner
  • Neil Webre, son of Kendall and Anton Webre

  • Grant McCormick, son of Sarah and Mike McCormick
  • MacKenzie Ruddock, daughter of Tiffany and Stephen Ruddock
  • Lily Webb, daughter of Rebecca and Dennis Webb
  • Shannon Wilson, daughter of Katie and Robbie Wilson

First grade:
  • Quinn Stewart, daughter of Brooks and Roger Stewart

Second grade:
  • Keegan Casey, son of Heather Casey

Fourth grade:
  • Skyler Casey, daughter of Heather Casey
  • Janiah Newton, daughter of LaToya Caster and Jarrel Newton

Fifth grade:
  • Aundrell Watkins, daughter of Shalonda Waller

Sixth grade:
  • Helen Geier, daughter of Megan and Billy Geier
  • Jayla Wilson, daughter of Jennifer McLean and George Wilson
Let's Stock our New Library with Birthday Books!

Students are loving the inviting new Chesapeake Academy library. This dynamic space attracts readers, and that offers us the perfect opportunity to fill our shelves with exciting, informative, and engaging tomes to promote reading with our learners. 

You can help! Please consider contributing to the Chesapeake Academy Birthday Book Drive. Parents, grandparents, and grandfriends are encouraged to fill out a birthday book form ( Click here to get it from the CA website! ), denoting your special Osprey’s name and the amount you would like to contribute to the cause. 

As always, our school librarian and reading specialist, Kenzie Manetz, will select a special book for your growing learner and affix an honorary name plate detailing your gift. 

The books will be wrapped and presented to Birthday Book recipients at a school assembly later this year. Last yea,r your donations purchased 113 literary treasures for CA students. Help us surpass this achievement and stock our shiny shelves with more wonderful fiction and nonfiction titles.
Chesapeake Academy Celebrates Legacy Commitments
The growing number of Chesapeake Academy legacy students is a compelling statement on the vitality of the Chesapeake Academy school community. Pictured here are students who have a parent or grandparent who attended Chesapeake Academy. 

Pictured here on the front row: Lane Abbott, son of former Osprey Kylie Robbins Abbott; MacKenzie Ruddock, daughter of former Osprey Stephen Ruddock; Quinn Stewart, daughter of former Osprey Brooks Vickery Stewart; Lilly Webb, daughter of Rebecca Clark Webb '01; June Nichols, daughter of David R. Nichols '94; Nora Charlton, daughter of Charlotte Cornwell Charlton '98; Cosmo Duncan, son of Theresa (Tess) Duncan '97; Jamie Lang, son of Arthur Grandison Lang IV '99; Walter Abbott, son of former Osprey Kylie Robbins Abbott; Sully Cockrell, son of Taylor Cockrell '93; Isaac Charlton, son of Charlotte Cornwell Charlton '98; and Alec Sterrett, grandson of Gayle Haynie Sterrett '71.

Holding the middle ground: Miles Hollingsworth, son of Phoebe Rittenhouse Hollingsworth '90 and Mark Hollingsworth '86; Jake Hodsden, son of Ashleigh Lewis Hodsden '97; Izzy Dew, daughter of former Osprey Katie Horsley Dew; Emory Simmons, daughter of Susan Faulkner Simmons '87 and James Rawleigh Simmons '76; Elise Sterrett granddaughter of Gayle Haynie Sterrett '71; Khloe Hohensee, amiable photo bomber and niece of two ospreys Katharine '02 and John Vail '16; and Richard Beane, son of former Osprey Amy Biddlecomb Beane.

Bringing up the rear: Ap Pollard, son of Albert C. Pollard '80; Leyton Dew, son of former Osprey Katie Horsley Dew; Harrison Hinton, son of Robert D. Hinton (Rob) '92; Evan Hinton, son of Robert D. Hinton (Rob) '92; Robert Cunningham, son of Robert L. Cunningham '72; Davis Bugg, son of Albert D. Bugg III (Tripp) '92; Jimmy Hodsden, son of Ashleigh Lewis Hodsden '97; Anna Bugg, daughter of Albert D. Bugg III (Tripp) '92; and Joshua Abbott, son of former Osprey, Richard C. Abbott. 

Deadrise Headlines Oyster Roast
Parent Co-chairs Lauren Leo and Michelle Ritter want you to know that Chesapeake Academy's 18th Annual Community Oyster Roast will be one to remember: delicious oysters, great music, and dancing by community favorite Deadrise, all wrapped in a spirit of friendship, fall, and fun you won't forget!
This popular roll-up-your-sleeves southern tradition features sacks of fresh, oysters in the shell roasted over outdoor grills, then delivered to the tables where all they need is a nudge from an oyster knife to release the top shell and seductive aromas. Attendees are urged to bring a favorite oyster knife. 
The menu includes all of the roasted oysters you can eat, fried oysters, clam chowder, french fried sweet potatoes, hot dogs and hamburgers with all the fixings and dessert. Beer, wine, and soft drinks are included. You must be 21 to attend. Tickets are $60 per person, $70 at the door--if available. 
Ticket holders will also enjoy dancing from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. to the music of Deadrise, a popular local favorite that includes five Chesapeake Academy Alumni Dads!

The roast will be held on campus on October 12 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Pssst: This annual event was voted the Top Charity Event for the last 5 years by Virginia Living Magazine, so we are not blowing smoke when we guarantee you a good time! Proceeds benefit Chesapeake Academy's academic and co-curricular programs and support financial assistance. 
Sponsorships are available, and each level has unique benefits and special opportunities. To become a sponsor or to purchase tickets, contact Catherine Emry at Chesapeake Academy at 804.438.5575 or .

Event tickets can also be purchased online at  or at Specials Wine Seller in Kilmarnock.
Coach's Corner
Chesapeake Academy athletics are off to a great start! Varsity soccer will play their first game on Friday, September 13 against Northumberland Middle School. The game will be played at home and will start at 4:30 p.m.

Both the varsity and the junior varsity will play at Aylett Country Day School (ACDS) on September 17. The junior varsity will play at 3:30 p.m., and the varsity will play at 5:00 p.m.

Our volleyball team will start their season on Monday, September 16 with a 4:30 p.m. home game against Northumberland Middle School. Volleyball will also play against Lancaster Middle School at 4:00 p.m. on September 17; and on Septemer 19 at 4:00 p.m., they will take on ACDS.

Come on out and support the Ospreys!
Osprey About Town: Izzy Dew Launches Sunshine Slime!

A long-time slime enthusiast, fourth grade student Izzy Dew has translated her passion for the gooey substance into a going venture. Izzy uses an Instagram account for her active marketing plan and has several regular clients. Orders are paid through her dad's Venmo account, and Izzy handles the packing and shipping. Beginning with ingredients leftover from a slime-themed birthday party, Izzy is currently making a good profit. She expects that margin to drop when she begins to buy her own ingredients.

Izzy explains that she plans to hold her prices low as she grows the business, then raise them slowly as her base grows. This young entrepreneur is always considering how to improve her product! She just ordered some slimes from an English slime shop as some market research. She has plain slime, fluffy slime and a crystal clear slime!

Izzy is looking forward to honing her economics skills at this year's Mini-Economies Festival.
Parent Coffees

This year, Ms. Duvall is hosting a series of morning coffees at the Residence with Mr. Baker, Ms. Scott, and class parents. It is a wonderful opportunity for parents to ask questions and for all to exchange important information. Plus, it's just nice to have some time together as well. 

These grade-level class coffees are scheduled throughout the year. Each of the coffees will take place at 8:30 a.m. at the Residence, which is behind the gym and located at 139 Sam's Cove Landing. 

Mark your calendar! We will send reminders the week before and the dates are also listed on the master calendar. 
  • 5th grade--September 10
  • 8th grade--October 7 
  • Kindergarten--October 15
  • PreK 3 & 4--October 22
  • 1st grade--December 3
  • 2nd grade--December 10
  • 8th grade (2nd coffee)--January 14
  • 3rd grade--January 21
  • 6th grade--March 17
  • 7th grade--April 21
  • 4th grade--May 12
Back to School Nights

Back to School Nights are coming up, and will be a great opportunity for parents to get the particulars of their student's school experience: routines, expectations and opportunites, special programs, and ways to support the process.

Early Childhood and Lower School Back to School Night will be held on September 19. The evening will start at 6:30 p.m in the A&I Hub with a brief overview, and then parents head off to classrooms.

On September 24, Middle School Back to School Night will start at 6:30 p.m. as parents visit their student's first period class then travel through their daily schedule. If you'd like to meet your child's advisor, you may do so starting at 6:15 p.m. Class schedules and locations will be posted in the lobby. At 7:00 p.m., there will be an assembly in the library, following which parents can rejoin their child's schedule.

This is a busy time of year, and it can be tricky to attend a "parent only" event, but this investment in our partnership will pay off in your child's success. Don't miss this opportuity to build the support team that will make all the difference as we work together to support your student.
Room Parents Rock!

Hilary Scott, Director of Admission, would like to thank CAPPA Room Parent Coordinator, Lauren Leo, for organizing her crew of volunteers to make welcome calls to the new families in each grade! Room parents made phone calls to families in the hopes of answering any last minute questions, extending a heartfelt welcome, and coordinating social opportunities prior to the start of school. In addition, room parents attended our New Family Orientation, to welcome new parents to the class. Room parents for 2019-2020 are:

  • Pre-K 3&4 Kylie and Travis Abbott
  • Kindergarten Ainslie Hodges and Gracie Wessinger
  • Grade 1 Jennifer Miller and Lisa Minor
  • Grade 2 Becca Sterrett
  • Grade 3 Jen Clair and Lena Okun
  • Grade 4 Kate Carey
  • Grade 5 Mary Bowman
  • Grade 6 Kelly Antonio
  • Grade 7 Robin Cunningham
  • Grade 8 Andrea and Jerry Latell
Refer A Family!

As a Chesapeake Academy parent, you are invited to participate in the Referral Program which could earn your family a  $1000.00  tuition credit! Wait! WHAT? Did you catch that? Yes, you did!  $1000.00  tuition credit will be applied to your account should you refer a family and upon being accepted, enroll at CA! Now, tell me....who wouldn't want to participate in the Referral Program with such a fine reward for participation? Referring a family is a super great way to grow Chesapeake Academy with students you want seated next to your own child! So....take a moment and think about a family that may be a great fit for our community! If you are interested, of course you are, complete the 2020-2021 referral form and submit to Hilary Scott, Director of Admission. Once the form is received, you will work with Hilary to provide the prospective family with a brochure packet and you are on your way! Questions? Contact Hilary at  or 804.438.5575.
Class Website Links

Several classes have embraced websites or blogs as a way to share the details of student experience. If your child's class has one, take a minute to bookmark the site for easy reference!

Student Council Update!

Student Council Sponsor Kim Dynia is happy to announce that, with the new school year back in swing, it is time for the Student Council Class Representative Election which will take place on September 20.

Interested students in grades five through eight should submit their speeches to Ms. Dynia no later than September 18.

This is a good way to learn how to make a difference in our school. 
CAPPA Update

The Osprey Nest has new wheels! CAPPA now has a place to store our inventory in an organized fashion to make shopping for spirit wear and PE uniforms a little easier for you!

We will be able to Pop-Up every Wednesday in the gym from 8:15 to 8:45 a.m. and at other school events. As a reminder, we sell PE uniforms, sweatshirts, fleece jackets, and CA belts. We do not sell blazers, ties, dress uniform shirts, kilts or jumpers. Those items can be ordered at

We have a used uniform swap/shop twice a year (August and January) and depending on what is donated, we may have some dress uniform offerings at those events.

Apple order forms went home this week; reach out to your family and friends to help support one of our biggest fundraisers. 

Don’t forget to download the Box Tops App and scan your receipts, it’s super easy!

Thank you to everyone who supplied refreshments for Convocation! 

Bugeye Basics

The Chesapeake Bay bugeye, a large dugout canoe made of nine trees, is docked at the Tides Inn. So second grade students were treated to a field trip with their teachers! Students were greeted by Mr. Matt and Captain Rosie who explained how the boat was built and what it was used for. They then had the children work in teams to design a foil boat, and then had a contest to see whose boat held the most weight. The children had the opportunity to put up one of the sails as well.
Design Loop Debut

Fourth grade students kicked off the year by exploring with Legos in the A&I Hub. Teams were challenged with building a bridge that could hold a car created using only Legos. While working in pairs, the students used the design cycle to develop a design. Students evaluated their challenge and sought areas of reflection so they could identify changes and improvements to their design. This activity allowed the students the opportunity to enjoy the new library and collaborate with classmates! 
Comfortable, Engaged, and Ready to Go!

Fifth graders are busy learning the routines and procedures of Middle School and the fifth grade classroom all while engaging in hands-on learning. Aundrell Watkins and Eliza Leo practiced using flexible seating while reading each other’s work in Ms. Emery’s Writer’s Workshop class. 
Novel Study Begins in Third Grade

Third graders have begun their first novel study of the year, A Perfect Place--Joshua's Oregon Trail Diary . Students are excited to pretend to be a character in the book and journal their experiences alongside the main character of the story. Writing and brain experience!!
Estimates, Guesstimates, and Growing Skills!

Sixth grade mathematicians are embracing the numbers of nature this year! Their first natural task is to approximate the height of the Founder's Oak and then work in teams through a variety of strategies to more accurately measure the tree's actual height. The work not only gives them the opportunity to flex their estimation muscles, but it also helps them to apply averages and proportions to satisfy curiosity.
"Twas brillig and the Slithy Toves..."

Seventh grade students have marveled at their brains' ability to make sense of nonsense! Working with nonsense excerpts and Lewis Caroll's famous "Jabberwocky," these readers have explored how sentence structure and parts of speech can allow them to comprehend texts filled with made-up words. It has also revealed to them the importance of activating prior knowledge before reading; otherwise, the new ideas have trouble sticking!
"Experience is the Teacher of All Things"

Eighth grade scholars in IH (integrated humanities) are off to a rip-rollicking start with big questions about human nature and the reasons for government. The students are tackling challenging excerpts from political philosophers like Jean-Jacques Rousseau and John Locke while reading Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. They are using digital and in-person discussion tools to draw the connections between seemingly disparate texts and ideas. 

An Attitude of Gratitude

  • You know what a summer can do to your landscaping. Well, weeds grow here at school, too. Thanks to an intrepid group of hardy volunteers, the Rowe Campus was neat and tidy as we returned for this school year! If you see the campus cleanup team, (Grover Branson,Travis Abbott, Chris Beuchelt, Allison Hart, Katherine Wilson, Jordan Abbott, Richard Abbott, and Josh Abbott), be sure to thank them!

  • The development office has let no grass grow under their feet this year! Ribbon cuttings, bridge and mahjong tournaments, board tours and receptions...and all the routine development tasks have continued to perk merrily along. How, you wonder? Well thanks to a team of dedicated volunteers. Please take a minute to thank Emily Thomas, Nina Thompson, Val Robertson, and Anne Kenner for all they do to help out.
  • Alum Chas Faulkner is all grown up and off to college...and yet he stopped in on the first day of school to help us capture the special joys of beginning a great school year in pictures and video!

  • We are abundantly grateful for the expertise of the artisans and contractors who worked on the expansion of the James Library and the Arts & Innovation Hub.
The Gift of Time and Talent is a Treasure!

And So is the Gift of Resources!
Dates to Remember

9/16 Volleyball hosts NMS, 4:30 p.m.
9/17 Soccer at ACDS (JV@4:00 p.m., V@5:00 p.m.)
9/18 Chatham Hall Visit, 12:00 p.m.
9/19 EC/LS Back to School Night, 6:30 p.m.
9/19 Volleyball hosts ACDS@4:00 p.m.
9/20 Middle School Student Council Representative Elections
9/21 TOGETHERHOOD service projects, 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.
9/23 V Soccer at Ware, 4:00 p.m.
9/23 Volleyball at Ware, 4:00 p.m.
9/24 MS Back to School Night, 6:30 p.m.
9/25 PALS presents Virginia Opera's "Goldie B. Locks and Three
9/25 Singing Bears, 9:30 a.m.
9/25 Tag Day
9/25 Faculty Professional Development, 3:30 p.m.
9/26 Soccer hosts LMS, 4:00 p.m.
9/30 Soccer hosts Ware, 4:00 p.m.
10/1 Soccer at LMS, 4:00 p.m.
10/2 Picture Day/Dress Uniform
10/2 Volleyball at NMS, 4:30 p.m.
10/3-4 Middle School Inward Bound
10/7 Eighth Grade Parent Meeting at Residence, 8:30 p.m
10/8 New Parent Roundtable
10/8 Soccer hosts ACDS (JV @4:00p.m.; V@5:00 p.m.)
10/8 Volleyball at ACDS, 4:00 p.m.
10/10 St. Mary's School Visit, 12:00 p.m.