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Introducing the REI 2022 Innovation Fellows
The U.S. EDA University Center for Regional Economic Innovation at MSU is welcoming two new Innovation Fellows for the 2022 project year.
Communal and Cooperative Investment Models
Getting started 2021’s Co-Learning Plan author, Tony Willis, will continue to examine equitable economic development in to 2022. In this unique opportunity, Co-Learning Plans offer authors opportunity to research out new ideas, practices and innovations. 
Fellows may then build upon this working towards implementation. As a part of his 2022 Fellowship, Tony will research and work to implement a land trust opportunity within Ingham County working strongly with the Ingham County Commissioners, Lansing Economic Area Partnership and Financial Empowerment Center. His work, the Communal and Cooperative Investment Models, project attempts to remove obstacles and create opportunities for low-income individuals and communities of color by implementing communal and cooperative investment/business models to soothe economic instability. In this way, Willis intends on creating increased income and asset acquisition that will provide owners and community members with a greater opportunity to grow wealth. 
Homebuyer Ecosystem for Low-Median Income Detroiters
MSU’s EDA University Center for Regional Economic Innovation announces 2022 Innovation Fellowship awardee, David Palmer. David is a long time community consultant and will focus on facilitating the development of a Homebuyer Ecosystem for Low-Median Income Detroiters. This project aims to create impactful homebuyer education updates, a community development fund, and a portfolio mortgage tool built to offer multiple solutions that improve systems level market failure. By doing this, Palmer hopes to see a larger number of Detroiters successful in obtaining mortgages, financing and ultimately a quality home buying experience.