St. Christopher's Newsletter, July 22, 2021


Picture by Paul Evans, Seminarian

A Message from Mother Carey

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia! Where have Alleluias gone?

Liturgical church, a church whose services are shaped by very particular movement and rhythm do so in ways that embrace liturgical seasons. In Advent and in Lent we kneel more, are quieter in our movements, are focused on the preparation of the time we are in. And in times of celebration, notably the Easter season we celebrate more, confess less. It has been a gift in the time of pandemic when the usual markers of seasons have not been available to us.

One of our seasonal responses is saying Alleluia! It is our uniquely abundant way to say, “praise the Lord!” and one we embrace with enthusiasm.

Our prayer book instructs us that Alleluias can be said at three points in the service – at the opening, at the breaking of the bread or the fraction and at the dismissal. It also tells us that Alleluia must be used from Easter Day to the Day of Pentecost and may not be used during Lent.  The church reduces the use of Alleluia at other times of the year to highlight the deep beauty of it and profound meaning of the word in the Easter season.  Perhaps the quote attributed to Augustine of Hippo that “A Christian should be an alleluia from head to foot,” can remind us that after Easter we live the Alleluia in our lives through grateful and intentional lives.

Who knew a word could hold so much?


Mother Carey


St. Christopher's Young Actors Wanted!

To learn the Bible better and develop a deeper understanding of the teachings, the St. Christopher’s Youth are going to try and put on Biblical plays during the 10:30 am service. The first play will be “David and Goliath” on September 12. Weekly practices will start August 8, minus Labor Day weekend. During this time, the children will read the selected lesson, write the script, practice, and design the set and costumes. If interested in participating, please contact Megan Coffey at


Marifran's Musings as Senior Warden

During these past months of pandemic restrictions, I often found myself working in the Outreach Garden, where, mostly by chance, I’d see someone else, usually working outside as well. These chance encounters helped a lot for me to maintain some equilibrium since most other socializing was done virtually. Now that we’re worshipping together, both inside and outside, and having events, it isn’t so much by chance, and the emotional impact seems even stronger. Especially at the picnic and recent worship services, I’ve seen and talked with several people who have helped me see our way more clearly. In particular, talking with moms and dads of young children, I understand better how difficult the past year has been and how they want to have a more positive year ahead. Several ideas are being discussed, such as bringing back the children’s choir and children’s church, and having activities such as tie dying and dramas (the real kind, not those you get at home when it’s time to go to bed!) We recently had acolyte training so we can look forward to seeing more kids involved in our services. Ideas are always welcome, so if you want to suggest some or get involved in any aspect of being with kids, contact Gail Ritchie,, or Megan Coffey, But be forwarned, you’ll have a lot of fun. 

St. Christopher's Outreach News

Outreach Garden June Update

IMG_0535 _1_.jpg

The Outreach Garden is now in its 9th year and is in great shape, with much help from the spring weather we’ve had this year. We planted tomatoes, hot and sweet peppers, green beans, cucumbers, zucchini, radishes, beets, potatoes, onions, and new this year—eggplant. Also new to the garden are two raised beds, built by Alton Kirk and his fellow Boy Scouts for Alton’s Eagle Scout project, and a compost bin, built by Lillian Johnson for her Bronze Girl Scout project. We’ve harvested several pounds of green beans, zucchini, cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes and hope to start harvesting other vegetables in the next few weeks.

I will be out of town for much of August, a prime harvest time, and need volunteers to pick, weigh, and deliver to ECHO. Watering and weeding won’t be necessary! Also, if you have extra produce from your home gardens and want to donate to ECHO, let me know and we’ll take to ECHO. Please contact Marifran Bustion, 703-887-2196 or, if you have questions or can volunteer for the Garden.

Our School Supply Drive Plus Starts Now!

OIP _1_.jpg

School starts Monday, August 23 and many local families will find it difficult to purchase the supplies their children are expected to bring to school. You can be a part of a meeting this need by donating school supplies and funds for us to purchase or take to ECHO, Garfield, Lynnbrook and Crestwood Elementary schools and the Crestwood Family Center. The school supplies sales are on full swing!

During the years of the Free School Physicals, not held this year, we, along with the support of several other churches, were able to meet the Physicals backpack needs and have lots of supplies remaining that were then taken to the schools and center. We can still do this now with your support.

You can donate actual school supplies listed here in the newsletter or a list is provided on the bench located at the entrance of the church. You can purchase supplies and drop it off to the church, mail in a check made payable to SCC, earmarked "School Supply Drive:

Crestwood School, in addition to meeting regular school supplies, wants to do something new this year to help the children re-adjust to being back in school. Its going to be so hard after not being in school for over a year! To help in a different way they want to provide a "Calming Box" in each classroom filled with things that the children can use to ease and help meet some of their social and emotional needs. The school is asking for funds for them to use to purchase the kind of items for these boxes. A percentage of donated funds will be sent to them for this purpose instead of as many actual school supplies sent to the other locations.

We will also need help to put this all together-setting up a work area in the Fellowship Hall, people to help unload cars filled with school supplies, help pack up the supplies for the various places they will need to go, people to take the packed up supplies to ECHO and the various elementary schools before school starts.

Contact Lynn Knox at 703-451-6450 or email her at to volunteer or answer your questions.

We are a part of community and we are called by Christ to be a part of providing help to this community.


School Supply Suggestion List

  1. Crayola crayons - fat for preschoolers
  2. Crayola crayons 24 count
  3. Crayola markers, classic colors/washable
  4. Colored pencils
  5. Regular Yello #2 pencils
  6. Elmer's glue
  7. Glue Sticks - especiall large and jumbo size
  8. Child size Fiskar scissors, blunt for lower grades, sharp points for higher grades
  9. Red pens/pencils
  10. Ball point pens- black and blue
  11. Index cards, 3x5
  12. Pocket folders - red, blue, green, yellow, purple (pockets on bottoms, motly with brads)
  13. Dry erase markers (low odor) Classic colors (packet of 4)
  14. 12" ruler, with inches and centimeters marked
  15. Pink erasers
  16. 3x3 Post its
  17. Highlighters - yellow only
  18. Pencil box for supplies or sturdy zipper case for pencils
  19. Black & White composition books - WIDE lines only
  20. Spiral notebooks - single and 3 subject plain covers - WIDE lines only
  21. Three ring binders (1". 11/2", 2" wide)
  22. Three Ring binder dividers
  23. Loose leaf paper (WIDE lines only)
  24. Back Packs (smaller for younger children but big enough for pockets folders to put in easily)
  25. Hand sanitizer
  26. Sanitizing Wipes (small size packages)


echo box.jpg

Please bring in your bags of food donations in as soon as possible. Let's fill the ECHO wooden box in the Fellowship Hall each week. For the outside service participants, the box will be outside by the Worship Building doors. For Zoom participants, please drop food by the church during the week or call Richard Sellers for pickup. You can also drop food by ECHO on Old Keene Mill by the 7-Eleven.  You can always donate to St. C's Outreach Fund and Richard Sellers & Outreach volunteers can do the shopping.



·       Cooking Oil

·       Bag (Dry) Beans

·       Pancake Mix

·       Macaroni and Cheese

·       Jelly

·       Instant (Box) Potatoes

·       Canned Tomatoes (16 oz. and 28 oz.)

·       Bagged (Dry) Rice

·       Tortillas

·       Flour

·       Sugar

·       Peanut Butter

·       Maseca type flour

·       Juice (Juice pouches or Boxes)

·       Canned meats

What's happening at St. Christopher's

960GWMP_THIS_20060718_TA_03 _1_.jpg

Holy Hikes, Saturday, August 7 at Teddy Roosevelt Island

We hope you can join us for our next monthly “Holy Hike” at 10 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 7 at Theodore Roosevelt Island in D.C. For your convenience, we’ll leave St. Christopher’s at 9:30 a.m. and carpool from there if anyone needs a ride.

T.R. Island is a splendid, 88-acre park located along the George Washington Parkway near Rosslyn. It’s like a wilderness in the city with forests, tidal marsh, a long boardwalk and more. We’ll walk to the center of the island where we’ll find a statue to our 26th president, surrounded by a fountain and giant tablets etched with Roosevelt’s famous quotes.

Then, we’ll explore the trails around the isle with the whole activity probably lasting 1-1 1/2 hours. See you there. Upcoming: Sept. 4, Holy Hike at beautiful Sky Meadows State Park in Paris, Va.

Shrine Mont Parish Weekend - October 15-17. 2-21

Please let us know if you are planning to attend the Shrine Mont Parish Weekend. We will need to know how many rooms to reserve for in order to reserve and get group pricing. Please RSVP below now. Thank you

RSVP for Shrine Mont


217 Shrine Mont Cir, Orkney Springs, VA 22845


10/15/21 5:00pm - 10/17/21 1:00pm US/Eastern
This fun-filled weekend retreat is an all-inclusive stay in the picturesque Shenandoah Mountains.
I'll Be There!

The Bishop Comes! On December 12th the Rt. Rev. Susan Ellyn Goff, Bishop Suffragan and Ecclesiastical Authority of the Diocese of Virginia will come to St. Christopher’s. The bishop’s coming is always an exciting day and especially so for those who wish to be confirmed, received or reaffirmed in the Episcopal Church. Confirmation is the next step for those who have been baptized as infants and now for the first time want to commit themselves to Christ and to receive the laying of hands by the bishop.


Reception is for those who come from another denomination and want to know more about their new faith and be formally received into it. Reaffirmation is for those who have been baptized in the Episcopal Church and would like to renew their baptismal vows. Here at St. Christopher’s, we will have a group of youth – generally ages 13 and above, who want to explore their faith and move towards confirmation. We will also have adults who wish to be received, reaffirmed or confirmed.


We will have an organizational meeting of those who would like to know more about these options and the classes to prepare on Thursday, August 5th at 7 pm via Zoom. If you cannot attend but are interested in participating or have a child who is interested, please email Mother Carey at



Flower and Candle Donations

Donations for altar flowers or candles can be made using the Sign Up Genius link below. Money may be mailed in or dropped off at the church office, along with the name of the person(s) being remembered. Please note that if you donate the week of, you must get your dedication and donation to Nina by Wednesday at NOON, so that she can include it in that Sunday’s bulletin. If after Wednesday, it is very likely to be postponed till the following week. Thank you! Sign up Link: (Save to your favorites!) Vestry 2021: St. Christopher's candle and flower dedications (


Preschool News:

If you would like to continue to help St. Christopher’s Preschool, you can do by shopping with Amazon! Shop through AmazonSmile and St. Christopher’s receives .5% on all eligible purchases. Just click on the link: We appreciate all of your support!

Are you looking for part time work and love working with preschoolers? St. Christopher’s Preschool (SCP) is the place to be!  We are looking for Lead and Assistant Teachers. Please send your resumes to: We hope you become part of our SCP team!

You are invited to serve on the board of

St. Christopher's Preschool!

As part of its regular rotation of board members, the six-member Preschool Board needs two new members to serve three-year terms starting this coming August. The Preschool Board meets once a month, usually for 1½ - 2 hours. The Board oversees preschool finances; sets policy with respect to educational philosophy, admissions, scholarships, and staffing; and advises and supports the Preschool Director. If you've thought about getting more involved at St. Christopher's but have limited time to offer, the Preschool Board is a great opportunity. For more information or to express interest, contact the Board chair, Jen Guernsey, at or 703-912-9242.

Join us for Worship

Worship Services

If you are feeling ill to please stay home and follow along with our online service at 10:30 a.m.. Thank you

Every Sunday

@ 8:00 a.m. – Holy Eucharist/Rite II - Outdoor Service

@ 10:30 a.m. – Holy Eucharist/Rite II- Indoor Service & Virtual via Zoom


50 Day of Bible Study

Tuesdays at 7pm

(July 29 and August 2, 2021)

Led by Meredith Carlton and Mother Carey, Tuesday at 7pm to August 3, 2021 via zoom. Zoom links are sent out the day of.

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Morning Prayer and conversation with Mother Carey 

Wednesdays at 9:30am.

All are welcome! We love to have you join us.

Zoom links are sent out the day of.


Compline with Meredith Maple Perry Thursdays at 7pm.

All are Welcome! Zoom links are sent out the day of.

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