Farmington Square
Flower Sale

It's time for the Annual Farmington Square Flower Sale! For 37 years the Jensen’s and the Luckscheiter’s conducted the Spring Flower Sale for our subdivision. This year, they decided to pass the baton to The Giovanni’s. The flowers will come direct from the same grower and the prices will remain the same as last year.

Please make your selections from the attached order form.

All orders must be pre-paid including Sales Tax.

Please make checks payable to: James Giovanni.

Please deliver a hard copy of your order and a check to:

37711 Windwood no later than Sunday April 28 th .

Please add a Shipping Fee for the following order amounts:
Up to $49.99: $2.50
$50.00 to $99.99: $3.50
$100.00 or more $4.50
$300.00 or more $6.50
$500.00 or more $8.50

Orders will be available for pick up on Thursday May 23rd

Pick up Location: The Giovanni’s
37711 Windwood
Phone: (248) 207-4973

For questions: Contact Colleen Giovanni at (248) 207-4973
NOTE: > We do not provide Security or Guarantee items not picked up by 8:00P.M.on May 23 rd

Mistakes must be brought to our attention by 11:00am the 24 th so we may make an exchange.