January 17, 2020
Chesapeake Academy's mission: to inspire each student to approach learning with 
curiosity and creativity, 
pursue excellence in all endeavors, 
and act with integrity--
so each can make our community and world a better place. 
The Head's Heads Up!

As parents, we often say we just want our kids to be happy and healthy. Of course we do! What joy we have when things are going well for our children! How easy it can be sometimes to intervene and make situations better for our children so that they can be happier in the moment. We have all experienced times when we can and do just want to “fix it” for our children. 

I recently attended a tremendous workshop on discomfort and joy – how can we experience peace, fulfillment, engagement, and joy in the midst of challenging circumstances? David Mochel, who runs Applied Attention ( www.appliedattention.com ), discussed why happiness and comfort are the wrong goals. In fact, pursuit of comfort (which is a normal desire) can paradoxically make us less comfortable because we lack the emotional and biological skills to navigate through discomfort. And, if there is one constant in life, it's that there is discomfort everywhere.

I have sometimes talked with the faculty about helping students get comfortable with discomfort, as that is where the learning and growth occur. The purpose of a classroom is to be a place where kids are a little uncomfortable because they're negotiating multiple new learning modes – cognitive, emotional, and social -- all the time. It is difficult to develop competence and competence unless we try, fail, and try again. But getting comfortable with discomfort is not something that we can just use as a catch phrase; it is something we have to help children practice as a skill. As Dave emphasized in his workshop, we all develop skills we practice. He asked, “What are you practicing? You will get better at it.” 

Dave proposes building the skills in ourselves and our children to embrace a hearty life , which requires effort, practice, love, perspective, and compassion. With a hearty life, we recognize the joys and miracle of the world around us, the small and large kindnesses that we can do, and our ability to impact those around us. And, when discomfort finds us (as it will), we can face it, sit with it, and work through it. The more often we have to do it, the better we get at it. 

As a school, our purpose is to help you and your child navigate the always changing landscape of your child's growth. Perhaps the hardest part of daily parenting is knowing when to step in and when to allow your child to be uncomfortable. When we step in and solve a problem for our child, we may be thinking that we are teaching the lesson that we will always be there for him. But, what we may be teaching our child is that he isn't capable of handling the situation. Better to reinforce that we will be there with him as he sees that he can tolerate discomfort.

I highly recommend spending a few minutes with Dave Mochel's TED talk, which hits some highlights from the workshop I attended. ( Dave Mochel's TED talk)   I hope you will find it helpful.

“If you want to learn, grow, perform well, and connect meaningfully to others, stop trying to feel better all the time. These are hard tasks and require more of us than comfort.” Dave Mochel

Class Acts...
What's Happening on the Halls?
Vote in Virginia Living Magazine Best of Competion!

Hail, Ospreys! It is time to vote for Chesapeake Academy in the Virginia Living Magazine Readers' Survey! 

Chesapeake Academy has been considered one of
Virginia's "bests" for seven years in a row. The simple online survey through the Virginia Living website makes it easy for you to vote for Chesapeake Academy.

Vote for Chesapeake Academy in Eastern Virginia
in the following categories:
#31 Best Annual Charity Event - Community Oyster Roast
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Time to Sign up for Parent Teacher Conferences

Time to discuss our favorite subject! Grab your calendar and contact your child's teacher to schedule a progress check! A strong partnership between school and home can help you make the most of your child's education. Every family meets a minimum of twice a year with their child's teachers to hear what is working, what strategies will address needed growth, and what to celebrate! (Most teachers will share a GoogleDoc sign-up sheet to make this easy for you.) If you need a hand scheduling convenient conferences with multiple teachers, Ms. Connie Smith is happy to help! 

Since Middle School students run their own conferences, please make sure to sign up for a time when your child is available.
PALS Presents Barynya Russian Dance Trio

On Wednesday, January 15, Chesapeake Academy's Performing Arts and Lecture Series (PALS) presented the Barynya Dance Trio to local preschools, independent and public schools, and home-school families. This Russian trio entertained the audience with traditional Russian, Cossack, Ukrainian, Jewish, and Gypsy Roma dance music and dance! Featured on NBC News and performing at Carnegie Mellon, the Smithsonian, the United Nations, and the Russian Embassy, this dynamic dance trio certainly knew how to delight their young audience with dance.  

PALS programming is funded by the Wiley Foundation with support from the Virginia Commission for the Arts.
Second Grade Brain Buckets

Second grade's Brain Buckets are developing research and presentation skills, and they show! During this dedicated researach and development time, students get to choose a topic they find interesting to research, and they answer questions they have about that topic. Then students choose how to develop the best presentation for the topic. Some presentation options include making a model, decorating a cereal box, and creating a visual display. This picture, shows second grader Sopia Davis working on a stop-motion video to present her Brain Bucket research on Helen Keller. 
Frosty Heads South, Causing Math Challenges for Travel-Planning Students!

Third graders are applying real-world skills to a project based learning (PBL) unit in math. Students are taking on the role of travel agent for a certain snowman who likes warm weather activities. Given a budget of $1,000.00 to spend on the vacation, students started by choosing a destination (This involved analyzing and graphing data presented in a table.) After deciding on the destination and setting up the travel plans, students did a little shopping for the snowman so he'd have the proper attire for his trip, following a budget. Once outfitted and activities were paid for, third grade students set up a schedule for each day he'd be away. Elapsed time can prove to be a real challenge, but students definitely rose to the challenge and figured out a way to fit in all of the activities they chose for their special snowman based on his requests. 

Little do they know, after students complete the first part of the project, they will be asked to use their measurement skills to plan his next trip. This will include using rulers to measure the distance between the different states he has chosen to visit along a road trip. 
Snowflakes Bring Kindergarten and Fourth Grade Students Together

Kindergarten and fourth grade students worked together to create unique snowflake designs to celebrate the season. Fourth grade students took the lead by helping kindergarten students fold and crease their paper, then draw shapes on the edges of the fold, and finally cut out the design. There were lots of smiles all around as the students worked together to create a winter wonderland for the kindergarten classroom. 
Latin Lives!

Learning world languages, especially Latin, is important for a deeper understanding of English grammar and vocabulary. As sixth grade students prepare for the National Latin Exam in March, they need to review and master basic skills. Because each student is unique in their strengths and goals, students are taking part in personalized assessments. After the last unit test, each student identified between 2 and 4 areas where they needed more practice in order to demonstrate mastery. Each of the 7 possible topics came with its own review activities that the students could practice at their own pace, with one-on-one assistance from the teacher as needed. The next Latin test will then be personalized for each student, based on the skills focus identified. This technique allows students to move on to new content once they have shown mastery in one area while circling back to challenging areas, all based on individual needs.
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday
for rising second through eighth grade students

Northern Neck Explorers-Make a Splash! June 22-26 $275
Find adventure in and around the water! This favorite camp is back with new activities and destinations. Campers will swim, paddleboard, amd explore parks. A perfect way to see the beautiful waterways the Northern Neck has to offer!

Fun Day Sundae, June 29-July 3 $275
Nothing is more patriotic than a cool ice cream after a hot summer day of adventure! Campers will participate in daily activities such as bowling and beach time. Each day will include a cool treat at new, local ice cream destination. Of course, expect splashes of red, white, and blue celebrations all week long!

Farm to Table, July 6-10 $275
This exciting and delicious week is back! Campers will travel around the Northern Neck learning about local foods and harvesting and growing techniques. We will also seek the expertise of local chefs to learn more about how our food is prepared and try our own hands in the kitchen. New cooking experiences combine with old favorites to make this a can’t miss week of delicious meals!

Animal Adventures, July 13-17 $300
Calling all animal lovers! Campers will travel to local zoos and farms to see regional and exotic animals. Each day is sure to be a unique adventure as we see awesome animals up close. Don’t miss this new offering-it is sure to be an exciting week! All entrance fees are included. 

Mystery Tour July 20-24 $350
Camp Chesapeake’s famous mystery tour is back! New destinations and surprises make for a thrilling week where no two days will be the same. There is something for everyone at this camp. Mystery tour will keep campers guessing what fun is to come each day! All activities and entrance fees are included. 

Mad Science, July 27-31 $275
Come experience the fascinating world of science at this brand new Camp Chesapeake offering. We will explore meteorology, astrology, and more through experiments on and off campus. Completely new destinations and activities make this camp unlike anything offered before. Embrace your inner scientist and join the fun!

Challenger Soccer, August 3-7 
Half Day: 9:00-12:00 or 1:00-4:00 $155
Full Day: 9:00-4:00 $215
Chesapeake Academy is excited to host the Challenger Soccer Camp for an exciting week of world class soccer coaching. Challenger Soccer offers an innovative and fully integrated program that accelerates the learning process of the players. The camp features a groundbreaking technology partner that provides players with an app-based platform to help them learn skills quickly and efficiently. The combination of on and off-field development engages and entertains players so that they push the boundaries of their talents. Registration forms are separate from CA camp forms and can also be accessed at www.chesapeakeacademy.org .

Camp Irvington
8:15 a.m. to 5:30 p.m, Monday - Friday
age 4 throughrising first grade

Campers will explore weekly themes through field trips around the Northern Neck and beyond, books, snacks, crafts, and games. Learning through play and discovery makes for a fun and enriching summer! 

I spy…Treasure, June 22-26
Ahoy! Treasure hunts, pirate stories, and outdoor play are on the horizon this week. Campers should be ready for adventure!

I spy…Red, White, and Blue, June 29-July 3
Our youngest patriots will enjoy picnicking and play with splashes of red, white and blue. Expect plenty of crafts and books that foster plenty of patriotic spirit!

I spy…Gardens, July 6-10
Calling all green thumbs! Campers will discover how things grow through trips to local farms and gardens, tasting yummy foods that come from the earth along the way. 

I spy...Animals, July 13-17
Is it furry? Scaly? Fast? Slow? Campers will explore animals and their habitats near and far. We will discover local and exotic animals up close while reading some of our favorite animal adventure stories along the way.

I spy…Trains, July 20-24
All aboard! Come learn about locomotives through songs, stories, and crafts. A real train ride is even in store...budding conductors are sure to love this week. 

I spy...Wetlands, July 27-31
Our environment is the best playground! Come see local wetlands in action through observation, experiments, and plenty of exploration. 

I spy…Fossils, August 3-7
What did dinosaurs look like? What did they eat? Where did they get their crazy names? Campers will learn about fossils and the fascinating creatures that left them behind.  

I spy...Community Helpers, August 10-14
Firemen, police officers, doctors, oh my! These community members help keep us safe and healthy. Our youngest community members will learn about these jobs through local field trips where plenty of questions and of course play are on the agenda!

Gamified Geography Heads to India!

India has long been known for its luxurious fabrics, and western companies often use Indian businesses to produce goods, especially textiles, that are works of art. With a growing middle class, many people in India have been working to figure out how to make this history of opulence sustainable in the modern era. After watching a documentary that included a feature on a craftsman who spent years producing a single piece of fabric stitched with a single goat hair, the students got the chance to see firsthand what it takes to be a master embroiderer.

Using a teacher-created webpage with written and visual instructions, the students learned 12 different embroidery stitches and then created their own embroidered design. Projects like this advance not only the Geography classroom curriculum, but also the Integrated Skills Curriculum as part of the A&I iniative, and students have the choice to explore and build knowledge through experience. Allowing students to have choice in a "gamified" curriculum gets students invested in their work, and encourages learning for the sake of learning. 

A&I Students Design Pet Subscription Packages

According to a new study, U.S. residents spend billions of dollars a month on subscription services. Clearly, the companies who provide these services have learned how to appeal to a specific clientele. Fifth and sixth grade A&I students turned into entrepreneurs to create their own prototypes of a subscription box marketed toward pet owners. 

Students began by developing a basic idea for their project, then refining it by conducting market research with a digital survey sent to pet owners, grade 7 and older. Based on their findings, students designed a minimum of 3 products, a logo, and a box made from a student-created geometric net. 

Projects like this teach students how to design for a real-world client; it is a tough skill to be able to alter their own ideas based on feedback from others. They also practiced making and following a plan, including brainstorming materials before getting started. This project allowed students to integrate skills from a variety of disciplines; students built, sewed, sculpted, baked, and utilized CAD programs. Many students also chose to go above and beyond basic expectations, including offering themed coupons to entice new customers, which encouraged others to stretch their imaginations. Click the link to see the project explained.

Chose How You Grow!

Fifth grade students are developing paragraph writing skills while they consider goals for the new year. On their return from winter break, students brainstormed one word that encapsulates a quality they strive to embody in 2020. After choosing their word, which ranged from organization to success to commitment , students identified two reasons their choice resonated with them and decided on three specific actions they would take to live into their word.

Finally, students used what they've learned about well-formed paragraphs to clearly communicate their goal, their reasons for choosing it, and their planned actions. Next, students will create a visual representation of their word in the A&I Hub that will be presented alongside their writing at the Artstravaganza in the spring. 
 Informational Meeting  on March 2, 2020.

Faces and Our Cultures Summer Program

Exam Review Can be Fun!

U.S. History students started exam review with a timeline of important events covered in class so far. Students split into groups by time period and worked their way through over 200 years of history! The activity was a good way to organize for exam review. It proved immediately useful as students began referring to it right away to answer review questions.  
The timeline will hang in the classroom to give students a spatial view of how historical events fit together and how they have influenced each other.
Accurate News Does Exist...at CA!

Sometimes being in an integrated humanities class means the real world hands out a quick deadline! Coming back from the holiday break after a dramatic turn of events in world affairs, students worked to create a balanced news bulletin for their fellow students on the U.S./Iran conflict. Not only did they have to read and watch a wide variety of news sources, but they also had to synthesize that information for their target audience of grades 5-7. From research to scripting to recording, students worked efficiently to meet their news deadline in just two days. They shared this bulletin with the middle school in our Friday morning meeting so everyone could be better informed!

Coach's Corner

On January 9, the JV basketball teams hosted Aylett Country Day School. The girls got the afternoon started by beating ACDS. The team continues to learn and grow with each practice and game. Eliza Leo led the way for the girls with tough defense which she was able to turn into several fast break layups.

The boys followed the girls' game and played hard in a back and forth game which they ended up losing. There were several highlights including a circus shot by Brooks Parker and a solid outing from Harrison Hinton. The team will focus on cleaning up some of the turnovers and are excited for the next game. 

In the Varsity games against Aylett on Tuesday, the girls again prevailed, and they boys came out strong and then lost steam. On Thursday as Varsity Ospreys competed against Ware, the girls once again were dominant, and our boys played hard and came close at the half, but did not win.

Student Council Scoop!

Student Council thanks all those who came out to Movie Night! It was one of the best ever with students enjoying the A&I Hub's projection space.

The Winter Osprey Nest Swap and Shop will be held on Saturday, January 25 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. on campus. Location to be announced. If you have gently used uniform items you would like to donate, please plan to drop them off on Wednesday, January 22. Lara Brown will be available to take your donations at drop off. All parents are invited to come shop our used items on January 25!

An Attitude of Gratitude

  • Many thanks to Hazel and John Farmer for their abundant generosity in hosting lower school classes for Cookies with Santa. And thanks to the special folks at the Office Cafe and at The Local for their kind hospitality.
  • Thanks to roomparents for providing breakfast for all classes before the Holiday Program.
  • Thanks to CAPPA's Hospitality Committee for the refreshments for the Holiday Program.
  • A hearty thanks to the Virginia Commission for the Arts and to the Wiley Foundation for their support of Chesapeake Academy's Performing Arts and Lecture Series.
  • Thanks to the marvelous contingent of Christchurch School students who helped polish the Chesapeake Academy campus and then dipped into classes to lend a hand as well!.

The Gift of Time and Talent is a Treasure!

Dates to Remember

1/20 Martin Luther King Day Special Assembly, 9:15 to 10:15 a.m.
1/21 Third Grade Parent Coffee, Residence, 8:30 a.m.
1/21 through 1/24 Exams, seventh and eighth grade
1/21 through 2/23 Open Gym for basketball team players
1/24 Noon Dismissal/Faculty Workday
1/27 JV Bball @ACDS, girls at 4:00 p.m., boys at 5:00 p.m.
1/27 Kindergarten Presents, "The Little Gingerbread Man," gym, 10:05 a.m.
1/28 Basketball practices with Light of the World Christian Academy
1/28 Kindergarten Step-Up Day, Pre-K 4
1/29 Tag Day
1/30 V Bball @ ACDS, girls at 4:00 p.m. and Boys at 5:00 p.m.
2/3 through 2/6 Parent Partnership Days
2/4 Take a Peek Tuesday, 9: 00 a.m.
2/5 Dress Uniform
2/5 JV Bball @ Ware Academy, girls at 4:00 p.m.; boys at 5:00 p.m.
2/7 V Bball @ Walsingham, girls at 4:00 p.m. and boys at 5:00 p.m.
2/11 ISAC Tournament at ACDS
2/13 ISAC Tournament at CCS
2/14-17 Presidents Weekend/School Closed
2/21 Interims
2/21 Middle School to "Pirates of Penzance," NHS
2/24 Third and Fourth Grades Present "The Sleepy Mandarin," 10:05 p.m
2/25 PALS Presents "A Tribute to Dr.Seuss," 9:30 a.m