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Fit Kit Web App
The Fit Kit numbers are now available through a web app, as an alternative to the slide chart or mobile app, and is FREE for the standard calculations. Subscribe to add a cyclist name and email address to save the data and generate a one page PDF report.
We consider this a BETA launch, and your feedback will influence future development.
To register as a user and try it out....
Training Workshops
Looking for a schedule of upcoming workshops? There are no public workshops being offered but you can book a private group workshop for 3 to 8 people, at a time and place to suit you. Duration and content can be tailored to your needs.
Fitting Tip - Numb Hands
Many cyclists suffer from numb hands, and seek a bike fit to alleviate this issue. Understanding the common causes can help you assess and resolve this for the cyclist. For the full blog post click below.
Interbike Fit Symposium

It was a privilege to be invited to speak at the Fit Symposium at Interbike in September.
You can get a copy of my Powerpoint slides here .
If you have 53 minutes to spare and want to hear my talk, you can listen and see it on YouTube here.
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