April 17, 2020
Chesapeake Academy's mission: to inspire each student to approach learning with 
curiosity and creativity, 
pursue excellence in all endeavors, 
and act with integrity--
so each can make our community and world a better place. 
The Head's Heads Up!

Thank you for being such an important member of our Chesapeake Academy community.   I hope that you are safe, healthy, and connected with your loved ones in our temporary “new normal.”   

Your engagement with Chesapeake Academy has meant so much to the success of our little gem of a school. Because of supporters like you in the broader community, CA has been able to provide an  exceptional education  to our students.  
Providing that excellent experience for our students looks a little different right now! In fact, I have frequently said,   “Campus is closed, but Chesapeake Academy is in session!”

Despite the challenges before us, we remain  committed to meeting our mission :  to inspire each student to approach learning with curiosity and creativity, pursue excellence in all endeavors, and act with integrity–so each can make our community and world a better place. 

Working with information from our families, our teachers are providing a  guided instructional model   that blends online and offline work routines for checking in via Zoom video conferencing with individuals and classes, and feedback on progress.  Thanks to our expert, creative, and energetic faculty, we have gotten this off the ground and tried to give our families the flexibility, structure, and connection that we know our students need in this distance learning time. 

Campus closure impacts school operations in so many ways, and we are trying to remain responsive to current needs and proactive in our planning for the future. Ensuring the financial sustainability of the school is a paramount concern. 

CA's major fundraiser for the spring, the 43 rd  Auction--Sequins and Spurs, will need to be reimagined as an online auction culminating in a big online live event on Saturday, June 27.  More details went home by mail this week. We hope that you will participate in the event so that you can help us continue our commitment to financial assistance, classroom materials, field trips, technology, and special projects. 

As ever, I am buoyed by the energy and dedication of our community to helping Chesapeake Academy weather our current situation. I hope you will  join me at the bell tower  each weekday morning at 8:30 on Facebook as I start our CA day together with ringing of the bell.

I feel blessed and proud to be a part of this school and the NNK. 

Please stay in touch and take good care,
Class Acts...
Chesapeake Academy 2.0: Distance Learning

On the Road....Spreading Smiles!
Campus may be closed, and the Ospreys may all be hunkered down safely in their nests, but that famed sense of community in the Osprey Nation is still very much alive!

Hitting the road over several days, Head of School Julie Duvall commandeered the CA van to deliver treats and birthday books to students. Duvall, who loves puns, delivered packages of popcorn sealed with a tag saying "Just popped in to say, we are butter together!" along with birthday books given in students' names to CA's James Library. 

Duvall's journey took three days and covered six counties! She travelled approximately 1000 miles to reach out to the Osprey Nation! One hundred and sixty-six books were delivered, and 132 treat bags made their way to children. Needless to say, she spread some good cheer!
During the month of April, Chesapeake Academy is waiving the $75.00 application fee for 
all 2020-2021 applications!

This is a perfect time for current families to consider making a referral of a friend, family member, or co-worker! 

Access the online application: chesapeakeacademy.org . Once the school is notified of your account, a waiver will be applied to the application.

Hop Into Literacy with Frog and Toad!

First grade students have continued their literature study, Frog & Toad by Arnold Lobel. After reading a chapter with an adult or older sibling, students are completing comprehension questions to practice their writing skills and review what they have read. Class discussions are not gone! Last week the class took time to discuss their chapter via Zoom.
Science in the Kitchen!

Second grade students use science newspapers to explore interesting articles, participate in labs, and complete activities. Second graders are currently learning about the three different states of matter. Keegan completed one of the labs, using a solid (baking soda) and a liquid (vinegar) and mixing them into a bottle to create a gas. In order to show that a gas was produced, Keegan put a balloon over the opening of the bottle and watched it inflate.
Historic Christ Church History Fair Goes Digital!

Third graders are finishing up history fair projects for Historic Christ Church's History Fair. Since they won't be able to attend a ceremony at HCC, they plan to present virtually via Zoom on Monday, April 20.

The History Fair is open to local Virginia history students. Students selected topics and created projects that deal with some element of Virginia history from 1607 to 1789. Projects included models, dioramas, or displays created by the student individually or with a partner. "Since Virginia history falls in the fourth grade curriculum in Lancaster and Northumberland Middle Schools and in third grade at Chesapeake Academy, our students really step up to compete. It is a good reach for them," explains third grade teacher Niki Allen. 

Charley Manetz used Minecraft to make   a recreation of the Jamestown settlement. His introduction is an excerpt from Ducksters explaining the startup of the colony. Enjoy!

Queue Up Quizlet!

During Zoom homeroom meetings, fourth graders have enjoyed a favorite review game used in the classroom: QuizletLive! QuizletLive is typically played in teams but in keeping with the times, Quizlet quickly adapted to the needs of teachers and students learning remotely. Incorporating an individual mode allows players to play against each other individually. Fourth graders love the friendly competition while interacting with their peers! It's been a fun way to review vocabulary from the current class novel,  The Lemonade War, math concepts such as measurement and division, and even possessive nouns. 
Math in Cyberspace!

From proportions to integers, sixth grade math students are still on task as are seventh grade Pre-Algebra students who are simplifying radicals. Their fearless leader, Ms. Hilary Smith brings her hand-waving, positive enthusiasm to distance learning.

National Latin Exam

In March, sixth grade students took the National Latin Exam. Three students, Harrison Hinton, Trevor Haynie, and Ty Makulowich, earned certificates of achievement, which means they scored above the national average on the Intro to Latin level exam. Lorry Manetz, who has continued participating in an independent study Latin program, earned a silver maxima cum laude ranking on the Latin II level exam!
Move Over Bill Nye! Robin Blake is Tackling Distance Learning Science!

While she won't say that teaching science virtually has been easy, Robin Blake has put together Zoom sessions to demonstrate concepts and labs that students would have normally completed in class. Students can ask questions and comment as the lab is being taught.  

As students work through the notes Blake posts on Weebly and submit answers to review questions, Ms. Blake sends back thoughts and corrections to clarify. While Blake agrees that new things are awkward, she is confident that the feedback loop works. Students are allowed to work at their own pace, as long as they follow test deadlines. Learning is still occurring! And that's what education is all about!

Want to see how this works? Check out the soil identification lab  https://youtu.be/-p2Kb3D7AfI.
Build it, Baby!

The eighth grade Algebra class is excited to continue to work on their house building project, even through distance learning. After working with fourth grade "clients" who had a budget, geographic location, and personal opinions as factors to consider in the design process, the eighth grade architects have submitted initial scale drawings and have moved on to CAD software to create 3D versions of their plans. Some clients have asked for indoor soccer pitches or other esoteric offerings. However, all are understanding budget and space constraints! After some tweaks, the eighth grade architects will do a 3D scale model of their house and present their designs to their fourth grade clients virtually. This project tests ightth graders abilities to apply a wide variety of math skills, as well as design and negotiation skills!  

In an exciting addition, Layla Leo's designs for a Chicago row house were submitted to a structural engineer, who evaluated the design for load, wind load, and energy code compliance. The "official" published version of her design is attached. 

Christopher Gund, engineer with the Round Hill Group, indicated that her design was top notch and met structural requirements as well as some designs he's gotten from professionals. He followed up with a job offer with his firm when she graduates!
The People are the Most Important Thing...

Chesapeake Academy faculty's faculty and staff were honored and warmed by the accolades collected for teacher appreciation week. More than one team member commented that these kind words were heartening and welcome affirmations as we chart new territory in distance learning. Enjoy the short version!

Katie Parker... amazing, inspirational teacher, made me smarter and also a better person, inspires us to do our best in every subject, very creative and fun

Kelly Antonio... reads good stories, helps me do my best, love all her hugs, and I miss her so much

Niki Allen... thoughtful and always looks out for me, patient and easy going, makes learning fun, especially the math games

Ian York... helps make CA feel like a community, always has a smile on his face, makes everyone feel good about themselves, can go to him with any problem, he gives everyone a chance

Robin Blake... always there to help, encouraging and enthusiastic, makes sure to push us and guide us, makes Science so fun, brings her lively energy and enthusiasm to everything she does, and it makes everyone around her want to do better

Kaitlin Benson... super nice, best teacher I could ever have, helps me learn a lot and I thank her for that, gives us fun projects, kind to us

Julie Duvall ...teaching middle school can be trying, but she is very good at it, a role model to teach girls to grow up to be successful women, amazing, guiding leader, always cheerful and kind

Hillary Smith... always there to help, creates fun assignments, great coach too, wonderful Pre-Algebra and Literature teacher, fun and energetic, accepting, always knows what to say and tries to make everything the absolute best!

Kenzie Manetz... projects have been so much fun, quiet and kind, I love her book choices that she picks out to read, great book recommendations, good at making library and Hub time fit together

Sonja Smith... very creative, always helping us out, and always looking for ideas from her students, cool art projects, always smiling which makes us look forward to her class

Catherine Emry... helps our school raise money, works hard decorating the school or organizing picnic, always polite and cheerful with students, Ms. Emry, you keep all our events going, and we are happy to help you set up chairs and move tables

Michelle Ritter... always has a smile on her face which brightens my day, deeply appreciate all that you do for this school, organizes school-wide picnics and ice cream socials for the students

Catherine L. Emery... takes the time to help, has good advice and has just the right thing to say, cares a lot about all of us, and it shows, teaches us more than subjects in school, She has helped me a lot with getting along with lots of different people, so patient, just a real person around us, a great teacher

Molly Vanderpool... I love Ms. V because she is the best and she is fun, very very very nice, the bestest teacher, my favorite teacher

Richard Abbott... always there when a locker is stuck, brings a smile every day at carpool, helps the school with billing and expenses, always positive and willing to help

Martha Rogers... so nice, makes learning fun and challenges me to do good and hard work, sweet, kind and helpful, Ms. Rogers makes learning fun too,
very good math teacher

Kim Dynia... great teacher, engages in conversations with her students and gets really in-depth, makes everybody feel included, makes sure that people are doing their part and makes everything fair for everybody, so creative

Barbara Hays... most fun music class, love playing music games in her class, we learn so much, she makes us shine at CA performances

Judy Ebner... Thank you for being my teacher, helps me learn Spanish,
I am practicing Spanish every day

Marshall Novak... fun and engaging, class is always full of exciting things,
Spanish is now one of my favorite subjects, seeks for ways to help her students even if it is taking her lunch to review topics for a test or just simply giving kids extra help in class

Connie Smith... Always ready with a bandaid or ice pack, takes care of us when we don’t feel so good, always greet us with a smile in the morning, knows the answers to all the questions about what is going on, and keeps us all straight, runs the school

Hilary Scott... first person that helped me feel comfortable, always upbeat and energetic, I love the banana phone, always wants a snow day, appreciate all you do for our school

Beth Clark, Marshall Novak... devotion, love, stays in touch, goes above and beyond, creates a special bond, kids are excited about school, helps kids grow emotionally, should earn a minimum of $150,000 from here on out

Ms. May... makes extended day a fun experience every day, My child doesn't want to leave, keeps the children safe and happy, gives parents peace of mind

Ms. Struse... always cheerful and kind, makes extended day so much fun, appreciate all Mrs. Struse does to make extended day a happy place!

Ms Courtney... thank you for all you do for Chesapeake Academy! You are an amazing helper and you make every child feel special
We Are Still Planning Wonderful Summer Camps!

CAMP IRVINGTON Ages 4-rising 1st grade, June 22 -- August 14
Who doesn't love a game of I Spy? Campers will explore weekly themes through field trips around the Northern Neck and beyond, books, snacks, crafts, and games. Learning through play and discovery makes for a fun and enriching summer! Camps begin at 8:15 a.m. and run through 5:30 p.m, Monday through Friday for a cost of $275 per week. There is a one-time registration fee of $30 per camper, which is waived if campers are registered by April 30.  In the case of a cancellation of a camp session, full refunds are provided for campers registered for that session.   Download the registration packet at www.chesapeakeacademy.org or call 804.438.5575. Chesapeake Academy will offer full refunds for any camps that are cancelled due to the health crisis.

I Spy…Treasure, June 22-26
Ahoy! Treasure hunts, pirate stories, and outdoor play are on the horizon this week. Campers should be ready for adventure!

I Spy…Red, White, and Blue, June 29-July 3
Our youngest patriots will enjoy picnicking and play with splashes of red, white and blue. Expect plenty of crafts and books that foster patriotic spirit!

I Spy…Gardens, July 6-10
Calling all green thumbs! Campers will discover how things grow through trips to local farms and gardens, tasting yummy foods that come from the earth along the way. 

I Spy...Animals, July 13-17
Is it furry? Scaly? Fast? Slow? Campers will explore animals and their habitats near and far. We will discover local and exotic animals up close while reading some favorite animal adventure stories along the way.

I Spy…Trains, July 20-24
All aboard! Come learn about locomotives through songs, stories, and crafts. A real train ride is even in store...budding conductors are sure to love this week. 

I Spy...Wetlands, July 27-31
Our environment is the best playground! Come see local wetlands in action through observation, experiments, and plenty of exploration. 

I Spy…Fossils, August 3-7
What did dinosaurs look like? What did they eat? Where did they get their crazy names? Campers will learn about fossils and the fascinating creatures that left them behind.  

I Spy...Community Helpers, August 10-14
Firemen, police officers, doctors, oh, my! These community members help keep us safe and healthy. Our youngest community members will learn about these jobs through local field trips where plenty of questions and play are on the agenda!

CAMP CHESAPEAKE Ages 7-13 (rising second -- eighth grade) 
These exciting camps are for adventure lovers! Download the registration packet at www.chesapeakeacademy.org or call 804.438.5575. Camp begins at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. (Challenger Soccer Camp is 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for a full day and there are half day options.) There is a one-time registration fee of $30 which is waived for campers who register by April 30. In the case of a cancellation of a camp session, full refunds are provided for campers registered for that session.  

Northern Neck Explorers--Make a Splash! June 22-26, $275
Find adventure in and around the water! This favorite camp is back with new activities and destinations. Campers will swim, paddleboard, and explore parks. A perfect way to see the beautiful waterways the Northern Neck has to offer!

Fun Day Sundae, June 29-July 3, $275
Nothing is more patriotic than a cool ice cream after a hot summer day of adventure! Campers will participate in daily activities such as bowling and beach time. Each day will include a cool treat at new, local ice cream destinations. Of course, expect splashes of red, white, and blue celebrations all week long!

Farm to Table, July 6-10, $275
This exciting and delicious week is back! Campers will travel around the Northern Neck learning about local foods and harvesting and growing techniques. We will also seek the expertise of local chefs to learn more about how our food is prepared and try our own hands in the kitchen. New cooking experiences combine with old favorites to make this a can’t miss week of delicious meals!

Animal Adventures, July 13-17, $300
Calling all animal lovers! Campers will travel to local zoos and farms to see regional and exotic animals. Each day is sure to be a unique adventure as we see awesome animals up close. Don’t miss this new offering-it is sure to be an exciting week! 

Mystery Tour, July 20-24, $350
Camp Chesapeake’s famous mystery tour is back! New destinations and surprises make for a thrilling week where no two days will be the same. There is something for everyone at this camp. Mystery Tour will keep campers guessing what fun is to come each day!

Mad Science, July 27-31, $275
Come experience the fascinating world of science at this brand new Camp Chesapeake offering. We will explore meteorology, astrology, and more through experiments on and off campus. Completely new destinations and activities make this camp unlike anything offered before. Embrace your inner scientist and join the fun!

Challenger Soccer, August 3-7 
Half Day: 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. or 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. $165
Full Day: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. $225
Chesapeake Academy is excited to host the Challenger Soccer Camp for an exciting week of world class soccer coaching. Challenger Soccer offers an innovative and fully integrated program that accelerates the learning process of the players. The camp features a groundbreaking technology partner that provides players with an app-based platform to help them learn skills quickly and efficiently. The combination of on and off-field development engages and entertains players so that they push the boundaries of their talents. Registration forms are separate from CA camp forms and can also be accessed at www.chesapeakeacademy.org .

Applications are available on the Chesapeake Academy website and by calling the school at 804.438.5575.

An Attitude of Gratitude

  • There is always a silver lining...teachers are grateful to have learned any number of new tech apps to make distance learning effective.
  • Families have enjoyed precious time together.
  • Zoom brings us together to learn and share...and that mute button!
  • Kim Dynia deserves a parade for making Weebly into the platform we needed just when we needed it.
  • Thanks to the Chesapeake Academy community for their faithfulness in social distancing. It is so clear that we are stronger together: we can do this. Lives have been saved.
  • Thanks to CAPPA for collecting kind words for teacher appreciation week. They were a lovely affirmation in the midst of uncertainty.
  • Thanks to the faculty whose commitment to their students has never been more evident. We know you are working harder than ever learning new delivery systems and keeping your students close.
  • Thanks to the teachers and staff who organized the pick up of the supplies and of the butter braids.
  • Thanks to Catherine Emry who has worked hard to bring a new vision of the auction to life!
  • Thanks to the Board of Trustees for their support, encouragement, and strategic planning during unprecedented times.
  • Thanks to Julie Duvall for her unflappable insight and wisdom--and for starting the Osprey Nation off well each day at the Bell Tower! Rain or Shine! And that goodie tour....awesome!

The Gift of Time and Talent is a Treasure!

Things to Look Forward To!

  • Hugs and handshakes
  • Playdates
  • Live music
  • Dinner out
  • A vaccine to end Covid 19
  • All school picnic (in person)
  • Summer camps
  • Eighth grade graduation

Things We Can Enjoy Now

  • Moonlit walks with family
  • Zoom parties with Teachers
  • Morning meetings at the Bell Tower
  • Acts of Kindness and Patience
  • Puzzles
  • Each other
  • Cooking
  • The beautiful Northern Neck